EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration

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EAA Radio - Where Are You Listening From?

We know that many of you are unable to attend AirVenture 2007, and instead rely on EAA Radio for your live, up-to-date convention information.

We'd love to hear from you. What do you think, and where are you listening from?  Send us an email!

  • Thank you for all the efforts put into broadcasting EAA Radio on the web! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy listening. Where do I listen at, in my office, at home (I have a wireless Bluetooth headset that allows me to pick up audio from my computer anywhere in the house) and this year at my camper by the lake. The campground we’re at put in Wi-Fi this year. Of course I’d rather actually be there, but when I can’t, EAA Radio is a great way to get the taste of AirVenture. Even when I’m able to attend in person, I’ll be listening to EAA Radio, it’s the perfect way to keep informed. Thanks again - Blake Carlson
  • Had planned on being at Oshkosh this year with my father in law, but business travel took me to Frankfurt (Oder) Germany instead, where I am connected and listening. I have enjoyed many prior visits to EAA AirVenture and look forward to many more. - Bret Fry, Fostoria, OH
  • Good radio feed this year! Is EAA-TV still around? Getting ready to retire from commercial television after 25 years, and would like to see EAA do more streaming TV/video (volunteering opportunities!). - Thanks, Brian Dragomanovich - Clovis, California
  • Hey There! I’m listening from Rochester, NY. Was at AirVenture from the 19th- 26th and listening from home really makes it feel like I am still there seeing everything happen. Thanks for doing such a great job! - Steve
  • 12 barrel rolls an 7 loops to all at EAA radio from Menasha, WI. I was listening all week in my shop. Thanks a bunch!!! - Chris
  • I am listening from Meraker, Norway. - Arne Wistveen.
  • Hello from Curitiba - Brazil. I flew a single engine Cessna 172 from Curitiba to Oshkosh back in 1988 and I'm planning to do it again. -  Ruy Sant'Ana
  • Hello from Apple Valley, Minnesota. My first time listening, but it won't be my last. This is great ! You've don't a great job. The pix have been great too. Wonderful coverage. - G. Way
  • Hi, my son and I have enjoyed listening to the show over the last two evenings, we have had all the aviation books out so we can imagine the aircraft going past. Can you just turn the music down a bit when they fly past so we can hear them. Thanks for a pukka show! From Cheshire, England UK. - J. Hills
  • Greetings from the West Coast , Richmond, B.C., Canada. I'm enjoying the show out here, some day I'll see it in person. Thanks, everyone. - Jim Fair
  • Although I didn't make it to AirVenture this year, I feel the excitement through the EAA radio broadcasts as I listen here in Coltons Point, Maryland,  just south of the DC ADIZ. Great work! Get me a bear claw while you're at the coffee vendor! - C180 Pilot
  • G'day from Australia. Listening from Singleton, NSW. Due to a change in personal things went to the US early this year (June) Not as good as being there but still catching that infectious air of airplanes via the radio. Thanks for making the radio happen. - Greg Pocock
  • We just got home last night from four great days at AirVenture 2007. Came up there to see my “favorite” brother-in-law (Paul New) get the AMT of the year award. What a great time we had! Clicked on the website to see what was going on at Oshkosh and found the EAA Radio.  - Raymond Rowe, Hot Springs, AR
  • Listening from San Diego, California. Love the broadcast! Maybe next year we can get a video feed too!! Well I can always wish.  - Mike Tomillo
  • We flew up last Sunday in a AC Scout with 27” tundra tires, landed at a grass strip and ate lunch under the wing. We left on Wednesday morning. And I’m listening to EAA Radio in Northeast Tennessee. I’m waiting on a call about the Husky that I would like to WIN. Thanks - C McNabb
  • Hello from Peachtree City, Georgia.( Falcon Field- KFFC). My name is Arturo, I am listening to your broadcast and I hope that I can make it to Air Venture next year. I am a new LSA owner and I am enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to EAA and all the volunteers for a fine job, providing the aviation community with a fine gathering like this one.
  • Monitoring it all from Morris, Illinois. B-17's Rule... Rick Pearson
  • Hi from Groveland, CA and the Pine Mountain Lake Airport/Airpark (E45) near Yosemite Nat'l Park. While the airport has been nearly deserted all week because everyone else is at Oshkosh, it is great to be able to tune in and listen to the action I am missing while I watch the home fires.  Love all the radio hosts - thanks for your skill and volunteerism. - Cheers, 9er
  • Houston, Texas: Bill Alcorn from BARF UL Chapter 123 (Powered Parachutes) . Dailey videos have been great.. Hello
    to our members at the event.
  • I spent Mon and Tues at Oshkosh with a couple friends. I now am listening from Columbus, Indiana. - Jim Porter
  • Hello from San Pedro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Last time that I was there  was on 2001, we are planning for the next year , with my sons 17, 16 years old. Regards - Jorge
  • Hello guys , I'm listening from the the Gold Coast Australia , wish I was there. Regards - Richard Gallagher
  • Greetings from (rainy) Houthalen in Belgium; as last year, I’m listening EAA Radio in my office, while working!! Hope to be there next year. EAA Radio is a good alternate for not being there! Fly carefully out there! Happy landings - Patrick Vanhamel
  • I'm just a three hour flight away in Cuba, Missouri but couldn't make it this year. EAA radio makes it all better. We camped at AirVenture 06 and next year we have a group coming again. "IT GETS IN YOUR BLOOD" - Jim Smith
  • Hi everyone I am a long time member... the spraying business in North Dakota is keeping us from the show... however we are listening to radio and watching all the fine clips... thanks for doing a good job. - Gene Knutson
  • Listening to EAA Radio - Ponteland, Northumberland, England - Ian MacFarlane
  • Hello EAA Radio: We are listening to you from Sacramento, PA, as we build our Bob Bushby Mustang II. Hope to fly it out there next year with all my friends. Wish we were there this year, but for sure next year. You guys are doing one fantastic job out there.......keep up the great work! The AirVenture.org site is next to the best thing for guys like us that are not there. Thanks -  Herb & Nancy Rose
  • Hey!! I've listened every morning to you....I have learned sooo much from listening every year. As your mother I am amazed at how informed you are about so much in aviation. You make your mother so proud!!!! See you next week-end.:) - Magneto Mel's Mom
  • Hi all, from Paul Bailey, Cape Town, South Africa. Listening live on streaming to you while at work. I made the pilgrimage in 2003 and will certainly be making another one shortly. Keep up the good work. - Paul.
  • Wish I was at AirVenture this year. First time in over a decade that I have missed. Thanks for EAA radio. Listening from Jacksonville, Florida.  - Ron
  • Listening to EAA Radio from Edina, MN. I'll be out there tomorrow! - Patricia
  • Well, from last Friday to yesterday morning I was listening from Camp Scholler (44th South of Lindbergh). Today in my office in Kansas City. - Bob G.

  • Hi, just wanted to say i am listening and wanted to tell you that Fast Eddy is the best announcer and I hope to get there one day. I am from Morton, PA and I will keep listening. - Irene B.

  • Just wanted to say "Hello" from Balad, Iraq!! Wishing I was at Oshkosh instead of Iraq. Hope to see everyone next year. Fly Safe!  - CW4 Jerry Sartin

  • Thanx again for the radio program from Phoenix, AZ. I worked at Oshkosh for the summer of 2000 and have been a member since 1959. Keep up the good work. - Jack Lebaron, EAA 5731

  • I just finished listening to "Meet the Administrator". Great info and Q&A session! Thanks! I am listening from Menasha, WI. (lots of planes flying over - cool!)

  • EAA Radio, we're listening in Fresno, CA. After spending the first 3 days at Oshkosh AirVenture 2007, sadly had to fly the tube back home. Hopefully, I will fly my own aircraft back there in 2008. Hearing EAA Radio like still being there! - Joe Contreras, EAA# 526248

  • I am listening from Durban, South Africa. I have just received an email from a good friend, Ken, in Michigan who sent me some photos and a brief description of his enjoyable time spent at Oshkosh. I would really love to visit the Oshkosh AirVenture one day to see what must be one of the best air shows in the world. I will be taking a good look through your website and hope there are some awesome photos and videos from the show. Cheers - Brad

  • Greetings from Essex Junction, Vermont. Wish I were there! Next year... Thanks for providing this link. Best regards - Gary - #78656

  • I have really enjoyed listening to EXX radio. I have not been able to make it to Oshkosh yet. My son plays football for his high school team and they start mandatory football practice when Oshkosh starts. He has already asked to go to Oshkosh after his senior year. This is the first year I have been aware of EAA radio online. Thanks for the opportunity to listen to what is going on AT EAA Oshkosh. Thanks - Stephen C. Rainer, Memphis, TN.
  • From College Park, Maryland (KCGS) , “the Oldest Continuously Operated Airport in the World.” - Lee
  • After attending Monday thru Wednesday, I'm back to reality here at work. Wish I was still there, but happy to listen to happenings via the web. Keep up the good work gang! - Chad Stenson, Sheboygan, WI
  • Hello EAA Radio. Its Afterburner Al...I had to leave OSH for a few days to actually work! I'm listening from Dallas at this hour...sounds great!-AA
  • I'm a corporate pilot who learned to fly out of MWC in Milwaukee. I've attended AirVenture several times in the past years, yet I've been unable to attend for the last couple. This is my first time "tuning in" to EAA Radio. I've found that it is the next best thing to actually being there at AirVenture (Thanks John T. for telling me about this link). Listening has brought back many of the same feelings that I felt while actually walking the grounds at Oshkosh. Thanks for the good work. - Josh, Richmond, VA
  • I'm listening to EAA Radio and thoroughly enjoying it. I'm in very wet London, England, and wishing I was over there at Oshkosh. Hey ho, one of these days I'll make it. I enjoyed the Podcast guys - good idea to get them on. It adds to a great program of aviation related audio, and the general information you're giving out on seemingly mundane things like parking and "keep wearing your hat" have to be really useful for those folks attending. Keep up the good work. - Chris Webb
  • I am listing in Otaki, New Zealand (a small coastal town just a few miles from Paraparaumu, a significant GA airport) It is over 15 years since I visited Oshkosh. The outstanding memory I have after all those years was the friendly attitude of both volunteers and other spectators - a true brotherhood of aviators. I retired recently, at 70, and hope to visit again but may have to turn to a life of crime to pay for it. Good luck with the weather. - Ken Annett
  • I'm listening from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. Thanks for whetting my appetite for my upcoming trip to AirVenture. I will be there Friday and Saturday. Jim G.
  • I’m listening from St. Paul, MN. A friend and I were at AirVenture for opening day, then came home. We flew in with my C172, which has a 220 hp Franklin. We had a good trip. - Chuck Rolston
  • I have the radio on this evening and am listening to Gail Halvorsen. I wanted to know what he looked like to better listen. I Googled Gail and read about him while I listened. This is almost like being there. Well almost. Thanks  - Bob Porto, Little Rock, AR.
  • I am listening from Huntington, West Virginia. Thank you so very much for Radio Free Airplane. I am presently listening to the 'Chewing Gum Parachute Bomber.' I am trying to do everything I can to get there this year for a while. Again, thank you for the radio broadcast. God Bless America and the genius of the American people. - John M. Konieczny

  • I've attended Oshkosh every year since 1980 without a miss, camping at Camp Scholler most years. Unfortunately, I can't make it this year, and it's wrenching my gut out! I really miss the short nights, long but fulfilling days, variable weather, wandering around and finding what the little guys are doing, taking in the seminars, just sitting watching the flightline, hoping the showers will have hot water, visiting with old friends from over the years. Thanks for the radio feed; it helps a lot, but it ain't the same. Maybe I can start a new string next year. - Tom Hubbuch, Louisville, Ky.

  • Hello from the 1st Liaison Squadron of Greene County, Pennsylvania (WAY). We were not able to attend this year, but we sent our First Officer, Joe, to represent the Squadron. We love listening.  - Vince and Roxane

  • Jeff Gress is listening from Chiclayo, Peru (South America). I wish I was there with my Varieze!

  • Listening at my office in Madison, Wisconsin. I and my friends will be heading up to the fly-in Saturday morning! - V. Lester

  • Sure wish I was there in person, but the radio feed helps ease the pain. I am listening in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee - J. Hughes

  • I'm listening from Teresina, Brazil. - Jose Guilherme

  • Hi….my name is Greg Lane and I’m listening to your feed from the general aviation Mecca of Washington, DC! I’m one of the “perfect candidates” I believe the formers of the LSA category had in mind. I have 50+ hours 99% of which were flown in the late 70’s. I’m now working on my sport pilot certificate flying a brand new Sport Cruiser out of Bay Bridge Airport in Maryland. Chesapeake Sport Pilot is a start-up flight school that has one Sport Cruiser and one Sky Arrow on the line and they’re at Air Venture right now picking up another Sky Arrow and a brand new Tecnam. I’m glad Cessna and Cirrus are bringing LSA’s to the market, but I’m really enjoying the Sport Cruiser, and it will fly CIRCLES around the 150’s and 152’s I used to fly. It is a good sign that these two “main-stream” manufacturers are getting into the game, but don’t discount the European manufacturers who had the product ready to jump into the market when the LSA flag dropped. Keep up the good work, I enjoy listening to your feed, but I’m going to be there in person next year.

  • I'm listening from my laptop while taking a lunch break from class in Deerfield, IL. My son and I are going to drive up to the Big Show
    Saturday. The 2 hour drive from here sure beats the 15 hours drive we used to make from Kansas!! Woo-Hoo!! - T. Gandy

  • Greetings from Toledo, Ohio! My husband and members of Chapter 582 are there in full force. My husband has his Navy N3N or display at the Warbirds area! Safe flying to all! - Bev H.

  • I am listening in Cliffside Park, NJ - Ken G.

  • I made it to Air Venture last year but my oldest son was married this past week end making it impossible to attend this year but the good Lord willing, I will be there next year. I love listening. It makes me feel as if I were there. Keep up the good work. - Jim Miles/EAA member, Spring, Texas

  • I'm out here at Kunsan AFB, South Korea listening! Normally I'm there as a volunteer on AeroShell Square. I'd like to say hello to all the
    West Ramp Rats! Tell them to remember... Joe in '08! Have a great show this year...See you in 2008! - Joe M.,  80th AMU Specialist Section Chief

  • Wow what a great program! I’m a low time new student pilot (finally after 30 years of thinking about it) listening near Williamsport, PA home of Lycoming engines and near Lock Haven, PA the original home of Piper. I’ve always thought of going to Oshkosh and your radio program fans that flame!  Oshkosh… one more reason to finish my private pilot’s license. See you next year. Thanks - Carl

  • Good to have you on the air. Keep up the good work! Listening from Osceola, Missouri

  • Listening to you all is "ALMOST" like being in Oshkosh....."ALMOST!" I am truly enjoying the broadcast...great idea to stream the event. 
    Rick "McCoy" Trautschold, Springfield, Missouri

  • Hey Guys, Bob from Little Rock, AR. Unable to make it this year, first time to miss in 9 years. I am keeping up via the internet with the radio and video clips. Keep up the good work.

  • All you lucky people at Oshkosh, enjoy the week. Especially all the South Africans camping at Camp Scholler - I envy you guys and wish I was there. Couldn't make it this year, but will join you next time ! Bring back lots of photos. - Pieter Grobler, Schoemansville,
    South Africa.

  • Hi to all at EAA Radio. I was at Oshkosh 2 years ago and was intending to visit again this year. Unfortunately a medical problem got in the way this year. Hopefully better luck in 2008. My daughter in San Diego is missing me also! Looks like being a great air show again. I'm enjoying the daily updates, and wishing I was part of the action again this year. Memories of Glacier Girl, and White Knight and Spaceship One will be with me always! Your radio station is great. Keep up the good work. Regards, Bruce Reynolds, Royal Victorian Aero Club, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, Australia - EAA 767874

  • Moi from Emmen. I am tuning in much more often than I did last year. It's fantastic how you people manage to let the rest of the world being part of the AirVenture. Thanks. Best wishes and keep on going. - Bert Daanje, Emmen, The Netherlands

  • I'm listening to EAA radio from Merrill, Wisconsin. My three boys and I will see you Friday. - Michael Bell, Merrill, WI

  • Hi to everyone at AirVenture 2007 from Danville, Kentucky. I raise a cold Leinie's as a toast you having pics, live audio, and hopefully some videos soon!  - Gregg F.

  • Totally awesome! keep it up! I'll be there on Wednesday!  Bryan Prevost, Lambert, Montana
  • Hi guys, I'm listening right now from the village of Great Wakering ( About 45 miles due east of London ). which is the county of Essex, England. Really wish I was over there to live the dream again this summer ...... it looks like you have a fantastic show lined up for this year. AirVenture is such a unique experience, I wish everyone a great show, fly safe and keep those warbirds flying ! - Peter, EAA # 720548

  • YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I couldn’t make it this year but your radio coverage makes me feel a part of the show. I can’t believe how much the radio/web coverage has improved over the years. At one time, due to limited bandwidth, we were only allowed to be connected for a short time. Now I pretty much stay connected and record what I miss. I hope you will archive some of the best interviews and I know there are a lot of them! Even when I go to Oshkosh, I listen all the time and especially to the evening programs. - Randy McCallister, NAFI – MCFI, Pulaski, Virginia

  • Hello to all from Sunny El Segundo, California. I've been listening in on AirVenture while working at Raytheon Space and Airborne systems. Best Regards, Kent McKenna.

  • I'm listening from Wilmot, Arkansas. Lots of fun to listen in anticipation of our arrival on Thursday. We have camped with our C-185 for the last five years in a row. Always enjoy EAA radio while camping. This is the first year I have listened over the internet. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!  - James W. Johnson, EAA #325611

  • Good afternoon from Richmond, VA home of airport W-96, New Kent, VA, I heard the weather there is excellent !! I may sneak away from VA Thursday evening for a couple of days at AirVenture 2007. Oshkosh is all about aviation and it doesn't seem right not to be there if one has the opportunity. I wish every one safe journey to and from AirVenture 2007!!  - Dave Nance

  • Hello from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I wasn't able to make it to Oshkosh this year. I flew down in a Cherokee in 2005 and it was an amazing experience. I wish I was there. - Jason Hughes

  • Hello from Gulf Shores, Alabama. Was there in '95, and your broadcast is next best thing...but I shall return!!! Great Job!  - Lou Plotz

  • I am listening from Prince George, BC, Canada.  I never been to Oshkosh yet, but someday I plan to. I have let all my fellow flying enthusiasts that cannot attend either know about the EAA Radio & website highlights.  Cheers - Maurice Sluka

  • Hello from Raleigh, NC. I haven't been to Oshkosh since 2005, but I will be there in 2008! You're doing a great job, it's the next best thing to being there!  - Kirk & Amy Adams
  • HI...I am listening every chance I get.....We are a propeller shop in Monterrey, Mexico - thanks. - Miguel Soto, S&M AEROSERVICIOS
  • I'm listening from Rockford, IL today. I'm looking forward to being there myself Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's great to be able to listen to all the activities over the internet. - Brett Lovett, Liberty, MO
  • Hello to everyone at Oshkosh. Thanks for a great coverage of the event via the internet. The more pictures I see in the gallery and the more I hear on the radio, the more I'm convinced I just have to get there. I'm listening from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Kind regards - Steve Ahrens
  • Hello I am listening from Marshall, Illinois. Wish I could have made the show again - was there several years ago but will keep tuned to EAA Radio online. Have a safe show - Doug Fitts
  • Good Morning! Hello from warm “HOT” eastern North Carolina. Sorry I can't make it up this year, but I am enjoying listening via internet. Are you going to interview the Famous Red Baron Squadron? Thanks for such a informative program. - Jay Wyatt, Fayetteville NC.
  • I am working out of Fresno, CA and going to miss this years AirVenture for the for the first time in 4 years. My airline schedule has me working all week flying up and down the West Coast so I am listening to EAA Radio every chance I get! Thanks for the great coverage EAA and look forward to 2008. I won't miss another one! - Ryan Paulson from Dubuque, IA

  • Listening from San Antonio, Texas. Wishing I could be there in person, but glad you have the radio up since I can’t.

  • Hello Oshkosh lovers everywhere. Tuning in on the internet from Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, as I did last year. As with all of you I suspect, I have been looking forward to this event for 365 days, even if it is only electronic, thanks to EAA for allowing me to "attend". - Dan McNaughton

  • Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii to all you lucky aviators at Airventure 2007! And…hey, radio guys…nice job! Mahalo!! - Pete & Jan Dawson

  • Following the from Puyallup, Washington. Unfortunately, I can't make AirVenture this year but sure appreciate listening to EAA Radio coverage on the internet.  - Dave S.

  • Hello Oshkosh, I'm listening in Little South Mills, NC. I made my very first trip to Oshkosh last year and thanks to a very good friend we bought a sport cruiser from sport aircraft works, we still don't know how to fly but can't wait to learn in our new plane which is due very soon and we will be flying out of Currituck Field in Currituck, NC. And if we are real lucky we may get to fly to Oshkosh next year. Thanks to Oshkosh for giving us the flying bug.  - Skipper Tabler

  • I listened last year & will listen again this year – heard the Raptor fly last year from the radio. I’m so glad you have this service for those of us who cannot be there physically but are with you all in spirit.  - Jan Carver/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • I'm listening to EAA Radio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and will be going to AirVenture on Thursday and Friday. Looks like a great year, can't wait to see the F-22 for the first time, wasn't able to see it last year. Can't wait. - Nate Burrows

  • Keep the great commentary coming! We’re listening at work and at home in Trempealeau, WI until we leave for KOSH on Tuesday night. With Glacier Girl, the F-22’s, the U-2, and everything else, this looks to be a great year! See you all in a couple of days. - Dave & Stacy Sterling, EAA Chapter #307
  • Hello fellow airplane lovers! I am listening in Nashville , TN. Will be arriving on Friday. - Nicole C.
  • Next year my wife and I will be retired and spending a week or so at AirVenture !!, probably camping in the North 40  / Currently in Little Rock, AR - William T. Allaben
  • Listening in Grand Rapids, exciting stuff – I’m arriving tomorrow evening and will listen in person – can't wait. - Pat Edinger

  • I've got my ears on just under the WEARD intersection in NY. Missed my bum a ride out in a C 172. And my Ercoupe is resting comfortably in its hangar.....maybe next year :) Oh and yes...that Cessna 162....sharp!! - Bill Kittner

  • I am listening from Catasauqua, PA. My 17 year old son and a friend from St. Louis flew in for their first EAA show yesterday afternoon - truly a dream come true for them. Already heard about the F-15 fly over this morning.  Thanks for giving us a way to stay connected. Both his Dad and I wish we were there!  - Michele Kaczmarek
  • I'm listening from Michigan. Camped there for week in 2005 and it was like being a kid at Disney World! The news about Eclipse, Cessna and Cirrus is very exciting - wish I could be there again for the experience. Will be listening on EAA Radio to at least get a sense of being there. What a great week for GA. - Jerry (Sonny) Webster, Flushing, MI, EAA Chapter 77
  • Am listening from Matteson, Illinois and I am not able to attend in person but I will be listening on EAA radio and watch the video’s online. Can’t wait till next year!! - Stephanus Dicks
  • Listening from Fort Worth, TX. Great job! Looking for ward to "seeing" the week through your eyes. Keep up the excellent work! - D. G. S.
  • Good Morning OSH! Listening in Traverse City, MI! I'm heading to the "Greatest Show on Earth" on Thursday a.m. and can't wait! All the boys from Deshler, Ohio - hope you have room for me! I can't wait, first time back in 10 years! Just like it used to be at MERFI! Keep up the great work on EAA Radio! - Brian Allen, Chapter 234 - Traverse City, MI
  • You are coming in loud and clear at Pax River NAS, Maryland. - Mark Kelly
  • I'm listening from Ft. Collins, CO. Tragically, I can't make the show this year but I'm looking forward very much to the daily reports, photos, etc. - W. L. "Doc" Roy
  • Greetings from Indianapolis, IN, the Crossroads of America…I will be listening for the next 3 days and then I am coming up Thursday and Friday for my annual pilgrimage. The weather is looking pretty good, I cant wait !...I really appreciate EAA Radio…it is the next best thing to being there ! Regards - Alan Robinson, Indianapolis, IN
  • Hi in Oshkosh, I'm listening from Geraldton Western Australia, couldn't make it this year but will be there next year. - Regards Rick Pederick
  • I'm in the shop working on my homebuilt and listening to all the great fun on EAA Radio. My goal is to fly to AirVenture next year in my new RV-7! It'll be my fourth visit, but the first in my own homebuilt. Can't wait to get there again! - Larry Griffin, Lubbock, TX
  • I am listening from New Lenox, Illinois. I will attending Saturday… - Bill Miller
  • Thanks for all the efforts with EAA Radio. I'm listening in my garage in Sylmar, CA while working on my RV 9A. I'm doing the glacial-slow build. Hope to make it to Oshkosh with the new plane sometime before men land on Mars. Best wishes to all. :) - Steve
  • I'm listening to EAA Radio from West Bend, WI. - Steve Pierce