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Click on the following links to learn more about engines on display throughout the National Museum of the United States Air Force.
Allison V-1710
Allison V-1710-85 Engine and Drive Train for the P-39Q
Allison V-3420 Engine and Drive Train for the P-75A
Almen A-4 Barrel
Benz BZ-4
U.S. Model Bugatti
Continental I-1430-9 Hyper
Continental O-470-13A
Curtiss Four-Cylinder (first military aircraft engine)
Curtiss D-12
Curtiss K-12
Curtiss OX-5
Curtiss OX-5
Curtiss V-1570 Conqueror
Curtiss V2-3
Fiat A-12
Franklin O-805-2
Hispano-Suiza 8BE
Junkers Jumo 211D
Kirkham Four-Cylinder
Anzani 10
BMW 132E
British ABC Wasp
Curtiss R-600
Lawrance L-4S
Packard DR-980 Diesel
Pratt & Whitney R-985 "Wasp Junior"
Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90C "Twin Wasp" Radial
Pratt & Whitney R-2800-21 Radial
Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Radial
Salmson Z-9
Wright R-790 Radial
Wright R-1820
Wright R-1820
Wright R-2600-13
Wright R-2600 "Cyclone 14"
Wright R-3350-57 Cyclone
Bentley B.R.2
Gnome B-9
Gnome 9-N Rotary
LeRhone C-9
Oberursel UR-2 Rotary
Allison T-40-A-10
Liberty L-4
Liberty L-6
Liberty L-8
Liberty 12-Cylinder
Liberty 12-A Inverted
Lorraine-Dietrich 8Be
Lycoming R-680-13
Packard 3A-2500
Packard V-1650 "Merlin"
R.A.F. 1A
Ranger L-440
Ranger V-770 Inverted
Raussenberger (Rausie) E-6
Renault 12-F
Roberts Model 4-X
Rolls Royce Hawk
Sturtevant 5A
Wright 6-60
Wright L-320 "Gypsy"
Wright T-3
Allison J33 Turbojet
Allison J35-A-35A Turbojet
Allison YT-56-A-3 Turboprop
General Electric J-31 Turbojet
General Electric J35-A-17D
General Electric J47 Turbojet
General Electric J47 Turbojet
General Electric J73 Turbojet
General Electric J79 Turbojet
General Electric J79 Turbojet
General Electric YJ93-G-3 Turbojet
General Electric T-31 Turboprop
Junkers Jumo 004 Turbojet
Pratt & Whitney J57 Turbojet
Pratt & Whitney J58 Turbojet
Rolls Royce Avon MK 203 Turbojet
Russian VK-1 Jet
Westinghouse J34 Turbojet
Williams International F107-WR-101 Turbofan
Williams International F112-WR-100 Turbofan
Williams International F-121 Fanjet
Aerojet-General LR87
Bell Model 8048
Reaction Motors XLR11
Reaction Motors XLR99
Rocketdyne LR79
Thiokol TE-M-364-4
Thiokol YLR99
Walter HWK 509A
Walter HWK 509B-1
Simulated Ramjet

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