"I LOVE it... It is one of the greatest programs I used in a long long time. Works perfect." -Marcel

"This program is incredible. Its lightweight, very portable, the best part is I had this program up and running, putting through my first script in I'd say 4 minutes if that. Everyone who codes in PHP needs this program." -Anonymous

"It is incredible how a little program works so good. Now, I'm using it as my default program for debugging my php scripts, without consuming a lot of resources of my system. I recommend it very much. What a great program" -Mario Perez

"I'm currently using PortableWebAp to learn PHP! I had been wanting to learn PHP for quite some time, but setting up a locally running webserver and installing configuring PHP was simply too much of a hassle! Now I can easily test my ever-changing code. Impressed to the extreme" -David Houk

"I am very pleased how easliy and quickly PortableWebAp works for my programming in PHP. I have not been doing it long, but is the best for what I'm doing. It is a great product and a great price, what else can you ask for." -James Barker

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