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Hello Penguins! 

Welcome to the headquarters for the Club Penguin Improvement Project. We call it CPIP for short. Most of you are probably wondering what it’s all about. It’s pretty simple. 

We wanted you to be the first to know and get involved in the project, so we built a website so we can all be in the loop on how it's going! 

You could say CPIP is a bit like Spring cleaning--but way more fun!  We've been listening to all your ideas about how to make Club Penguin better and we decided to do something about it.  Over the next 3 months we will be doing some 'construction' on some important parts of Club Penguin. Some of it you will be able to see, some of it will be behind the scenes, but all of it will make Club Penguin better! 

To get started, we need your help to test some new servers! Check out the Server Test link on the homepage to join in!

We will update this blog at least once a week so be sure to check back for updates and more info. 

Let us know what you think and how it's going! 

Until then... Waddle On!

The Club Penguin Team

Posted by: Billybob


Excaliburs said

It's all like regular Club Penguin, but I'm excited to see the new website once it comes out. Club Penguin is #1

BillyBob said

Unfortunately, the buddies will be deleted after the test.

BillyBob said

Don't worry, when you log in as your penguin, it creates a clone for the test. That clone is what will be deleted, not the original penguin you use everyday. Hopefully that makes sense.

BillyBob said

If your normal penguin is a member and then you log into the test. The test will make a clone of that penguin and know its a member. Even when the clone is deleted in April, the normal penguin will still have a membership outside of the test.

Littlepen10 said

whats difernt aboute this theres no difernce!!!!!

Dallas39 said

Wow, i like how member penguins in your regular game are still members in the test. I found some bugs also! I wonder what this project is for? Cant waiy!

P.S Plz post this comment, im never posted in any post on the regular and beta

BillyBob said

There won't be a visible difference yet. This is just for testing new servers.

icey56 said

Cool!! cant wait for the new web site design. i cant login but im sure you'll fix it

Bluedove2897 said

Hi Guys this is so awesome keep up the good work!

eddy 113 said

Hello billybob :) Thnaks for test

cooltiger413 said

This is awsome!

Zam478 said

Loading is exceptionaly fast! I love the new CPIP! It's like a chance for newer penguins to be like BETA PENGUINS! I've only found 1 bug so far, other then that, it's just like regular CP!
Waddle On!
~ Zam478 ~

tonetone34 said

the test server is so cool!! it feels like we just started club penguin

Orbvab said

Hi, I own a blog and I'm a big fan! I told lots of people about this hope it helped, anyway, do we get hats at the end like the beta hat?

Big Balla said

Great! I can't wait to get started!!!

Striker 135 said

I can't wait for the new things happening to Club Penguin!

flufaluf said

awesome, i'm looking forward to it

Jatar said

from everything ive seen, it is going pretty good but ill look for some bugs in games and stuff!

BillyBob said

Thanks for getting the word out! As for the item, I can't promise anything, but we'll see how it goes. We might do something special afterwards as a "thank you."

BillyBob said

Yea, it does feel the same... pretty cool!

BillyBob said

Cool, speed should be one of the improvements.

BillyBob said

Yup, just keep trying, we're going to be working hard on it so it may go down from time to time.

BillyBob said

Thanks, just keep looking. You never know where those pesky bugs will be!

Iris 8000 said

how come my inventory is empty? There use to be tons of free items!

Aeris said

Dear Club Penguin. Why do we have to pay for membership for a testing project? If i were to pay for membership and the penguin was to be deleted in April or so... wouldnt that be a waste? Anyways, i think the project is an excelent idea! Keep up the good work CP!!1 You guys ROCK!!!! :D

Icecoldmilk3 said

This really looks interesting!!! I have never been doing any of this kind of stuff EVER before! It makes me feel superior! So, all the "test" penguins will be deleted, right? Not any of the REAL penguins we have?

Cfai Unknown said

Billybob, im going crazY!!! Please post this I REALLY NEED THE ANSWER!! Is it true that I cannot use my penguin that I always use in the test? I want to use my current penguin that is a member ( Cfai Unknown ) But Im not sure if I will get deleted if I sign him up. Please respond ASAP I'm going crazy here!

Sharpay Purr said

Cool! Do we get to keep buddies? Or do we just get deleted?

greengirl said

Club Penguin is so cool! Thanks for making it even cooler! All my friends and me love to play so much. We're all happy to help.

Charliemeth9 said

I enjoy testing the game and I'll be sure to tell you if I find any bugs! But I'm not giving you my spider pin! :)

Hamstermae said

This is so cool!!!
But i cant find any bugs
its great that you start off with 20000 coins it helps get back to your normal penguin

Bodge101 said

Im gonna test all the games- just to be sure there are no bugs! I own a blog too and I'll be telling all my viewers about this very soon! I only found out about it half an hour ago!!!!!!!!!!!! I found a bug but its nothing serious! Keep up the good work guys!

Racht10 said

I dont get it. Whats so different about THIS play clubpenguin?

BillyBob said

Not much looks different, but the servers are very different and they need to be tested.

BillyBob said

Thanks Bodge101!

dynamodrew said

I cant see the diffrence between original CP and updated CP can you tell me what they are?PS please post this ASAP I need to know now!

fan of cp said

i have found 4 bugs!

BillyBob said

Sweet, thanks!

Tiddli Winx said

This site is AMAZING! i LOVE it!!!!

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