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September 17, 2007
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Univa, United Devices Merge

CHICAGO and AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 17 -- Univa and United Devices (UD), pioneers in the grid computing and cluster software arenas, announced today that the companies have merged. The combined entity, Univa UD, will offer a comprehensive set of cluster and grid solutions based on open source and proprietary components.

Univa UD combines Univas best-of-breed open-source components with UDs commercially proven grid technologies into a solution set whose breadth is unparalleled. High-performance computing (HPC) solutions include a free, downloadable open source cluster management product, a fully supported pro version with rich functionality, and an enterprise-class grid solution based on UDs award-winning Grid MP technology. Datacenter automation solutions include a policy-driven, SLA-based platform for delivering mainstream applications such as SAP, Oracle and VM management as a service.

Univa UD marks a new era in cluster and grid computing, said Jason Liu, president and chief executive officer of Univa, who will hold the same position at Univa UD. Customers will finally get access to industrial-strength open source products that are both proven and cost-effective. Our combined technology and implementation expertise, as well as the breadth of the solution set, represent the alternative to traditional offerings that customers have been waiting for.

Univa UD said it would announce a detailed product roadmap the week of Oct. 15, which Steve Tuecke, Univa UDs chief technology officer, will be presenting at the Open Grid Forum meeting in Seattle. All existing products of both companies will continue to be supported and enhanced.

The market is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with expensive, pure-proprietary solutions from vendors who charge high licensing fees and tie them to long-term maintenance contracts, said Ben Rouse, president and chief executive officer of UD. Customers want hybrid solutions that combine high-end, proprietary capabilities with standards-based, open source components. Univa UD combines open source technology from pioneers in HPC and grid with proven, commercial grade solutions from UD who has a loyal and very satisfied customer base.

Univa UD will be an open source software company that provides value-added technology on top of the basic open source download offering, much like the business models of other successful open source companies like SugarCRM and XenSource, said Dr. Ian Foster, a co-founder of Univa who is widely recognized as one of the fathers of grid technology, and who will serve as the open source strategist for the combined company.

Finally, datacenter automation will remain a core and strategic initiative at Univa UD. Jikku Venkat, formerly UDs chief technology officer, will lead a separate, datacenter-focused business unit. The company said it plans to invest heavily in the datacenter automation market, as business needs continue to blur the lines between traditional HPC and the datacenter.

Univa UD is a global company with customers distributed across the United States, Europe and Asia. The company said it would continue to actively market its products and maintain its current customer and partner relationships in all three regions.

Univa UD will launch its new corporate Web site on Oct. 15 at

Because both companies are privately held, financial details of the merger have not been disclosed.

About Univa UD

Univa UD is the leading provider of open source products for grid and cluster computing environments. The companys industrial-strength offerings range from departmental and HPC cluster management to enterprise-wide grids, and represent the proven and cost-effective alternative to traditional proprietary products that customers have been waiting for. Based on a combination of open source and proprietary components, Univa UD offerings include a downloadable open source cluster management product, a proprietary cluster product with rich functionality, and a comprehensive enterprise grid product based on award-winning technology. All Univa UD products are run by Fortune 1000 companies in large-scale, production environments. Univa UD is headquartered in Lisle, Ill. with offices in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit beginning Oct. 15.


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