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Hello Penguins,

There have been a lot of questions and concerns about your Club Penguin account being deleted.  Don't worry, when you sign up to help with the test, we create a "clone" of your penguin just for the test.  When the test is done, that clone is deleted, but your original penguin is not.  If you happen to be a member and sign up for the test, your "clone" will have membership features just like your normal penguin.

The point is that whatever you do with your clone penguin in the test won't be saved.  The clone will be deleted in April.

Hopefully that makes more sense.  Thanks for helping with the test!

Until then... Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team


Jimbobson said

I just found out about this awsome Testing server! ITS AWSOME!
Its like we just started CP again!
Also i would really like it if either the black/pink or even another colour touge came back, there awsome!

athie boy said

I luv the CPIP its so cool, i already found an error and i reported it! PS. Please Post

Redbluemast said

Thanks for putting this.

Lilgweendude said

So...u are improving on Club Penguin huh?I have something important to ask you,if i sign up for the test,does that mean that i will have a clone and that if i get something like a free item,andthen April comes,all the things i got will be deleted???I dont want that to happen:( i want to still have my items on my penguin:( is that what will happen because i am very confused and this coment and question is about the improvement test...PLEASE explain this to me

PS.Lilgweendude is my penguin name so yeah...

caldog9 said


BillyBob said

No problem. You have to think of it as two different penguins with the same name. Whatever you get in the real Club Penguin you will keep, whatever you get in the server test Club Penguin will be deleted in April. Hopefully that makes sense.



Bollivierke said

Hello Billybob! I really love the project!
I'm so happy it's finally released!
I hope I'll see you on one of the two servers(the chance is bigger then on the normal CP!!)

So I hope: See you later!

BillyBob said

Thanks, I'm going to drop by a few times each day just to see how its going!

Icemammel said

coooooooool cpip rocks do we get like bonus coins or items becouse we helped out ?

Oma Els said

Coool! I also hope I'll see you on the test servers. Or even better: on the normal servers. One question: do you have a unlimited buddy list? Plz answer!!

Dragulah said

this is awesome i found about this CPIP the first day and its A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Jodiepo said

What are we testing on cpip?

10croc said

hi billybob!
i saw you in the town on test server one...please go on them more often...its cool to see you!

xminipolo said

i am a non member and my friend says that i can buy clothes on this.
but i can't why is thisbillybob?

BillyBob said

It was cool to see you too! I'm trying to make sure I log in a few times a day.

BillyBob said

Right now, we are testing the new servers. They don't look any different in the game, but they are way different behind the scenes.

BillyBob said

I wish I did, then I would accept everyone as a buddy, but I have the same limits you guys do.

BillyBob said

I'm sure we'll figure something out, but we haven't decided yet.

BillyBob said

Sorry, your friend wasn't telling you the truth. You have to log in with a "member penguin" in order to buy clothes in the test.

12 Capricorn said

Billybob is there any chance that we would see you while you are checking the test servers? P.S. please respond!PLEASE?

Chazz42 said

Yo! I was just wandering will parties like St Patrick's day be uploaded, or is it just normal the whole time? Please post and reply. CYA

BillyBob said

Yes, we're going to upload the party to the test servers as well.

BillyBob said

Yup! I log in a few times a day so you never know.

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