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Get Microsoft® Student with Encarta® Premium 2008
Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008
Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008 is an all-in-one productivity suite of homework tools and trusted content that helps students quickly and easily find information to get a jumpstart on homework, solve problems efficiently, and complete assignments that can lead to higher grades - whether it’s math, research, or foreign language assignments. Learn more.
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MSN Encarta Premium
MSN Encarta Premium offers an array of information and educational resources for students of all ages. Whether you need help starting a research paper or deciphering a difficult math problem, MSN Encarta Premium has the tools for you. Unlike the free Web site, MSN Encarta Premium offers a no-ads experience with additional tools and information such as literature guides, project planners, and the multimedia center. Articles are intuitively organized into clear categories, helping make it easy to find the information you want, and content is refreshed monthly to give users the most up-to-date information. Learn more.
Get Microsoft® Encarta® Premium 2008
Microsoft Encarta Premium 2008
Microsoft Encarta Premium 2008, the #1 best-selling encyclopedia software brand for the past 8 years*, provides more up-to-date content and more engaging multimedia than ever before. Whether you’re searching online or offline, it’s the trusted way for everyone in the family to easily find relevant and reliable information on just about any subject. [* The NPD Group/NPD Techworld, January 2000 – February 2007. Based on total U.S. retail sales] Learn more.
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