o    All organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.
o    *Asterisks* indicate “BEYOND SAME-SEX MARRIAGE” authors.
o    This list is updated as of Friday, August 4, 2006 – more updates to follow soon.

Mimi Abramovitz
Professor of Social Policy, Hunter College School of Social Work and the CUNY Graduate Center
Author, Regulating the Lives of Women

Katherine Acey *
Executive Director, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

Martha Ackelsberg
Prof of Government and Women's Studies, Smith College
co-author, Why We're Not Getting Married

Kimberly D. Acquaviva
Washington, DC
Kiran Ahuja
Executive Director, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

Cathy Albisa
Executive Director, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative

Dorothy Allison
Author, Bastard Out of Carolina, and Cavedweller

Faisal Alam
Founder, Al-Fatiha Foundation for LGBTIQ Muslims
Charlotte Albrecht
Volunteer, Fairness Campaign
Rev. Ann Marie Alderman
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Athens and Sheshequin
Rev. Kharma Amos
Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church of Northern Virginia
Amy Andre
bi activist, and sexuality author/educator and filmmaker

Reymundo E. Anthony
Former Board member and Founder, LLEGO (the National Latino/a Lesbian Gay Organization)                                                                         

Ellen T. Armour
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Chair of Feminist Theology, Vanderbilt Divinity School
Katherine Arnup
Associate Professor and Director, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University
Editor, Lesbian Parenting: Living with Pride and Prejudice

Nikhil Aziz
Executive Director, Grassroots International

Inelle Bagwell
Coordinating Team Member, Church Within a Church Movement

Marlon M. Bailey
Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender and Women's Studies,
University of California-Berkeley

Maura Bairley
Director, the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program, Columbia University
Karen O. Bachman
Co-Chair, Stonewall Democrats Transgender Caucus
Andre Banks,
Director of Media and Public Affairs, Applied Research Center
Sean Barry
Director of Prevention Policy, Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)
Rachel Baum
Former National Program Associate Director, The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects
Brett Genny Beemyn
Co-Chair, National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education
Author, Queer Studies and Creating a Place for Ourselves

Nancy K. Bereano
Organizer, Tompkins County Working Group on LGBT Aging
Founding publisher and editor, Firebrand Books

Jeanne Bergman
Health Global Access Project (Health GAP)

Lauren Berlant
George M. Pullman Professor of English, University of Chicago
Editor, Intimacy
Tamiko Beyer
Q-Wave (Women and Transgender folks of API decent) Steering Committee
Joan E. Biren (JEB)

Ricky Blum
Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice
Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society
Member, Pride At Work

Terry Boggis *
Director, Center Kids, the family program of The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center
Co-Chair, Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice
Julie Bolcer
Vice President, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn

Marsha C. Botzer
Founder, Ingersoll Gender Center
Moira Bowman
Family, Community and Sexuality Project, Western States Center
Candice Boyce
Board Chair, African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change
Naomi Braine
Center for Drug Use and HIV Research, NDRI, Inc
Pamela D. Bridgewater
Professor of Law, American Unviversity, Washington College of Law
Laura Briggs
Associate Professor of Women's Studies, University of Arizona
Author, Reproducing Empire: Race, Sex, Science and U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico
Member, No More Deaths

Michael Bronski
Visiting Professor in Women's and Gender Studies and Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College
Author, The Pleasure Principle: Sex, Backlash, and the Struggle for Gay Freedom

Wendy Brown
Professor of Political Science, University of California-Berkeley
Author, States of Injury

Rev. Pat Bumgardner
Chair, Moderator's Global Justice Team, Metropolitan Community Churches
Charlotte Bunch
Executive Director, Center for Women's Global Leadership, Rutgers University

Kent Burbank
Executive Director, Wingspan (South Arizona's LGBT Community Center)

Linda Burnham
Executive Director, Women of Color Resource Center, Oakland

Judith Butler
Maxine Elliot Professor, Rhetoric and Comparative Literature, University of California-Berkeley
Author, Gender Trouble and Antigone’s Claim
Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, United for Peace and Justice

Deborah Carney-MacFarlane
Amnesty International
Baltimore Polyamory Network

Mandy Carter
Board Member, National Black Justice Coalition
Former Executive Director, Southerners On New Ground

Ellen Carton
Former Executive Director, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Virginia Casper
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Bank Street College of Education, New York City
Co-author, Gay Parents/Straight Schools: Building Communication and Trust

Aaron Chandler
Vice President, Board of Directors, National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC)
Christopher Christopher
Former Executive Director, R.U.1.2 Queer Community Center, Burlington, VT
Jo Ann Citron
Attorney, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, Wellesley College
Eli Clare
Author, Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation
Pat Clark
Former Executive Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation

Cheryl Clarke
Poet and author, The Days of Good Looks: Prose and Poetry: 1980-2005

Thomas F. Coleman
Executive Director, Unmarried America

E.G. Crichton
Professor of Art, University of California-Santa Cruz
Paisley Currah
Executive Director, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS)
Director, Transgender Law & Policy Institute
Wendy Curry
Vice President, BiNet USA
Ann Cvetkovich
Professor of English, University of Texas, Austin
Author, An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality and Lesbian Public Cultures
Debanuj Dasgupta *
Board of Directors, Queer Immigrant Rights Project
Julie Davids
Executive Director, Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)
Trishala Deb
Program Coordinator for the Training and Resource Center, Audre Lorde Project

Kathleen DeBold
Executive Director, Mautner Project, the National Lesbian Health Organization

Lara Deeb
Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, University of California-Irvine
Founding member, Radical Arab Women's Activist Network
Board member, National Council of Arab Americans Defense of Civil Rights Committee
Joseph N. DeFilippis *
Executive Director, Queers for Economic Justice
Former Director, SAGE/Queens
Joanne DeMark
Queer Progressive Agenda
John D’Emilio
Professor of Gender Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
Founding Director, The Policy Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Co-Editor, Creating Change: Sexuality, Public Policy and Civil Rights
Bella DePaulo
Author, Singled Out: How Singles are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After
Lisa Dettmer
Producer, Women’s Magazine KPFA Radio
Caroyln Dinshaw      
Founder, The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality
Professor of English and Social & Cultural Analysis, New York University
Founding Co-Editor, GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies
Bill Dobbs
Betty Dodson, PhD
Author, Sex for One and Orgasms for Two
Heidi Dorow
Marta Drury
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, 1000 Women for Peace, 2005
Martin Duberman
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, City University of New York
Founder, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, CUNY
Author, Stonewall
Aine Duggan
Vice-President, Food Bank for New York City
Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice

Lisa Duggan *
Professor and Director of American Studies, New York University
Author, The End of Marriage: The War Over the Future of State Sponsored Love (forthcoming)
Barbara Ehrenreich
Contributing Writer, New York Times, Harpers, The Progressive and Time Magazine
Author, Bait and Switch and Nickel and Dimed
Ruth Eisenberg
Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg LLP

Rev. Marvin M. Ellison
Willard S. Bass Professor of Christian Ethics, Bangor Theological Seminary
Author, Same-Sex Marriage? A Christian Ehtical Analysis

Annie Ellman
Co-founder and former Executive Director, Center for Anti-Violence Education

David L. Eng
Associate Professor of English, Rutgers University

Jeffrey Escoffier
Author, Sexual Revolution and American Homo: Community and Perversity

Kenyon Farrow *
Co-Editor, Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out
Author, "Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?"
Anne Fausto-Sterling
Professor of Biology and Gender Studies in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Brown University
Author, Sexing the Body

Barbara Fedders
Harvard Law School Criminal Justice Institute
Leslie Feinberg
Co-Chair, LGBT Caucus of National Writers Union/UAW Author, Stone Butch Blues
Chai Feldblum
Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
Roderick Ferguson
Associate Professor of American Studies, University of Minnesota
Author, Aberrations in Black: Toward a Queer of Color Critique
Martha Albertson Fineman
Robert W. Woodruff Professor, Emory University - School of Law
Author, The Autonomy Myth: A Theory of Dependency
Jordan Flaherty
Editor, Left Turn Magazine
Laura Flanders
Host, AirAmerica Radio
James R. Fleckenstein
President, Institute for 21st Century Relationships

Charles Flowers
Executive Director, Lambda Literary Foundation

Katherine M. Franke
Professor of Law, Columbia University in the City of New York

Joyful Freeman
Director, GLTBQ Youth Program (Seattle), American Friends Service Committee
Monroe France
Educational Training Manager, GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network
Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice
Susana T. Fried
Independent Consultant on Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights
Former Program Director, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Stephen Eagle Funk
Regional Director, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Coco Fusco
Associate Professor, Columbia University in the City of New York
Marcia Gallo
Author, Different Daughters: A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement
Assistant Professor, Lehman College
Robert Galloway
Pastor, MCC Knoxville, Tennessee

Félix E. Gardón
Actor /Activist
Co-chair Queer for Economic Justice
Abigail Garner
Author, Families Like Mine: Children of Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is

Stephen A. Glassman
Chairperson, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Deepali Gokhale
Founder, Queer Progressive Agenda
David Goldberg
Professor and Director, Humanities Research Institute, University of California-Irvine
Author, The Racial State
Tami Gold
Professor, Hunter College CUNY
Richard Gollance
Los Angeles, CA
Letitia Gomez
Gayatri Gopinath
Associate Professor of Women's Studies, University of California-Davis
Author, Impossible Desires: Queer Diaspora and South Asian Public Cultures
Cynthia Greenberg
Activist, Consultant
Co-Chair, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice
Former Director, Jewish Social Justice Network
Nicky Grist 
Executive Director, The Alternatives to Marriage Project
Catherine Gund
filmmaker / writer / activist
Alexei Guren
Program Director, Bi Men's Conference
Past President and Advisory Board, BiNet USA
General Manager, &
Ellen Gurzinsky *
Former Executive Director, The Funding Exchange
Manolo Guzman
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Marymount Manhattan College
Author: Gay Hegemony/Latino Homosexualities
Judith Halberstam
Professor of English, University of Southern California
Director, Center for Feminist Research at USC
Author, Female Masculinity
Eileen Hansen
Catherine Hanssens
Executive Director, The Center for HIV Law and Policy
Jean Hardisty
Author, Mobilizing Resentment: Conservative Resurgence from the John Birch Society to the Promise Keepers
Kenneth R. Haslam MD
Founding member, Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness
Board Member, Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities
Adam Haslett
Mary Haviland
Former Co-Director, CONNECT, New York City
Kris Hayashi
Executive Director, Audre Lorde Project
Jesse Lokahi Heiwa
Queer People Of Color Action
Silvia Henriquez
Executive Director, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Tobi Hill-Meyer
Trans Activist

Robert-John Hinojosa
Field Director, Fairness for all Families Campaign, South Carolina
President, Palmetto Umoja, SC
Co-Director, SONG, North Carolina

Ann Holder
Associate Professor of History, Pratt Institute

Amber Hollibaugh *
Senior Strategist, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice
Author, My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home
Linda Holtzman
Rabbi, Director of Practical Rabbinics at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

YK Hong
Founder/Lead Trainer, Freedom Trainers
Organizer, Writer, Artist
Susan Horowitz
Publisher, Pride Source Media Group, Between The Lines Newspaper

Mary E. Hunt
Catholic feminist theologian
Co-director, Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
Nan Hunter
Professor, Brooklyn Law School
Co-Author, Sex Wars: Sexual Dissent and Political Culture
Loraine Hutchins *
Co-Editor, Bi Any Other Name
Advisory Board, BiNet USA
Abbie Illenberger
Assistant Political Director, UNITE HERE!
Jessi Lee Jackson
Director, Women and Prison Project
Beyondmedia Education
Patricia Jackson
Senior Outreach Coordinator, New Leaf Outreach to Elders
Lesbian Activist,
Board Member, San Francisco Gray Panthers
Janet Jakobsen
Director, Center for Research on Women, Barnard College
Co-Author, Love The Sin: Sexual Regulation and the Limits of Tolerance
Amira Jarmakani
Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, Georgia State University
Lillian Jiménez
Executive Director, Latino Educational Media Center
Darnell L. Johnson
Organizational Manager, Fairness Campaign
Co-chair, 2004 Kentucky "No on the Amendment" campaign
Founder/past President, Common Ground, University of Louisville
Rebecca O. Johnson
Ronald S. Johnson
Former Associate Executive Director, Gay Men’s Health Crisis
Kenneth T. Jones
Research, Community Activist
Board member, In The Life Atlanta

Lani Ka'ahumanu
Co-editor, Bi Any Other Name
Advisory Board, BiNet USA

Samantha & Azaan Kamau
Journalist, poets, photographers and Married Lesbian Couple
Caren Kaplan
Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Chair of the Cultural Studies Graduate Group
University of California-Davis
Co-Editor, Between Woman and Nation
Esther Kaplan
Author, With God on Their Side
Host, Beyond the Pale, WBAI

Morris B. Kaplan
Professor of Philosophy, Purchase College, State University of New York

Jonathan Ned Katz
Historian/Independent Scholar
Author, Gay American History
Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
Author, The Issue is Power: Essays on Women, Jews, Violence and Resistance
Former Executive Director, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

Bobbi Keppel
co-founder, Unitarian Universalists Bi Network

Hamid Khan
Executive Director, South Asian Network

Surina Khan *
Senior Program Officer, Women's Foundation of California
Former Executive Director, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
David Kilmnick
Executive Director, Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth
Richard Kim *
Writer, The Nation
founding Board member, Queers for Economic Justice
Laura Kipnis
Professor of Radio-TV-Film, Northwestern University
Author, Against Love

John Klenert
Former National President, LEAGUE at AT&T
Board of Directors Member, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund
Board of Directors Member, DC Vote
Cathy Knight
Executive Director, Church Within a Church Movement

Debra Kolodny
Editor, "Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith,"
Exec. Dir., ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Cole Krawitz
Communications and Events Associate, Demos
Board of Advisors, National Center for Transgender Equality
Kitty Krupat
Associate Director, Joseph S. Murphy Center for Worker Education, City University of New York
Co-editor, Out at Work

Frances Kunreuther
Director, Building Movements Project 
Former Executive Director, The Hetrick Martin Institute

Meaghan Lamarre
Chair, Board of Directors, Alternatives to Marriage Project
Malachi Larrabee-Garza
Advanced Political Education Coordinator, The School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL)
Board Member, Transgender and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP)
Deke Law
Arthur S. Leonard
Professor of Law, New York Law School
Asha Leong
Campaign Manager, South Carolina Equality Coalition

Rabbi Michael Lerner
Editor, Tikkun Magazine
National Chair, The Network of Spiritual Progressives

Ricci J. Levy
Executive Director, The Woodhull Freedom Foundation
Jenifer Levin
Author, Water Dancer and The Sea of Light
Reverend Jacqueline J. Lewis
Senior Minister in Charge, The Middle Collegiate Church, New York, NY
Yoseñio V. Lewis
Board of Directors, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Writer/Performance Artist
Phoenix Lindsey-Hall
Volunteer Coordinator, The Fairness Campaign, Louisville, KY
Susan Lob
Director, Voices of Women Organizing Project
Kerry Lobel *
Scott Long
Director, LGBT Rights Program, Human Rights Watch

Lisa Lowe
Professor of Literature, University of California-San Diego
Author, Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics
Craig Lucas
Writer / Director
Samuel Lurie
Director, Transgender Awareness Training
Chris Lymbertos
Oakland, CA

Larry D. Lyons II
Co-Founder, Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund
Pat Maher
Co-Director, Haymarket's People Fund

Martin Manalansan
Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Author, Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora
Rickke Mananzala
Campaign Coordinator, FIERCE!

William Mann
Writer and Historian
Beth Maples-Bays
East Tennessee Bureau Chief, Out and About Newspaper
Co-President, Greater Knoxville LGBTQ Leadership Council
Vice President, National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Tennessee Nashville) Chapter

Armistead Maupin

Pam McMichael
Director, Highlander Research and Education Center
Founding Co-Director, Southerners on New Ground

Terrence McNally
Sunita Mehta
Executive Director, Funders Concerned About AIDS
Alice M. Miller, JD*
Ass't Professor, Clinical Population and Family Health, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health

Marshall Miller
Co-Founder, The Alternatives to Marriage Project
Co-Author, Unmarried to Each Other: The Essential Guide to Living Together as an Unmarried Couple
Ryan Miller
Co-Director, Queer Students Alliance, The University of Texas at Austin
Gwendolyn Mink
Co-Coordinator, Women's Committee of 100
Charles N. Clark Professor, Studies in Women and Gender, Smith College
Author, Welfare’s End

Donna Minkowitz
Author, Ferocious Romance

Nasreen Mohamed
Writer & Activist, Minneapolis

Jeffrey Montgomery
Executive Director, Triangle Foundation
Board Member, Woodhull Freedom Foundation

Richard W. Morrison
Executive Editor, University of Minnesota Press

Anya Mukarji-Connolly
Activist / Attorney
Board of Directors, FIERCE!

José E Muñoz
Associate Professor and Chair of Performance Studies, New York University
Author, Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics
Yasmin Nair
Activist, Educator
Member, CLIA (Chicago LGBTQ Immigrants Alliance)
Writer, Windy City Times

Scot Nakagawa
Grants and Program Director, Social Justice Fund Northwest

Mala Nagarajan
Trikone-NW, Washington State Marriage Equality Plaintiff
Holly Near

Patti Jo Newell
Deputy Director, Director of Public Policy, New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Joan Nestle
Lesbian Herstory Archives

Heba Nimr
Program Coordinator, Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action

Reverend Dr. Penny Nixon
Senior Minister, MCC San Francisco

Robin Nussbaum
Former Coordinator, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Queers for Justice Program

John O’Brien
President, Society for Education & the Arts, Los Angeles
Leading Stonewall Rebellion Participant
Founder of the Gay Liberation Front
Michelle O’Brien
Community Organizer, Gay Men's Health Crisis
Doyin Ola
Welfare Organizer, Queers for Economic Justice
Working Group Member, TransJustice, a project of the Audre Lorde Project
Steering Committee, Uhuru-Wazobia, LGBT Africans

Ana Oliveira *
Executive Director, New York Women’s Foundation
Former Executive Director, Gay Men’s Health Crisis
Nancy Ordover
Author, American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism

Reverend Freeman L. Palmer, Minister
Congregational Life and Development, Middle Collegiate Church, New York, New York

Bruce Parker
Advocacy Coordinator, Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance
Secretary, Indiana Equality

Cori Schmanke Parrish *
Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice
Cindy Patton
Professor of Sociology, Simon Fraser University
Author, The Invention of AIDS

Clarence Patton         
Executive Director, The New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg

Ann Pellegrini
Associate Professor of Performance Studies and Religious Studies, New York University
Co-Author, Love the Sin: Sexual Regulation and the Limits of Tolerance

Denise Penn 
Past President, BiNet USA
Board Member, The American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB)

Rosalind Petchesky
Distinguished Professor, Hunter College & the Graduate Center, City University of New York
Author, Abortion and Woman’s Choice
Suzanne Pharr *                                                                                             
Author, In the Time of the Right: Reflections on Liberation and Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism
Former Director, Highlander Research and Education Center
Anne Phibbs
Systemwide Director of GLBT Programs, University of Minnesota
Judith Plaskow
Professor of Religious Studies, Manhattan College
co-author, Why We're Not Getting Married
Nancy Polikoff * 
Professor of Law, American University, Washington College of Law
Author, Valuing All Families (forthcoming, Beacon Press, 2007)
Elizabeth Povinelli
Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University
Author, Empire of Love: Toward A Theory of Intimacy, Genealogy and Carnality

Achebe Betty Powell *
Activist / Educator
Consultant, Betty Powell Associates
Lisa Powell
Attorney and activist
Reverend Cecil Charles Prescod
Director, Public Voice for Peace and Equality Project, Love Makes A Family, Inc.

Jasbir Puar
Assistant Prof. of Women's and Gender Studies, Rutgers University

Christopher Punongbayan
Advocacy Director, Filipinos for Affirmative Action

Dr. Carol Queen
Founding Director, Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco
Susan Raffo
Editor, Queerly Classed: Gay Men and Lesbians Write About Class
Chandan Reddy
Assistant Professor Department of English, University of Washington, Seattle

Eric O. Reece
Board member, Center for Artistic Revolution
Former Executiv Director, Arizona Equality Network

Betsy Reed
Executive Editor, The Nation

Performance Artist

Pat Reuss
Senior Policy Analyst, National Organization for Women (NOW)
Holly Richardson
Out Now

Ignacio Rivera *
Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice                                                                              
Founder of Poly Patao Productions / performance artist
Colin Robinson
Founder, Caribbean Pride
Former Executive Director, New York State Black Gay Network & Gay Men of African Descent

David Robinson
Associate Professor of English and Lesbian & Gay Studies, University of Arizona,
Author, Closeted Writing and Lesbian and Gay Literature
Ruthann Robson
Professor of Law, City University of New York School of Law

Juana María Rodríguez 
Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies, UC Davis
Author, Queer Latinidad
Loretta J. Ross
National Coordinator, SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective
Rev. Nori Rost
Executive Director, Just Spirit: A Center for People of All Faiths
Kate Runyon
Program Director, American Friends Service Committee's LGBT Issues Program & Faith Action Network
Ann Russo
Women's and Gender Studies, DePaul University

Graciela Isabel Sánchez
Director, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

Guido A. Sanchez
Director, Jersey City Connections / HudsonPride

Ronni Sanlo ED.D
Director, UCLA LGBT Center
Founding Chair, National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education

Andrea Batista Schlesinger
Executive Director, Drum Major Institute for Public Policy

Ann Schranz
Unitarian Universalist minister
Joan Wallach Scott
Professor of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University

Rinku Sen
Director of the New York Office, Applied Research Center
Publisher, ColorLines Magazine

Pedro Julio Serrano
Communications Coordinator, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
President, Puerto Rico Para Tod@s
Vice-Chair, National Latino Coalition for Justice
Member of Sigamos Adelante, effort to construct a new national Latina LGBT voice
Mark M. Sexton and W. Kirk Wallace

Svati P. Shah
Member, South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association
Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality,
New York University

Julie Shapiro
Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law

Eveline Shen
Executive Director, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice

Andrea Shipley
Your Family, Friends and Neighbors
Carl Siciliano
Founder/Executive Director, Ali Forney Center
Dara Silverman
Executive Director, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Sonja Sivesind
Development Coordinator, Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Kathy Skaggs
Anna Marie Smith
Associate Professor of Government, Cornell University
Author, Welfare Reform and Sexual Regulation (forthcoming)
Nadine Smith
Executive Director, Equality Florida
Shelby A. Smith
Associate Director, Southern Center for Human Rights
Rita Smith
Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Sarah Sohn
Board of Directors, Queers for Economic Justice                                                                             
Former Legal Fellow, Immigration Equality

Alisa Solomon
Director, Arts & Culture MA, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
Former Executive Director, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, CUNY

Dorian Solot
Co-Founder, Alternatives to Marriage Project
Co-Author, Unmarried to Each Other: The Essential Guide to Living
Together as an Unmarried Couple

Dean Spade
Founder, Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Judith Stacey
Professor of Sociology, New York University
Author, Brave New Families
Gloria Steinem
Founder and original publisher, Ms. Magazine

Jenn Steinfeld
Co-chair, Marriage Equality Rhode Island

Jessica Stern
Researcher, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program, Human Rights Watch
Board Member, Queers for Economic Justice

Jacquelyn Stevens
Associate Professor, Law and Society Program, University of California-Santa Barbara
Author, Reproducing the State
Julia Sudbury
Professor of Ethnic Studies, Mills College
Founding member, Critical Resistance
Author, Global Lockdown
Ashley Tellis 

Beth Teper
Executive Director, COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere)

Jennifer Terry
Associate Professor and Director of Women's Studies, University of California-Irvine
Author, American Obsession: Science, Medicine and Homosexuality in Modern Society

Kendall Thomas *
Nash Professor of Law, Columbia University in the City of New York
Juhu Thukral
Director, Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center

Judith Thurman

Bonnie Tinker
Executive Director, Love Makes a Family, Inc.

Jay Toole
Shelter Organizer, Queers for Economic Justice
Hazel Troost
Trans community activist, Minneapolis, MN

Barbara Turk
Former Executive Director, YWCA of Brooklyn

Judith E. Turkel
Turkel Forman & de la Vega LLP, New York

Rev. Paul M. Turner
Founding and Senior Pastor, Gentle Spirit Christian Church of Atlanta

Sharon Ullman
Associate Professor of History, Bryn Mawr College
Author, Sex Seen: The Emergence of Modern Sexuality in America

Jo VanEvery
Alternatives to Marriage Project

Paula Vogel
Adele Kellenberg Seaver Professor of Literary Arts and Comparative Literature, Brown University
Playwright, How I Learned to Drive

Anita Wagner
Polyamory Educator and Sexual Freedom Activist
Director of Outreach, The Institute for 21st Century Relationships

KC Wagner, 
Director of Workplace Issues, Cornell-ILR, NYC

Leonie Walker
Philanthropic Activist

Carla Wallace
Fairness Campaign Leadership Council, Louisville, Kentucky

Suzanna Walters
Chair of the Department of Gender Studies, Indiana University
Author, All the Rage: The Story of Gay Visibility in America

Michael Warner
Professor of English, Rutgers University
Author, The Trouble with Normal
Alisa Wellek
National Campaign & Advocacy Manager, LGBT Community Center
Blanche Wiesen Cook
Author, Eleanor Roosevelt, vols. I & II
Professor, John Jay College & the Graduate Center/CUNY
Denise Wells
Cornel West
Robin West
Professor of Law, Georgetown University Center of Law
Kay Whitlock *
Former National Representative for LGBT Issues, The American Friends Service Committee
Robyn Wiegman
Professor and Margaret Taylor Smith Director of Women's Studies, Duke University
Author, American Anatomies: Theorizing Race and Gender

Gigi Raven Wilbur
Former Board Member, BiNet USA

Maya Wiley
Executive Director, Center for Social Inclusion

Tara Wilkins
Executive Director, The Community of Welcoming Congregations

Penelope Williams
NE Regional Coordinator emeritus, BiNet USA
Co-organizer, People of Color Institutes, Creating Change

Andre A. Wilson
Organizer/Activist, Trans Health Advocate
Co-founder, Transforum of University of Michigan
Member, Pride At Work - Michigan

Joe Wilson
Program Officer for Human Rights, Public Welfare Foundation
Documentary Filmmaker, qWaves Productions

Ellen Willis
Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication
Director, Concentration in Cultural Reporting and Criticism, New York University

JoAnn Wypijewski
Columnist, Mother Jones
Independent Journalist

Jesi Yager
Former volunteer, 2004 Kentucky "No on the Amendment" Campaign
Former Director, National Coming Out Day Works on Shirt Project, Louisville, KY

Michael Yarbrough
Law School and Department of Sociology, Yale University

Luna M. Yasui
Policy Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action/Center for Asian American Advocacy

Miriam W. Yeung
Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
Diana Ming Yin
Communications Coordinator, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice
Editor, Exoticize My Fist!
Kenji Yoshino,
Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Rebecca Young
Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, Barnard College

Karen Zelermyer 
Executive Director, Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues
Beth Zemsky *
GLBT Studies, University of Minnesota
Former Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
August 4, 2006 UPDATE:

o    All organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.
o    This list is updated as of Friday, August 4, 2006 – more updates to follow soon.

Imam Daayiee Abdullah
Islamic Legal Scholar and Moderator, Muslim Gay Men
Margie Adam
Glen Adams
Magon Delani Adams
Morgan D. Adams
Morgan Dustin Adams
Patricia K. Adams
Betty Adams
Shirley L. Addington
Jean Addyman
Christina H. Ahl
Saadia Aleem
Attorney and Activist
Olive M. Allen
Jon D. Allison, MD
Patricia P. Almert
Rebecca Alpert
Associate Professor of Religion and Women's Studies, Temple University,
Author: Like Bread on the Seder Plate: Jewish Lesbians and the Transformation of Tradition
Robert H. Ames
publisher and editor, Gotham: A Journal of the Gay Community (NYC),
gay and HIV/AIDS activist (NYC and San Diego)
Alice Anderson
Administrative Assistant, Visual Understanding in Education
David Anderson
Donald Anglin
Craig Apolinario
Bryan W. Arendt
Marc Arendt
Chicago, IL
Robert B. Arno
Joanne E. Arnoold
Maria Asaro
Julio R Asturias
Polly F. Attwood
William Audette
Steve Ault
Cathy Ayers
Paola Bacchetta
Fabian Baez
Heather C. Bailey
Ellen M Baird
Michael L. Baird
Victoria Baker
Darlene Baker-Arkansas
Kazembe Balagun
Jerry Ball
Richard Ballou
Jodi Barnes
Mark Daniel Barney
US Campus Greens Steering Committee Member
Angie Barnfield
Maiyim Baron
Hope Barrett
Vicky Barrios
co-coordinator, Harvard Transgender Task Force;
former co-chair, Harvard Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Supporters' Alliance (BGLTSA)
Paula Basta
Elliott Femynye BatTzedek
writer, feminist activist, life-long marriage resister
Colleen Constance Beal
Julie A. Beck
Nathan Bell
Sunny C. Bell
M.E. Benefiel
Anna Benfield
Camill Benjamin
John L Bennett
Open-relationship activist and advocate
Natalie Bennett
John C. Beynon
Assistant Professor of English, California State University, Fresno
Henry Biar
Laura Bierema
Allan Bilsky
Kelly L. Binkley
Christopher Bird
Cecelia Bishop
Bridgette Bissonnette
LOUD Program Director, Pacific Center
Rooni Bissonnette
Mildred Blandisher
Jerry Blankenship
Richard A. Bloom
Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld
Assitant Professor, Multicultural and International Curriculum Studies, Deparment of Curriculum and Instructions, Iowa State University
Jonathan Boarman
Dallas, TX
Abigail Boggs
Drew Boles
Eileen Bolinsky
Kathryn Boodry
Julie Borden
Cynthia Bowen
Ryk Bowers
Jennifer P Boyd
Michael D. Bradford
Kimberly Brasher
Doris Breiner
Patrick S. Brennan
Tim Brewer
Dana M. Britton, PhD
Marie C Briz
Vanessa Brocato
Brian R. Brotman
Dan Brown
Jerry Brown
Kathryn L. Brown
Leslie Brown
Santa Monica, CA
Dennis Brumm
peak oil activist, original GLF member, Iowa State University
Rebecca M. Budner, MAT
Liz Budnitz
Dickson Bueno
Advertizing Creative
Brenda Buie
Mary Jane Buining
Rodger J. Buining
Hazel Bullard
Nelson Bullard
Mike Burgess
Elisabeth Burke
Cynthia Burnette
Ellen Burton
Raymond Buscemi, Psy.D
Judith Elaine Bush
Lynda Bustilloz
Pamela Wynne Butler
Bertha T. Butt
Amanda Buzzard
Dawn Cameron
Lorne J Cameron Jr
John H. Campbell
Robert Campbell
Mona Cardell
Troy Carlyle
Doug Carmichael
Michelle Carnes
Doctoral Student/Instructor, Dept of Anthropology, American University
Brian T. Carney
Lavender Productions
Dean Carrier
Christopher Carrington Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Program for Human Sexuality Studies
Keith Carson
Senior Adjunct Professor of History, Atlantic Cape Community College
Gail Carte
Katherine Warner Cartmell
John P. Casarino, MD
Colin Casey
Legislative Aide/Community Liaison, NYS Senator Thomas K. Duane
Jill H. Casid
Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, and Assistant Director of Visual Culture Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ruby Cervino
Pam Chamberlain
Research Analyst, Political Research Associates
Linda Chapman
Salome Chasnoff
Executive Director, Beyondmedia Education, Chicago, Filmmaker
Miabi Chatterji
PhD Candidate, American Studies, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University
Thomas Chen
PhD Student, Department of American Civilization, Brown University
Stuart Chen-Hayes
Associate Professor of Counselor Education/School and Family Counseling, Lehman College of the City University of New York, Bronx, Past-President, Counselors for Social Justice
Bob Chin
Cathy Christensen
Jennifer Adelia Chrysler
Patricia Church
John Clapp
Amy L Clark
Brian Charles Clark
Abigail Clarke
Ruby Clarkson
Clovis Click
Lucille Clifton
Dorris W. Cogar
Stephan Cohen
Yve Laris Cohen
Nicole Cohen
George Coleman
Mera L. Colling
Alan Collins
Steve Collins
Timothy Colman
Pablo Colon, DPM
Michael Cona
Nicole Conn
John C Conniff, Jr
Chloe Cooney
Mark Douglas Cooper
Ronak Corder
Buena Vista, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Rene Cordero
New Jersey
Margaux Cowden
PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature, University of California-Irvine
Karen Cowgill
Martha D. Craft
Laura Crepeau
Suzanne Cullers
Craig Cullinane
Tyler Curtain
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Billy Curtis
Director, Gender Equity Resource Center, UC Berkeley
William Cyran
Linda Daigle
Kel S. Dalton
Meg Daly
Sylvia Dang
Tallie Ben Daniel
Queer Activist
Chris Daugherty
Dennis M. Davidson
Anthony Davis
James S. Davis
Larry L. Davis
Richwood, OH
Sandra L. Davis
Hercules, CA
Patty De Anda
Lynn DeAngelo
Ralph DeCoito
Eli DeHope
Megan Delaney
Mary Delgado
Mr & Mrs William (Shirley) Deniston
Kris Denny
Sandy Derstine
Jesus A. Diaz
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Kean University
Mr. & Mrs. Joesph DiBiase
Verneser Dickson-Frost
Paul Dillon
Co-coordinator, St. Olaf GLOW [Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever]
Joseph R. DiLorenzo
Christos Dimtsas
Carol DiSalvo
Richard Dittbenner
Professor, JD
Sue Doerfer, MSW, LISW
Executive Director, LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland
Lori Doise
Mark Doise
Cheryl Drye
Cindy Duffy
Tom Duffy
Elysia Duke
Rev. Vilius Rudra Dundzila, Ph.D., D.Min.
Associate Professor of Humanities, Truman College (City Colleges of Chicago
Seniunas, Lithuanian Ethnic Church Romuva,
Affiliated Minister, Unitarian Universalist Association
Lacey Dunham
Andy Duran
Bettigail Dyche
Wayne R. Dynes
Professor of Art History, Hunter College, emeritus
Tom Eamoe
Proud Heretic and Self-determination Advocate
Deborah M. Eckberg
Eilene Edwards
Leonard F. Elia III
Victoria Stagg Elliott
Professor Brad Epps
Harvard University
Douglas Erickson
Sumru Erkut
Associate Director and Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women
George Eskew
Mirta Estrada
Jared Evans
David and Liz Ewing
Amy Fannon
Edward B. Farnham
Chicago, IL
Christina Renee Farris
Leslie Elizabeth Farris
Stephen Myers Farris
Stephen Wesley Farris
Veronica Ann Farris
Doug Faunt
Fred Fejes
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Roberta Fell
Rev. Holly A Feray
Danielle Morgan Feris
Community Organizer
Jessica Fields
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Research Associate, Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, San Francisco State University
Sarah Finken
KC Regional Field Organizer, PROMO
Elliot Fishman
GLBT Community Leader, Columbus, Ohio
Lona Flanagan
Stuart Flavell
Brian A Fletcher
Mike Fliss
Durham, NC
Jennifer Flynn
Executive Director NYC AIDS Housing Newwork
David Forbes
David Forbes
Juanita U. Fordham
Dublin, GA
Emily Forman
artist, activist, Multiple Fronts
Ruby Fowler
Alison Fox
Tucker, GA
Ann Franckowiak
Diane Freeman
Marjorie Freeman
Jeff Furner
Lisa Furst
Allena Gabosch
Christianne A. Gadd
Rahul Krishna Gairola
Doctoral Candidate, English & Critical Theory, University of Washington, Seattle
Rahul Krishna Gairola
Doctoral Candidate in English & Critical Theory, University of Washington, Seattle
Joyce Galay
JoAnne S. Gallimore
Gregory Gallo
Joshua Gamson
Professor of Sociology, University of San Francisco
Ana Gan
Jerome Gangwer
Joan Gangwer
Albert E. Ganter
Jim Garbers
Jennifer Gardiner
Corey Gardner
Reverend John Garlington
Q Gaynor
Steven J. Gerike
Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality, Kalamazoo, MI
Donald Giancola
Ariel Gilbertson
Mr. Charles E. Gilkey Gilkey
Mrs. Sheila K. Gilkey
Voylene Gill
David R. Gillespie
Susan Gilliland
Claudia Ginanni
Terri Ginsberg
Lesley Giovanelli
L. Michael Gipson
Writer/Activist/Youth Advocate
Clik/Pulse Magazines/BICC Youth Center Co-Founder
Danielle Glover
Gina Glover
Amanda C. Goad
Doug Goncz
Replikon Research
Marilyn Gonzalez
Jessica Goodkind
Fae Goodman
Fairness Campaign Leadership Council, Louisville, KY
Mal Gormley
Gary D. Gott
Manfred Gottschling
Becky Green
Evelyn Greer
D. Rae Greiner
Graduate student in English, UC Berkeley
D. Rae Greiner
Graduate Student in English, UC Berkeley
Rhonda Grizzell
Jet Grubaugh
Mark A Gruszka
Carol Guess
Associate Professor, English, Western Washington University,
author Femme's Dictionary
Frank Guillen
Heather Gulino
Lauren Gutterman
Edwin Hackney
Emily Millay Haddad
Circles of Fire Productions
Patricia Hale
Jane S. Haley
Louise Hall
Blane Halliday
Jenna Henry Hansen
Writer, Teacher, Feminist
James S. Hanson
Associate Professor of Religion, St. Olaf College
Julie N. Hanson
Oswego, IL
Rod and Linda Hanson
Patsy A. Hare
Tamara Harper
Barbara A. Harris
Erin Harris
Kyle Harris
Acquisitions Manager, Free Speech TV
Kyle Harris
Vivien Harrison
Julie E. Hartman
Graduate Student, Sociology, Michigan State University
Jean Hartzell
Vivian Hause
Loie Hayes
Lisa Hazirjian, Ph.D.
Kathryn Denman Heacock
Dwayne Heath
brandon e. heckman
Frank Heidt
Nancy Heiss
Melanie Henderson
Beverly Ruth Hendrix
Paul Hermes
Daisy Hernandez
Theresa E. Hernandez
Olga Herndon
Laura Hershey
Amie Hess
PhD Candidate, Sociology, NYU
Darby Hickey
Program Coordinator, Different Avenues (Washington DC),
Steering Committee member, Best Practices Policy Project
Liz Highleyman
journalist and medical writer
Liz Highleyman
Independent journalist and medical writer
Erin Lynn Hill
Robert J. Hill
University of Georgia
Bryan Hoffman
Hugh Hogan
Executive Director, The North Star Fund
Mark Hogendobler
Natalie Holbrook
Program Associate, American Friends Service Committee Michigan Criminal Justice Program
Edward P. Holcombe III
David A. Holeman
Candace Hollick
Dale Hollick
Cora Ellen Holt
Dan Hope
Joanne Howard
Ray Hsu
Ricky A. Hubert
Bob Hudson
Jared Hudson
Steven Humes
Martheda Humphries
Brandon W. Humpries
Student, The Evergreen State College Olympia,WA
Frankie Hunt
Rachel M. Hurst
Louisville, KY
Adele Hutchins
Kevin Hutchins
T. Haller Jackson, IV
Vice-President, Lambda Law Alliance, Tulane University Law School
Trevor H. Jacques
Author, Sex Educator and Reseacher
David M. Jaffrey
Darrell K. James
David Janvion
Linne Jensen
Co-clerk, Cannon Valley Friends Meeting, Northfield, Minnesota
Joe Jervis
Writer, Activst, Blogger
Matt Johnson
Angela Johnson
Robert Kirk Johnston
Norman W. Jones
Assistant Professor of English, The Ohio State University
Randall Jones
T.J. Jourian
Christopher Judge
Holly K
Molly Kafka
Erica Kagan
Matt Kailey
Author, Just Add Hormones: An Insider's Guide to the Transsexual Experience
Stephen Bonggyun Kang
Coordinating Committee Member, The Dari Project
Steering Committee Member, Gay Asian Pacific Islander Men of New York
Sarah Kanouse
Assistant Professor, Department of Cinema and Photography, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Ronak Kapadia
Ph.D Candidate, Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU
Sara Kaplan
Zoe Kastl
Kara Keeling
Assitant Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Terry Keleher
Mendi Kellner
Marky Kelly
Wedding officiant, Portland, Oregon
Pira Kelly
Don Kelsey
Kathryn R. Kent
Associate Professor of English, Williams College,
author, Making Girls into Women: American Women's Writing and the Rise of Lesbian Identity
David Kerlick
Seattle, WA
Geren and Misty Kessler
Cricket Keys
Malachy Kilbride
Activist, DC Anti-War Network/DAWN. Washington DC
Richard Kiner
Gregory S. Kino
Virginia Kircher
Ernest D. Knight
Louise W. Knight
Author, Citizen: Jane Addams and the Struggle for Democracy
C.Isa Kocher
Debora Kodish
Director, Philadelphia Folklore Project
Cassandra M. Koenig
John Kominetz
Shari Koopmann
James R. Koury
Editor/Founder, Diversity Rules
Jonathan Krall, PhD
Mr and Mrs Russell Kramer
Tom Kramer
Mt Vernon, GA
Doris M. Krause
Paula M. Krebs
Professor of English, Wheaton College, Massachusetts
Joseph H. Kress
Nancy E. Krody
Charlie and Marilou Kruger
Paige Kruza
Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
William D. Kueser
Catherine Marie Kuhn
Kimberley & Kristi Kupferman
Sandra J. Kurt
Local Activist, Akron, OH
Demie Kurz
Co-Direcotr, Women's Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Janice Kushner
Jarnagin Kyle
Mark LaCore
Jessica LaFrank
Tamilyn LaFrank
Michael Lally
Patrice LaMariana
Psychoanalyst in Private Practice
Sandra Lambert
Barbara Lane
Winifred E. Lane
Joseph Lapsley
History Dept, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. John C. Laughton
Professor of Music, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Thomas Lavenir
James Madison University Assistant Director for International Student and Scholar Services and Safe Zone Coordinator
Scott James Lawrence
Norma Lazar
Kimberly A. Lazrine
Andrew H. Lee
Joseph Lee
Madesta Leonard
William Leonard
Alan Lessik
Regional Director, American Friends Service Committee, San Francisco
Alita Letwin
Leon Letwin
Philip Levin
Cynthia Lewin
Dave Lewis
Rae Lewis
Jacqueline Lindo
Suzanne Liska
becca listermann-hammond
Julian Liu
Timothy B. Lloyd
Aerospace Engineer
Gary Lodato
Liz Loeb
Board of Directors, MIX Festival; Activist / Attorney / Grad Student
Richard A. Loftus, MD
Emilia Lombardi
Asst. Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh
Jeanne Long
Amita Lonial
Judith Lorber
Professor Emerita, Brooklyn College and Graduate Center, City University of New York
Author, Paradoxes of Gender and Breaking the Bowls: Degendering and Feminist Change
Vivica L Loubriel
Alfredo Louro
Heather Love
Assistant Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania
Kaywood Loving
Steven Loyd
Dennis R Lucht
Dana Luciano
Assistant Professor of English, Georgetown University
Susan Luisi
Jerry Luna
Gordon Lundskow
Liam Rand mac Lynne
Donna Jo Mallinson
Laura Mamo
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland
Louise Marchena, LMSW
Director of Youth Programs, Planned Parenthood of New York City
Owen Marciano
Paul Marcus
Executive Director, Community Change, Inc., Bonston, MA
James K. Marko
former Development Director Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders
Lissette Marrero, MSW
Aaron Marshall
Joseph Marshall III
Katy Martin
student, writer
Theresa A. Martinosky
Barbara S. Martz
Michelle A. Marzullo, MA
PhD student & Point Scholar, Anthropology and American Studies Department, American University, Washington, DC
Amy Mashberg
Patrick Masterson
Executive Director, National Organizers Alliance
Barbara Mitchell Mauk
Rev. Dr. Fran Mayes
Dean Mazza
William E. McBain
Sister Jean McBride
Lisa McCarthy
Richard McCarthy
Jamie McClelland
Co-Director May First/People Link
Mary McClintock
Better-Me-Than-You Research & Editorial Services
Melissa McCloud
Patrick McCreery
David V. McCulloch
Marjorie M. McCulloch RN
Todd McDaniel
Connie McEntire
Alvin McEwen
Co-Founder and Secretary, Palmetto Umoja
Renee McGarry
Graduate Student, Art History, CUNY Graduate Center
Reverend Townley B. McGiffert, Jr.
Doris A H McGinnis
Louis W. Mchardy, Sr.
Robert Rankin McKee
Donn L. McKinney
Joyce McKinney
Rev. Melinda V. McLain
United Church of Christ pastor, San Francisco
Paul McPherson
Tey Meadow
JD, New York University, Department of Sociology
Tommi Avicolli Mecca
Longtime southern italian radical working-class queer performer, writer and activist living in San Francisco
Alan Medina
Davia Rakkel Medows
John McLaughlin Meehan
Mark Meinke
Vered Meir
Joan S.M. Meyers
San Francisco, CA
Jo-anne Meyers
Dennis Milam
Houston, Texas
Harlan HE. & Joan M. Mills
Glen Mimura
Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies, University of California, Irvine,
Author, Ghostlife of Third Cinema
Framji Minwalla
Dylan Mira
Program Director, Beyondmedia Education
Pat Mitchelson
Rev. Apostle Darryl! L.C. Moch
Liz Montegary
Tamara L. Moon-James
Corrie Moore
James Moore
Joy Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Elton L. Moose
Megan Morehouse
Richard Morell
Jean Moreno
Milton A. Morey
Patricia L. Morey
Alex Morgan
Nashville, Tn
Freda Morgan
Terri Morgan
Tucker, GA
Carol Morotti-Meeker, MS, MSLP
Advisory Board Member, Institute for 21st Century Relationships
James P. Morris
Danielle A. Moseley
Gwyn Moser
Leann Moyer
Jacqulyn Mulvey
C Edwin Murphey
Evelyn W. Murphey
Robert Musgrave
JoAnne Myers Ph.D.
Afsaneh Najmabadi
Professor of History and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Harvard University
Pablo Pérez Navarro
George and Mary Nelson
Mary Nestor
Huong Ngo
Mimi Thi Nguyen
Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and Asian American Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Dorothy & Terry Nichols
Judith Nichols
Writer, Activist, Teacher at Vassar college
Noel Nickle
Sandra Nierste
Jeanette Norman
Polyamorous, bi-sexual Pagan
Joy North
Aaron Norton
Graduate Student, Psychology, UCDavis
Linda Novak
Peter J Novak
Joseph Nutini
Social worker, Out Trans Activist, educator and advocate
Amy-Quai Nystrom
Pat O'Connor
Thomas R. Offord
Eli Ellis Ogburn
Rev. Marcia Olsen
Unitarian Universalist minister
Ryan A. Olson
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ellen Orleans
Author and LGBT Advocate
Bob O'Shields
Wayne Otero
Sarah Ottinger
Christina D. Owens
Mr and Mrs David Owens
Jessica Pabón, M.A.
Robert A. Padgug
Maryann Padilla
Gina Paglis
Full-time Student
Bob Paine
Thomas C. Pang
Josefina Paredes
Father Richard Parker
Randall Parker
C.J. Pascoe
Digital Youth Project
Jenni Paul
T. Brice Pearce
Richard Pender
Conde J. Peoples
Bill Perdue
RainbowRED Organization
Gerard M. Perez
Faustina M. Pernas
Floyd Peters
Spike Peterson
Professor, U Arizona
Mrs. Cindy A. Phililps
"Daddy Bear" David Phillips
Robert Lee Pickens
Ashlan Pike
Tina Pittman
Carol Plamann
Stephanie C. Pope
Tonia Poteat
Tom Potter
Socialist Alternative
Ken Prag
Thomas Prokop
Cathy Pruner
Christopher William Purdom
Amy Quark
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Peter Quesnel
Library Media Specialist, Community Activist, HIV Prevention Outreach Worker
Kathleen Quinn
Donna Quinn
National Coalition of American Nuns
Dan Raley
Aaron Ranney
Community Regional Planning
Kate Raphael
LAGAI-Queer Insurrection
Jane Ann Rastatter
Virginia Ravenscroft-Scott
Desmond Ravenstone
325 Huntington Avenue #108, Boston MA 02115
Raymond Rea
Producer/ Director, Cinema Dept, San Francisco State University
Kristine Reed
Matt Reed
Theresa "Darklady" Reed
Frederick L. Reinig
Janet H. Reinig
Greg Resnick
Jesse L. Rester
College Station, Texas
Arlene L Reynolds
Gary Gordon Reynolds
Jen Rhee
John Paul Ricco
Professor of Contemporary Art and Critical Theory, University of Toronto,
Author: The Logic of the Lure
Leonard Gary Rice
Joseph M. Richard
Rev. Reg C. Richburg, LMSW
Austin and Janice Richmond
Isabel and Paul Richter
Jason Riggs
Sarah Rigsbee
Tim Roach
Assistant Professor of English and Cultural Studies, Bryant University
Lois and William Roark
Frank León Roberts
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Performance Studies, New York University
C Lyndsey Robinson
Janis Robson
Carolyn Rockwell
Charles Rodgers
Deborah S. Rodgers
Bridget Rodriguez
Richard T. Rodriguez
Assistant Professor, Department of English and Latina/Latino Studies Program University of Ilinois, Urbana-Champaign
Joseph Rodriquez
Danee G. Roedl
Eric M. Roesch
J. Rogue
Adam Romero
Yale Law School
Don Romesburg
Adjunct Professor of History and Women/Gender Studies, Sonoma State University
Board Member, GLBT Historical Society; Co-Founder, And Castro For All
Randi Romo
Co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR Little Rock, AR
Mickey Rooney
Liz Rosenfeld
Filmmaker, MA Student in Performance Studies at NYU
Karen Rosenthal
Andrew Ross
Professor of American Studies in the Department of Social and Culturla Analysis
Director, Metropolitan Studies Program, New York University
Rudy Rottler
Emory Rundle
Gary Russell
Dale Karen Russo
Russ Ruszkowski
Michael Rybicki
George T. Ryerson, Sr
James A Rynders
Lynn Sacco
Assistant Professor of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jane M Saks
Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media, Columbia College Chicago
Stephanie Sakson
Leela Sami
Jeff Sanders
Vivien Sandlund
Historian, Chair, Social Justice Committee, Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent, Ohio
Jeffrey Sandy
Sarah Sawyer
Marshel Sayres
Daniel Schaffer
State Committee Member, New York State Green Party
Terry Schleder
Organizer, activist, social epidemiologist
Bernie Schlotfeldt
Susan Schmeiser
Associate Professor of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law
Jacquie Schott
Jana Schroeder
Glenda Schuff
Jennifer Schultz
Helen Jean Schwartz
Matthew L. Schwartz
Student, University at Buffalo, Dept of Linguistics & Arabic International Studies
Susan A. Schwartz
Elizabeth F. Schwartz
attorney and activist
Erin Schwiderson
Bart Scivally
Victoria Scolini
DL Scott
Elias Scultori
Music Director/Graphic Artist
Carolyn Sears
Maria Sears
Karla Berrett Sedillo
Director, Safety Net Mentor Program
Darrell Seeger
Sean Sellers
Student/Farmworker Alliance
Paula A. Semones
Jeffersonville, IN
Kristina A. Semos
Opera Singer
Financial Analyst, Christopher Street Financial
Victoria Shannon
Debra Shapiro, MD
Donald K. Sharpe
Mandy Sharplin
Raymond Shelby
Micah Sheppard
Dixie Sheridan
Deanie Sherin
Patricia Shine
Assistant Professor of Human Services, Lyndon State College, VT
Steven D. Shoup
Laurie Shrage
Professor, Philosophy and Ethnic and Women's Studies Departments, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Author, Abortion and Social Responsibility: Depolarizing the Debate and Moral Dilemmas of Feminism: Prostitution, Adultery, and Abortion
Emily Silverstein
Ellen Simons
Jerry Sisler
Jan Skidmore
Reverend Holley B. Slauson, II
Gynelle Slayton
Courtney Smith
Donna Jo Smith
Lawanda Smith
Shara Smith
Entertainment technician, polyamory activist
Tommy Smith
Ben Snell
Mark D. Snyder
Scott L. Snyder
Naomi Sobel
Nicole Witte Solomon
Brooklyn, NY
Royce Sormrude
Joseph Jay Sosa
Research Coordinator, Center for Health Behavior and Communication Research, University of Pennsylvania
Meema Spadola
Queerspawn, Documentary Filmmaker
Dolly Spalding
Arnold Sparks
Helen Sparks
T.E. Sparks
Albert Stabler
J. Stancil
Jim Stangarone
Buena Vista, Baja California Sur, Mexico
W. Janelle Statzer
Rabbi Jacob Staub
Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Spirituality, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Barbara Steel
Nicole M. Stefko
Jerry Steinman
Chares & Alice Stephens
Robin Stephens, Esq.
disability rights activist, queer liberationist
Aimee Sterk
Kay A. Sterner
Web Editor, RIVET
Mary StLouis
Carolyn Stockland
Rick J. Storer
Executive Director, Leather Archives & Museum
John R Strong
Becka Stroud-White
Watty Strouss
Robert Stubbs
Betty L. Sullivan
Founder, Betty's List
Chris Sullivan
New Jersey
Patricia Sullivan RN, MSN
Edwin E. Suman, Jr
Aleza Summit
Toni Sumner-Beebe
Judith Surkis
Associate Professor of History and History and Literature, Harvard University
Author, Sexing the Citizen
Brian Swanson
Donna Allen Swartz
Adam Szymkowicz
Sarah Elizabeth Tackett
Jamie Tam
Julie Taylor
Melanie Teague
Joshua Teitelbaum
Benjamin Thompson
Caroline Tice
Robert Tobin
Professor of German and Chair of the Humanities, Whitman College
Lea Rivera Todaro
Marguerite Tompkins
Karen Tongson
Assistant Professor of English and Gender Studies, University of Southern California
Nichola Torbett
National Organizer, Network of Spiritual Progressives
Jamie Trachtenberg
Rebecca Trinite
Sherrie Tucker
Rosanna E. Tufts-Prothro
Opera Singer and Composer
Todd Turley
Main Street Realtors, Long Beach, CA
Rachel Twardowski
John S. Ullman
David Underwood
Matthew Vail
Nicholas Valentino
Jim Van Buskirk
Lila Van Ravenswaay
Ruth Vandenack
Judith L. and Terry L. Vandyke
Magdalena Vanya
Frederick E. Vaughn
Lee Vaughn
Rita Verga
Staff Counsel, PSEA
David Vespoli
Jackie Vimo
New School for Social Research, Political Science Department
James Keith Vincent
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and East Asian Studies, New York University
Gary Virginia
HIV/AIDS & LGBT Civil Rights Fundraiser & Activist, San Francisco, CA,
Past President, Positive Resource Center, SF CA
Former Member, SF Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee
Mark Vogel
Margaret M. Vollmer
Carolyn S. Wade
Glenn Wade
Saba Waheed
DataCenter, South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection (SAMAR)
Cynthia Walker
Jackie Walker
Howard Wallace
Union/Community Organizer, San Francisco,
Co-Founder, Pride at Work
Vice-President, San Francisco Labor Council
Robert C. Wallis Jr.
Nancy Walsh
Doug Walters
Virginia Walton
Thomas C. Waters
Jennifer L. Wattam
Nancy Wechsler
David Weimer
Erica Weinstein
Alex Weissman
Elisa M. Welch
Nancy and Lawrence West
Toph West
Dennis and Karen Westover
Jess White
Judith A. White
Kathryn J. White
P.A. White
Gwendolyn Whitis
Duane Williams
James Williams
Scott Williams
C. Roy Wilson
Wilbur and Betty Winchester
Shannon Winnubst
Professor of Philosophy, Southwestern University
Lila Winter
Lawrence Wintercom
Scott Winters
Mary Wior
Judith Wittner
Professor, Department of Sociology, Loyola University
Leanna Wolfe, Ph.D.
David Wolkin
Education Coordinator, Storahtelling: Jewish Ritual Theater Revived
Shin-Ming Wong
Elizabeth Anne Wood
LauraLee Woodruff
Terri Worman
John W. Worsham
Ariel Wortzman
Lawana Wright
Patricia Sue Wright
Bo Young
White Crane Journal
Joe and Janie Young
Linda Young
Norma Young
Saphronia R. Young
Mary Jane Zanelli
P. Zapp
Elaine Zaske
Michele Zavos
Julia Zay
Artist and Educator, Faculty, The Evergreen State College
Susan Zimmerman
Stephen C. Zollman, Esq
San Francisco, CA
Poly Potluck, Seattle
Polyamorous Percolations