Reviews for The Lightning Thief

"An adventure-quest with a hip edge. Readers will be eager to follow the young protagonist’s next move."

-- School Library Journal, starred review

"Perfectly paced, with electrifying moments chasing each other like heartbeats."

-- New York Times Book Review

"One need not be an expert in Greek mythology to enjoy Percy’s journey. The narrator’s voice lends a refreshing air of realism to this riotously paced quest tale of heroism that questions the realities of our world, family, friendship and loyalty."

-- Kirkus, starred review

"Packed with humorous allusions to Greek mythology and clever updates of the old stories, along with rip-snorting action sequences, the book really shines in the depiction of Percy -- wry, impatient, academically hopeless, with a cut-to-the-chase bluntness one would wish for in a hero of old."

-- Horn Book

"I definitely recommend this book. It is filled with adventure and the events are far from predictable! It is suspenseful and creative. An incredible book."

-- TIME for Kids

"Riordan impresses with crisp, quick language and superhero style action and he amusingly recasts the Greek gods and demigods as they might live in modern-day America. [The Lightning Thief] reveals how an ordinary boy can learn to believe he’s special and reach unexpected heights of heroism."

-- Time Out New York Kids

"Riordan's fast-paced adventure is fresh, dangerous and funny."

-- Booklist

"A fantastic blend of myth and modern."

-- Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl

"This swift and humorous adventure will leave many readers eager for the next installment."

-- Publishers Weekly

"The start of an exhilarating new series."

-- The Financial Times

"In his first novel for the younger set, Riordan has mixed Greek mythology and the vagaries of modern-day childhood—with fun, fantastical results. Riordan creates rich characters and puts a slyly humorous, contemporary spin on the classic quest storyline. Bring on book two!"

-- BookPage, notable title

"A really charming and funny thriller which will be especially appealing to boys. Percy Jackson and the Olympians will prove a huge hit for turning the high school into the stuff of myth."

-- The London Times

"The Lightning Thief is just as good, if not better, than The Sorcerer's Stone. It's rare that I'll actually dare to compare something to Potter, but this definitely warrants the invocation; once I started reading, I couldn't stop."

-- Science Fiction Chronicle

“[A] delightful premise. Who can resist the idea of a secret elevator to Mount Olympus lodged in the Empire State Building, of Ares on a Harley, or of Hades' modern underworld accessed through a recording studio in Los Angeles?”

-- Newsday

"This debut fantasy is a hit! This page-turner is especially perfect for fifth-graders, because sixth grade is usually when Greek mythology is introduced in language arts classes. It's so clever you might want to give The Lightning Thief a read yourself."

-- Detroit Free Press, Summer Book Club for Kids

"An exciting and funny tale written by a man who taught middle school for 15 years and has his audience down cold."

-- Newark Ledger

"The Holy Grail for a children's editor would be finding the 'next Harry Potter.' Publishers have been touting such books for years. Not even [the most enjoyable of them] succeeds in capturing the fun and spirit embodied in the Potter books as well as Rick Riordan's new series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians."

-- Spectrum Children's Book Club

"A fast thrilling adventure -- proof that the Greek gods are just as dangerous to humans -- and their children -- now as they were in the past."

-- Tamora Pierce, author of Trickster's Queen

"Great summer reading -- a very clever adventure story. I'll be eager to read the next Percy Jackson story when it comes along."

-- Louisville Courier-Journal

"Loved it. This book is fantastic."

-- Mark Macey, BBC Radio

"Riordan hits the ball out of the park with his first young adult story. The engaging plot and witty writing makes this a winner even for older teenagers and, yes, adults."

-- Portland Tribune

"Not only is there a new Harry Potter, but no self-respecting bookstore will be out of it."

-- Molly Ivins, syndicated columnist

"Rick Riordan is a brilliant author who has made this book as exciting and funny as possible. It is one of those books that makes you believe the unbelievable."

-- The Hindu, National Newspaper of India

"Fun and clever, part of a great adventure series."

-- Charleston Post and Courier, best book picks of 2005


Comments from Booksellers:

"Oh my gosh, this book is the most super, fantastic, wonderful, awesome, crazy, exciting and amazing book I have ever read. So is The Lightning Thief better than Harry Potter? Is such a thing even possible? You bet it is!"

-- The Independent, BookPeople, Publisher's Weekly 2005 bookseller of the year

“OH MY GODS! Riordan’s first book for young readers is a star! If you’ve always been a fan of Greek mythology or even if you wouldn’t know Zeus from Poseidon if your boat were struck by lightning, you will love this book! A truly original, absolutely fabulous new series.”

-- Erika Naigle, Books, Etc. Falmouth, Maine

“Brilliant, funny, and as fast-paced as the electric bolt in its title, The Lightning Thief is truly fabulous. Blending Greek mythology with summer camp and ancient rivalries with modern slang, the plot exhibits cleverness at every turn. Two heroes must be hailed here: demigod protagonist Percy Jackson, whose cynical wit is evenly tempered by his bravery, and writer Rick Riordan, for offering up a debut YA novel to shout about. I am already salivating for the sequel.”

-- Sarah Todd, Young Adult Specialist, Children’s Book World, Haverford, PA

“Kids and adults have gone crazy over this all too human boy hero. The fast pacing and sly humor grabs you from the first page. We want more Percy!”

-- Valerie, Blue Willow Bookshop

"I had great fun reading THE LIGHTNING THIEF ---what a great ride and I can hand-sell it! My favorite children’s books are the ones that set imaginations on fire and excuse the pun but THE LIGHTNING THIEF lights up the sky in Technicolor! The alchemy of author Rick Riordan transforms ancient Greek myths into a rip-roaring adventure yarn. HOORAY!”

-- Diane Garrett, Diane’s Books of Greenwich

“I selected Rick Riordan’s “The Lightning Thief” for Borders Original Voices program, in part, due to its unique take on why some kids have trouble fitting in; they’ve inherited the supernatural abilities of their god-like parents! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Percy Jackson’s mythical adventures.”

-- Susan Aikens, Borders

"This is truly awesome. The best book I've read this year.'"

-- Damiane Waite, Ottakars, Lowestoft

"Absolutely captivated. I loved the characters and can't wait for the sequel, or the film whichever comes first."

-- Louise Martin, Ottakars, Barnstable

"Loved it! It's going to be a HUGE series!!'"

-- Sara Thompson, Ottakars, Torquay

"Fast paced, good fun and all the ancient Greek stuff is great!"

-- Prue Goodwin, Children's Book Consultant


Comments from Readers:


"I read your book and I fell in love with it. When is your next book coming out? Tons of thanks!"
-- Emma

"I just wanted to say I loved your book. It only took me 3 days to read it. I couldn't put it down."
-- Isaac, 14

"I found your book at a Chapters near my house. That day, I started reading it and didn't put it down to check the time for 3 hours. I love your book and I can't wait until the second one comes out. Anyways, I'm recommending this book to a lot of people!"

-- Sarah, 11
"Greeting, mortal. I would like to thank you for writing your book "The Lightning Thief," for it is a very good book. I can't really explain it, but your writing has a spark to it. I would wish one thing of you, that you will put the idea of Percy having another sibling in one of your stories."
-- John, 13

"I'm a new fan of your book The lightning Thief. I can't wait to keep on reading the adventures of Percy Jackson. This book has captured me more than Harry Potter and I'm a huge fan of those books. This will definitely be on of those series I can read over and over and never get bored. Thanks for putting the story out there for me to read."

-- Caitlin

"I am dyslexic, ADHD. I know this is sad but I never remember reading a single book for fun, only for projects, book reports, etc. As you obviously know, when a dyslexic kid starts to read, the words float and twist around, so when I ever got enough guts to start a book I gave up after half a chapter.  When I went to Barnes and Noble for a movie, the last thing I wanted was a book, but your book caught my eye so I convinced myself to give one last try.  I struggled with my dyslexia, but I couldn't put it down!  It usually takes my a good 4-5 weeks to read a 200 page book but The Lightning Thief only took my 5 days!  I can't think of a single negative thing, witch I am usually good at. I just wanted to say thanks for writing my first good book."

-- Drew, 13

"I wanted to ask you if you were going to write a sequel to The Lightning Thief because I really like the book.  It really left me hanging and I wanted to find out what happens to Percy as he gets older. I would be really excited to find out if you are continuing the series."
-- Abby

"I love Greek mythology and you just made it a lot more exciting for me. Thanks. The Lightning Thief I would give a 20/10. It is amazing."

-- Brian, 14

"I just finished reading The Lightning Thief about two weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. Many of my other friends have stolen my copy repeatedly and fell in love with the book. I really am looking forward to reading the next book in the series!"

-- Lisa, 14

"I finished your book and it is my new favorite book. It beats Stuart Little by miles!!! My mom read it too and thought it was fantastic!  I'm really sad that the 2nd book is coming out in the spring next year.  If you can, try to make it come out sooner."

-- Malcolm

“I have just finished reading The Lightning Thief and I just wanted to say congratulations! It is one of the best fantasy books I've read for a long time! I loved the character of Percy Jackson. You have certainly succeeded in your mission to provide kids with something to read that's as fun to read as Harry Potter yet is fresh and full of new jokes and ideas. I will be giving your book a glowing review and recommending it to everyone I know!”
-- Heather

“This new book of yours may be billed as being for young readers, but I want you to know that I enjoyed every word in it!  I am 69 years old, a former
teacher of both middle and high school students, and I have decided that you are the real deal, Mr. Riordan.”

-- Wanna

"As a middle school teacher I want to thank you for The Lightning Thief.   I am always on the lookout for books that capture the imaginations and ignite thinking in my students, and I know that my students will be as excited by this novel as I am."

-- Karen

"I was standing in line at Hastings to get my reserved copy of the new Harry Potter book at midnight and I saw your book on a display. Since my daughter had first dibs on the Harry Potter book, I was able to delve straightaway into yours.  I absolutely loved it!  It's an awesome story and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it."
Robin (librarian)

"The mark of good 'children's' literature is that it can be enjoyed by adults.   Alice In WonderlandDr. SeussHarry Potter, and now  Percy Jackson and the Olympians.   It is wonderful.  The quality  these books have is that they do not make the characters precious, or silly.   Your characters are real people.   Thanks for another series to enjoy."

--Pat (middle school teacher)

“I just finished your book. I am 24 years old and I work in the children's department of a bookstore. I loved the book so much I just could not put it down. I will be recommending this book to whoever wants to read a fantasy book but who is not looking for the same old wizard story.”
-- Teresa