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Aspen Atlantic Group -- The Political Implications of Climate Change (March 2008)

The potential impact of climate change creates an opportunity for both sides of the Atlantic to establish a shared agenda addressing this imminent threat, while enhancing the economic, strategic, and global development relationship. The Aspen Atlantic Group (AAG), comprising former Foreign Ministers from North America, Europe, and Russia, met in Copenhagen, Denmark from March 6 to 9, 2008, with experts in the areas of national security, economics, and legislation to discuss global climate change.  Deliberations covered a range of topics, including U.S. movement to address climate change, the integration of emerging countries, the national security implications of a climate shift, the prospects of a global deal during the Copenhagen 2009 summit, and European and American approaches for dealing with this issue.

AAG Ministers unanimously signed on to a post-conference op-ed published in The Boston Globe, April 8, 2008. The article challenges world policy leaders to collectively employ their resources, garnered during their time in government service, towards a new strategy to confront this defining issue of our time. Signatories included: Madeleine Albright (United States), Halldór Ásgrímsson (Iceland), Lloyd Axworthy (Canada), Erik Derycke (Belgium), Jan Eliasson (Sweden), Bronislaw Geremek (Poland), Rosario Green (Mexico), Igor Ivanov (Russia), Ana Palacio (Spain), Niels Helveg Petersen (Denmark), Surin Pitsuwan (Thailand), Lydie Polfer (Luxembourg), Hubert Védrine (France), Knut Vollebaek (Norway), Lamberto Dini (Italy), Gareth Evans (Australia), Joschka Fischer (Germany), Malcolm Rifkind (United Kingdom), and Jozias Van Aartsen (The Netherlands).

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The Aspen Strategy Group's mission is to provide a bipartisan forum to explore the preeminent foreign policy puzzles facing the United States. Its cross-disciplinary and high-level examination of policy strategies for addressing preeminent and emerging topics makes it crucially relevant to the American and global policy communities.

Who We Are
Co-chaired by Brent Scowcroft and Joseph Nye, Jr., the Aspen Strategy Group draws on a membership of experts from diverse realms of policy and varying political orientation. A truly bipartisan body, the Group includes legislators, experts, journalists, policy practitioners, members of academia, and business leaders. Aspen Strategy Group members represent people with the kind of diversity and energy that can make headway in addressing new foreign policy challenges.

The Aspen Strategy Group was conceived as a mediation forum during the Cold War, and 25 years later, it is still charting a vital course for bipartisan problem solving and dialogue in foreign policy. Read the article about the Aspen Strategy Group, Politics Stops at the Water's Edge, featured in the summer 2006 Aspen Idea magazine.

What We Do
Through its workshops, briefings and publications, the ASG's distilled insights help American policymakers learn from experts, while helping the experts understand what questions trouble policymakers. No other group conducts this dialogue in the sustained depth that we achieve in our summer workshops, and with such outstanding participants from both sides of the expert-policymaker divide.

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