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Hello Penguins!

Can you believe it!? The first part of CPIP is complete! The new servers launched and the new website is up for everyone to check out!
Thanks to all of you for all your help throughout the Server Test! The team will still be squashing some bugs and fixing up a few things here and there so if you notice any bugs this week, let us know.
Some of you are probably wondering when you'll get the 'reward' for helping with Server Test. Don't worry, it hasn't been forgotten about but it can't be delivered quite yet!  We need one of the new features to make it happen. I'll have more info about it next week!
Thanks to all your great feedback on the website over the past couple weeks, the team was able to finish in time for launch. A lot of you had some great ideas that couldn't be made in time for this launch but updates are made regularly to the website so we'll hopefully add them soon.
As soon as you've had a chance to check out the new site, be sure to let us know what you like and even what could be better!
Until then...waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team


Cosy7682 said

Great! This is great news that the servers have got on sucsessfully and its true they are improved 10000%! I love the new look!

Cbbcfan said

You have done great! It is much easier to navigate than the old site. P.S. Is the poll still there?

BillyBob said

Yep! It's on the Community page!

Cain said

I love it!

The colors, the cleanliness and especially the navigation.

Great job cp!

watergirl70 said

the new site roxx !!!!i definitely like it better than the old one !!

Hygt5 said

Honestly, I think the new design is better, because It has more cooler graphics, and easier navigation systems!

kugi23 said

wow i love ur website and the severs are fast good job i am impressed my friends are to bye

awesome123 said

i like how the penguins talk on the home screen thats cool, and the fun stuff, its way more orginized

Queen Ruff said

The new site is nice, but, I'm having trouble connecting. Please help me as soon as possible! I'd love ro see more than the home page, which is nice by the way!

BillyBob said

We're still squashing some bugs! Thanks for your patience!

Kingz13 said

The new site is AWESOME!!!!!!!! You were right the site is way easier to navigate.

BillyBob said


Megatron5 said

I really like when the penguins ask you what you want to do. I also like the Yellow puffle that sketches the painting of the orange penguin.

Yesnodepot said

this is cool i like how you improved it to make it look more bettter

Gideot said

I liked the new website especially the video!
It can encourage some people to play club penguin!!

zipo7 said

The new and improved Club Penguin is awesome! It was well worth waiting for! Thanks for making a great game even GREATER! Zipo7

Stefpay said

Think the new servers are great! Thanks to the Clubpenguin team the servers are launched. I have been waiting soo long and finally it's done! Thank you once again.

Jimbobson said

The new site looks awsome! the logo looks much better! you can also watch a video on the home page, amazing!

9riley said

I don't like this new website sorry but I just dont.

hb1014 said

Oh man this is soooo cool! I love the new Club Penguin! its awesome! More orinized, a lot faster its awesome!

Nicky nik nack said

Wow the new website is wicked. This is so cool theres a new website. The logo is aswome. Nice work team!!

Avcs said

I love the new look its so cool!!

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