Turkey Butt Pin/Fridgie
With just a little brown and varigated yarn,you can crochet up a whole rafter of turkeys!
You'll Need:
Small amounts of each in worsted-brown,gold and colorful varigated,"G" hook,safety pin or magnet strip.

Note:inc=2 sc in next st.

To Make:
Rnd 1:With brown,leaving an 8" tail,ch 2.6 sc in 2nd ch from hook(6sc).
Rnd 2:Work 2 sc in each sc around(12sc).
Rnd 3:Sc in next sc,inc around(18sc).
Rnd 4:Sc in each of next 2 sc,inc around(24sc).Join with a sl st to next sc.Fasten off,weave in end.
Thread 6" piece of gold yarn through joining sl st on last round of body.Tie into a knot 7 times.Cut ends at 1/4",fray out.Rep in next sc of body for 2nd foot.
Join varigated yarn in 5th sc on body from 2nd foot.(Ch 8,sl st in next sc)13 times.Fasten off,weave in ends.
Use beg 8" tail to sew safety pin to back.Or glue on magnet strip.
If you would like this project made for you,
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