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Past Presidents

Charles E. Perry

Charles E. Perry (1969-1976)

In 1969, FIU was founded with Charles E. Perry appointed as president. At the time, Perry was only 32 years old, the youngest public university president in the nation. By, September 14, 1972,when the University officially opened, Perry had personally overseen the construction of two major buildings , the allotment of FIU's original $10 million budget, and the hiring of the original faculty. Perry continued to lead the still new university until 1976, when he left FIU. In his 7 short years, he took FIU from nothing to a 10,000 student, $50-million-campus university with five major buildings already in place.

Harold B. Crosby

Harold B. Crosby (1976-1979)

In January of 1976, Harold B. Crosby, was appointed to the FIU presidency, intending only to serve as president in the interim period created by Perry's departure. After an intensive search with over 400 applicants, though, the search committee for a permanent President chose Crosby to lead the University. Crosby accepted, noting that he intended to serve for no more than three years, as he had very specific goals for FIU. Though Crosby faced many budget issues, he was able to give FIU a more solid self-image, that of a traditional university. As foreseen, Crosby resigned from the presidency in 1979.

Gregory B. Wolfe

Gregory B. Wolfe (1979-1986)

Gregory B. Wolfe, unanimously appointed on February 16th, assumed office on March 4th, 1979. With him, he brought new visions, values and requirements, like striving for academic recognition in the state university system, and bringing out the 'I' in FIU. He worked hard over the years to organize the University and to help it grow as the expanding Miami community required, until, in 1986, he resigned from his position as president, continuing at FIU as a distinguished professor of international relations.