Derek Neikirk wrestled on Sunday Night Heat in Tuscon on 8/25/03. He was pinned by Test after a very exciting match.

Derek Neikirk ranked #442 in 2003 PWI 500.

Derek Neikirk & TEAM ELITE partner Mike Nox recently returned from a successful three week tour of Europe and Egypt. They were on the road from November 8th thru November 26, wrapping up the tour with a Thanksgiving day meal with our troops in Egypt.

Derek Neikirk defeated Commissioner & Tag-Team Champion GQ Gallo with the "Round-Trip" for the right to face the tag champs at the next TV taping for the titles.

Team Elite (Derek Neikirk & Mike Nox) lost to IZW Tag-Team Champions the Break-A-Heart Nation (GQ Gallo and Hawaiian Lion JC Williams) after Mike Nox was DDTed onto a chair.

1/06/04 Derek Neikirk defeated J-Rizod with a swinging neckbreaker. He was then attacked by Gentleman G and Models Inc GQ Gallo & XXX Lawrence Tyler. Partner Mike Nox made the save. Later that night Nox was being attacked by the entire Break-A-Heart Nation when Derek ran in and made the save. Derek cleared the ring, helped his partner up, and then superkicked his partner's face off! He later explained how Nox had dropped the ball and he was not going to carry him anymore. (Please read commentary for more info). He then aligned himself (somewhat) with GQ Gallo's faction; but he let them know that he was definetly NOT a Break-A-Heart, He was TEAM ELITE forever, and he would drop them just as quick as Mike Nox if they fell behind. Later that night he wrestled against Mike Nox, Navajo warrior, and Cowboy Jack durango with GQ Gallo and Hawaiian Lion in his corner.  As a lesson to the Nation, he left in the middle of the match and watched GQ get pinned by Mike Nox. He later told them that would always happen unless they took his advise to be viscious.