Famous Men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.


Bro. Jesse T. Williams Executive level management of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Bro. Preston Edwards Founder of Black Collegiate Magazine, New Orleans, LA
Bro. Carter D. Womack Executive of the Blockbuster Entertainment Group, Houston, TX
Bro. Alden J. McDonald Pres. and CEO of Liberty Bank and Trust Company of New Orleans, LA
Bro. Marshal B. Bass Corporate Vice President for R.J. Reynolds Industries
Bro. B. Doyle Mitchell Pres. and CEO of Industrial Bank of Washington, D.C.

Bro. Peter Adams, Esq. - Partner at Callahan, Schepp, Yuhas, Adams & Carfora 

Bro. Ezunial Burks - Current Head Director of the Los Angeles Harbor  

Bro. Willis Reed NBA-Hall of Fame
Bro. Karl Malone NBA-Utah Jazz
Bro. Olden Polynice NBA-Utah Jazz UVA, Zeta Eta
Bro. Scottie Pippen NBA-Chicago Bulls, Portland Trailblazers
Bro. Larry Brown NFL
Bro. Emmitt Smith NFL-Dallas Cowboys
Bro. Charles (Charlie) Batch NFL-Detroit Lions
Bro. Lomas Brown NFL-NY Giants
Bro. Jerry Rice NFL-SF 49ers
Bro. Willie Davis NFL-Tennessee Titans
Bro. Marcus Patton NFL-Washington Redskins
Bro. Al Joyner Olympian- Track
Bro. Johnny Grey Olympic Gold Medal 800
Bro. Sean Grosvenor World Class Gymnast

                                                    Education and Science
Bro. Alain Leroy Locke First Black Rhodes Scholar, Author 
Bro. George Washington Carver World Famous Scientist 
Bro. Robert Moton Second President of Tuskegee Univ.
Bro. James Weldon Johnson Author, Black National Anthem "Lift Every Voice and Sing" 

Bro. Blair Underwood  Actor, "L.A. Law", "Set It Off"
Bro. Morris Chestnut  Actor, "The Best Man", "Boyz N the Hood"
Bro. Morgan Freeman Actor, "Shawshank Redemption", "Lean on Me"
Bro. Bobby Jones "Bobby Jones Gospel Hour"
Bro. Dr. Walter Turnbull Director, Harlem Boys Choir, New York, NY
Bro. Jay Anthony Brown Comedian, Tom Joyner Morning Show 
Bro. Les Brown Motivational Speaker 
Bro. Baba Olatunji World Renowned Drummer

                                                     Politics and Leadership
Bro. William Tolbert Past President, Liberia
Bro. Nnamdi Azikiwe Past President, Nigeria
Bro. Kwame Nkurumah Past President, Ghana
Bro. Nelson Mandela Past President, South Africa
Bro. Huey P. Newton Co-founder, Black Panther Party
Bro. A. Philip Randolph Founder, Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Bro. Hosea Williams Civil Rights Activist
Bro. Benjamin Chavis Muhammad Organizer, Million Man March
Bro. John Lewis U.S. Congressman, Atlanta, GA
Bro. Edolphus Townes U.S. Congressman, Brooklyn, NY 
Bro. Roderick Paige United States Secretary of Education
Bro. Harold Washington First Black Mayor of Chicago 


Bro. Dr. George Washington Carver

Bro. Dr. Carver was a world renowned Scientist, Inventor, Former Slave, Educator, Scientist, Businessperson, Service Industry Employee, Agriculturist, Medical Worker, Artist, Author, Lecturer, and Performing Artist. 

Bro. Joe L. Dudley, Sr.

Bro. Dudley, Sr. is present and Ceo of Dudley Hair Care Products Dudley Products, Dudley Cosmetology University, Dudley Direct, Dudley Products Cosmetics, Dudley Travel and Dudley Cosmetology University. He is also the Chairmen of AHBAI. 

Bro. Herman J. Russell

Bro. Herman's organization is the largest minority-owned general contractor in the United States. One can look throughout the Southeast to see the Russell mark on such buildings as Atlanta's Georgia Dome and the Coca-Cola headquarters.

Bro. Peter Adams, Esq. - Partner at Callahan, Schepp, Yuhas, Adams & Carfora 
Bro. Ezunial Burks - Current Head Director of the Los Angeles Harbor 


Civic Leaders

Bro. Huey P. Newton

Bro. Newton was a world renown civil rights activist and Co-Founder Black Panther Party, a militant black nationalist organization which protected, educated, and feed African Americans based in Oakland, California. Honorable

Bro. A. Philip Randolph

Bro. Randolph a renown civil rights activist who called for the March on Washington. He was the only civil rights leader who could get the others to unite. 250,000 came in response. When he introduced Dr. King, "symbolically, the torch was passed from one generation of fighters to another." 

Bro. Hosa Hill - Civil Rights Activist 
Bro. Chavis Mohammed (formally Benjamin Chavis) - Past Executive Director of NAACP and Organizer of the Million Man March 



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