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Young Artist Painter

Panestanan Village, located in Ubud is a small village where the Young artist painting is firstly found; the Young Artist paints with a natural and innocent style. At the beginning published it has received positive response from art lovers. So in early times the younger painter there imitated it, and followed by the smooth marketing. It is approved that many galleries in Ubud decorate their galleries with young artist painting to attract the visitors especially the foreigners.
In 1959, Arie Smit is a painter from Holland. He was walking to the path of Panestanan Village, to find out the interesting object for his painting. Arie was famous as a wanderer that prefer to makes a sketch in nature and than painting in the canvas at his studio. These sketches than keep neatly, and that was the diary of his life as an Indonesian painter. And this activity is still continuing until now.
When he arrives on the place near with the rice field, from the distance he saw a boy dig up the soil and created several shapes by a wood. The boy’s named Nyoman Cakra, those activities he does to avoid the boredom during take care of ducks in the rice field. But Nyoman didn’t aware that Arie watches him from the distance.
After Nyoman stopped his activities, Arie approach to the boy and directly asked him “ Do you like painting?” but Nyoman didn’t answered the question directly because he still startled. After the moment Arie offered him to learn about painting to him. At the beginning Nyoman Cakra have doubted about it, but after Arie Smit met to Cakra’s parent to discussed about that finally Nyoman promised to learning with Arie.
From that moment every morning Nyoman Cakra goes to Arie Smit house to learn about painting. All equipments for painting were already prepared by Arie. If Nyoman can to finish a painting, Arie will give him some money as a salary to his work. Said Nyoman.
After several months learning, finally Nyoman become a skillful person in painting. Nowadays he didn’t work at Arie house again but he work at his own. If the painting already finished, he will go to Arie house to showed his work and receive some money as his salary.
Nyoman life has become change. At the past time he just a poor boy but after learning to Arie he has become a rich man as if he is a big boss. Sometime he will treat all his friends. This situation had motivated the other children to followed Cakra as a painter and hope Arie will lead them. Heard it Arie was very enthusiastic and from that moment the children from Penestanan village, such as Ketut Soki, Ketut Tagen, wayan Pugur, and Ngurah K.K village learning of painting under Arie’s guided.
When guided of painting, Arie Smit let them to be creating. Arie just give them some advice if they needed, it is done in order to don’t hinder their imagination. At the end of 1960, Arie’s Student amount to 40 people.
In 1960 until 1980, was the golden age of Young Artist Painting. The painting with childish style and complete with contras color, is very desired by the foreigners especially from Italy. In keeping with development of age there are many people tend to make the young artist painting but with no skillfully, so little by little this art become dispersed.
At this time there are many young artist painters stopped their activities. Not only because it’s very hard in marketing, but also because of they had attacked by the eyes disease. Some olds painters whose still excises in this style such as Ketut Soki, Made Sinteg and Ngurah K.K. Actually there are some the younger painters who still excises in this style but they have created it by using the natural color. (BTN/Gung Man)

T-Shirt Design Work By the Painter, Made Budhiana

At the beginning T-shirt are an undershirt and if some one used it they have to cover it by the out side cloth. At that moment it was impolite if someone just used T-shirt in the public. But in 1947, the movie star from U.S, Marlon Brando used it on his show at Broadway hall. The response of the society was not too amazing. It mean’s that they still refused if T-Shirt as outside clothes.
But Marlon Brando didn’t become desperate. In 1954 he was back again by using a T-Shirt. At that moment he combined it with jeans and leather jacket. His sensual appearance finally could change the argument of the society to this cloth.
All of the ornaments to decorate it such as the common word like the name of university, name of sport team and also the other product. In keeping with development of age, the slogans, musician, and cartons poster also decorated it.
The development of design to this product is not stopped until that effort. There are many designs appear later, which have double functions, not only as a decoration to the product, but also it is as a marketing media either in business or politic. Recently T-shirt also becomes a media to forward the sadness to someone or group.
Nowadays T-Shirt made by Made Budhiana has received negative response from Bali Bienalle Committee. But according to Made Budhiana, what he does now is not more than as a response about something considered wrong on his mind. “In this case I didn’t fight against to any body. They are my friends, and my fellow. But is it wrong if I have the other comment?” He said when met him in his house at Veteran Street, Denpasar.
In his daily life Budhiana looks like very easy, but not on his mind. His mind usually remaining everywhere, he responding every thing that he saw before. According to Budhiana there is no something that invaluable as the source of his creativity.
In 1990 he made T-Shirt illustrated with the picture of tow hands tied up by a chain as if it want to hold up the empty sky, this picture he made to respond the Australian Law Protect Conference, which is held at Sanur.
In 1996 he had launched his aspiration through the T-Shirt and made a sketch of dog is licking. Someday when he was in Australia, Budhiana went to visit his friend and he is a lecturer in a university there. Because his friend still gives the material to the student so Budhiana waiting for his friend in a room which full of books. While seating he just looks around all of the books that available there. His experience than become the inspiration for T-Shirt design, where he drawing his self-seating on the chair and looking for the books’ rack, with tied expression and gut out tang. There are many others his works that saved on the aluminium box.
And it is done continually because it’s an artwork on the alternative media. Honestly some of his works are criticizing but it also as a media to forward of mind. If there are some responses from several people it doesn’t matter because it can be used as an inspiration to create the other design. (BTN/Gung Man)

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