These were produced using the Saw Plus non-linear audio editing program.  Click copy to read the copy. Click clip to listen to the audio clip. Radio- Here are four radio shows for the unofficial web domain for singer Gary Cherone.  Click Radio.

SEC Radio- Southeastern College's radio staion was broadcast closed circuit through the campus channel 11 every morning from 6:00-8:00a.m. and Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00p.m.-12:00a.m.  The station format was music, Christian Popular, and used the tag I suggested 'Get the Music.' Since students could only listen through their TV's such catch lines as 'Radio for your eyes' were also used.

Station ID, The Electrics- Copy | Clip

Bloodmobile-Citrus Rerional Blood Center, Lakeland, Fl

Spot 1 - Copy | Clip
Spot 2 - Copy | Clip

Frank's Cafeteria- Frank Porricelli supports SEC Radio

Frank's Coffee Cafe - Copy | Listen
     In the Fall semester of 1998, These three spots were produced for Frank's Cafeteria to create awareness of  the contribution it made every day to the school.  These dramatic pieces were run as a series.  One was added every two weeks until Thanksgiving.
Intro - Copy | Clip
Spot 1 - Copy | Clip
Spot 2 - Copy | Clip
Spot 3 - Copy | Clip
Outro - Copy | Clip

SC 11- Southeastern College's TV channell produced several shows for the student body. This was a radio promo for comedy show.

What's My Line Anyway!- Copy | Clip

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