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Last Updated: April 21, 2008 9:25 PM

HATE ETERNAL: New Album Details Revealed - Dec. 4, 2007
Tampa, Florida-based death metallers HATE ETERNAL are back with the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2005 release "I, Monarch". "Fury and Flames" will be the band's most diverse and emotionally fuelled record to date due mainly in part to the passing of bassist and good friend Jared Anderson.

HATE ETERNAL founder and vocalist/guitarist Erik Rutan recently did an interview with where he stated, "Jared was one of my best friends, and his passing away really affected me and influenced this record a lot. It's a very dark and heavy record — not just heavy as in 'heavy metal,' but heavy-hearted as well."

"Fury and Flames" will feature cover art by Paul Romano (MASTODON, ANIMOSITY, THE RED CHORD) and features new members Shaune Kelley on second guitar and Jade Simonetto on drums. The addition of Shaune means that this will be the first time HATE ETERNAL will be able to perform as a four-piece live — something fans will be able to experience when the band heads out with labelmates THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. Alex Webster of CANNIBAL CORPSE fame stepped in on bass for the recording, but due to his hectic schedule with CANNIBAL will not be able to tour with the band.

Due on February 19, "Fury and Flames" will feature the following track listing:

01. Hell Envenom
02. Whom Gods May Destroy
03. Para Bellum
04. Bringer of Storms
05. The Funerary March
06. Thus Salvation
07. Proclamation of the Damned
08. Fury Within
09. Tombeau (Le Tombeau De La Fureur et Des Flames)
10. Coronach

The trailer for the HATE ETERNAL "The Perilous Fight" DVD (available now) can be viewed below:

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posted by : Boston-Metal
12/4/2007 7:40:25 PM

Can not wait to see them at the Palladium in January, and pumped about the new album.

posted by : vegard
12/4/2007 7:50:07 PM

the new drummer has some huge shoes to fill...then again i'm pretty sure rutan didn't pick the first drummer that auditioned.

COMMENT | haha
posted by : volt5000
12/4/2007 8:15:04 PM

i love watching this trailer,it gets me every time....It's Wakey Wakey Time! Fuckin Rutan he's nuts.Yeah that drummer does have some huge fuckin shoes to fill I'm sure he will do great though,can't wait for february.

COMMENT | finally...
posted by : zombiejesus99
12/4/2007 8:39:47 PM

i can't to hear this. it is wakey wakey time mother fuckers.

np: arkhon infaustus-perdition insanabilis

COMMENT | ooops
posted by : zombiejesus99
12/4/2007 8:41:08 PM

+ wait

COMMENT | Oksy I'm a dick
posted by : dfree
12/4/2007 10:47:21 PM

Hate Eternal
Own all their albums
one of the best metal bands out there today
however in that clip, doesn't Eric Rutan look a bit like Matt Damon???
or maybe Matt looks like Eric
let the bashing begin.....

posted by : CannibalDave
12/5/2007 1:44:16 AM

For those of you who haven't seen it and are Hate Eternal fans, the DVD is definitely worth buying.

posted by : EYELEsS DEMiSE
12/5/2007 5:20:31 AM

Where the hell is Derek Roddy these days?...that dude's drumming is fucking inhuman...can't wait to see these guys with BDM

And yes, to respond to an above post, I agree with the Rutan/ Matt Damon reference, only if he was somehow fused with Nemesis from the Resident Evil series..dude's pretty scary

posted by : Ziltoid667
12/5/2007 5:48:54 AM

"Where the hell is Derek Roddy these days?..."

I think he's drumming for Today is the Day.

posted by : lailer75
12/5/2007 8:23:27 AM

dvd is sick! in the interview he kinda looks like a midget. can`t wait to see `em @ the pallgaydium!!

COMMENT | All the talent in the world...
posted by : ultimatejerkoff
12/13/2007 6:21:28 PM

These guys are incredible. I own all their cd's but I feel like they havent released anything that meets their true potential.

Will this be the one?

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