So who's hosting Hole in the Wall?

Do you have tickets to a recording of Hole in the Wall next week?

Don't be too surprised if they are bumped to a date in May given spies tell TV Tonight a Nine Network personality has withdrawn from plans to host the new game show. No word if it was a change of heart or simply a scheduling problem.

Either way producers were auditioning for a replacement today as a production deadline looms.

And who are some of the faces lining up for a shot?

You heard them here first:

Goodluck guys!

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TelevisionAU said...

OK i recognise Dan O'Connor and Colin Lane. Maybe I'm not watching enough Home & Away or Neighbours but who are the others?

KnoxOverstreet said...

The choice of potential hosts is almost as whacky as the show! Ned from neighbours lol!

Though colin lane would be a nice fit.

J Bar said...

*Colin Lane - maybe, but I'd doubt he'd lower himself
*Jason Dundas - maybe
*Dan O'Connor - you've got to be joking
*Dean and Frankie - who? never heard of them

The Gate Keeper said...

It should probably go to the guy with the whitest teeth.

Ryan said...

I still can't believe NINE are going ahead and producing this show!

Another failed attempt I see coming.

Million Dollar Sallon would've had a better chance of success than this.

And I just can't see where this show will fit in, unless its on a Saturday night teaming up with Funniest Home Videos.

toriwannabe said...

I'm with you, Ryan. What a waste of space this show will be. It was kinda funny the first time I saw footage of the original show and during the BB Friday night games, but beyond that, the joke wears very thin.

irastev said...

Whoever's prepared to risk his credibility hosting this...

The Human Dree said...

lol whats the difference between friday night games and this? there both its a knockout, wacky zany games..

Warren said...

I have been wacthing Dean and Frankie on Foxtel for years in is about time they great their at free to air tv. They are talented. Why Not?