White Men

Posted April 20, 2008 | 10:50 PM (EST)

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Here's another thing I don't like about this primary: now that there are only two Democratic candidates, it's suddenly horribly absolutely crystal-clear that this is an election about gender and race. This may have always been true, but weeks ago it wasn't so obvious -- once upon a time there were eight candidates, and although six of them withered away, their presence in the campaign managed to obscure things. Even around the time of Ohio, when there were primarily three candidates, the outlines were murky, because Edwards was still in there, picking up votes from all sectors.

But now there are two and we're facing Pennsylvania and whom are we kidding? This is an election about whether the people of Pennsylvania hate blacks more than they hate women. And when I say people, I don't mean people, I mean white men. How ironic is this? After all this time, after all these stupid articles about how powerless white men are and how they can't even get into college because of overachieving women and affirmative action and mean lady teachers who expected them to sit still in the third grade even though they were all suffering from terminal attention deficit disorder -- after all this, they turn out (surprise!) to have all the power. (As they always did, by the way; I hope you didn't believe any of those articles.)

To put it bluntly, the next president will be elected by them: the outcome of Tuesday's primary will depend on whether they go for Hillary or Obama, and the outcome of the general election will depend on whether enough of them vote for McCain. A lot of them will: white men cannot be relied on, as all of us know who have spent a lifetime dating them. And McCain is a compelling candidate, particularly because of the Torture Thing. As for the Democratic hope that McCain's temper will be a problem, don't bet on it. A lot of white men have terrible tempers, and what's more, they think it's normal.

If Hillary pulls it out in Pennsylvania, and she could, and if she follows it up in Indiana, she can make a credible case that she deserves to be the candidate; these last primaries will show which of the two Democratic candidates is better at overcoming the bias of a vast chunk of the population that has never in its history had to vote for anyone but a candidate who could have been their father or their brother or their son, and who has never had to think of the president of the United States as anyone other than someone they might have been had circumstances been just slightly different.

Hillary's case is not an attractive one, because what she'll essentially be saying (and has been saying, although very carefully) is that she can attract more racist white male voters than Obama can. Nonetheless, and as I said, she has a case.

I spent the weekend listening to one commentator after another saying that Obama has it locked up, it's a done deal. I dunno. Hillary is the true whack-a-mole and if she survives on Tuesday, it will be a whole new ballgame. And it will be all because of white men. Plus ca change.


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"This is an election about whether the people of Pennsylvania hate blacks more than they hate women."

I don't get it. If, as Ephron postulates, white men control everything and they all hate women and blacks how did they manage to arrange the Democratic primary so that the only candidates left are a woman and a black? Her argument makes more sense if you turn it around-- white men are so open minded they made sure that this time around the Democratic candidate will be either a woman or a black.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:51 PM on 04/21/2008

Nora, darling,
You are so, so right. Those swinging "Y" chromosomes have fallen into it again. And in this year. Who would have thought?
And to think that in the next eight years the peak in the baby boomers will be retiring. Should they be voting their retirement? I should hope to shout.
Nora, darling, have your bot contact my bot and we can discuss this over something subtle but fortified.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:47 PM on 04/21/2008

Bigotry is strong in this one. I am sure to some extent that voting will be about race or gender, and it will not be resitricted to "white men" which is your first mistake. Second groups that feel they are in power have less group loyalty then those who feel they are out of power. So chances are white men, as a group, will be the least bigoted or biased in their voting. Or white men feel as powerless as women and minority groups. And really, all of the above can be true at the same time. Women that are pro Hillary just because she is a woman, are in for a world of hurt, because they are going to see her loss as a failure for women. But gender will have had little to do with it. She has run a terrible campaign, and if she did not have gender, and "Clinton" loyalty, she would be looked at as "fringe" as Mike Gravel.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:28 PM on 04/21/2008

WM here... get a black or female candidate to cut capital gains tax and I'm in!!

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:28 PM on 04/21/2008

I am the wife of a white male and the mother of a white male. I am the grandmother of two white males.
White males are not all evil.
They are not all mysogynist chauvanists.
They are not all racist bigots.
They are not the evil enemy of all women and minorities.
they are human beings with hearts and souls.
The two white males in my immediate family who can vote are Obama boys.
But, then all the women who vote in my imdediate family are for Obama, too.

Hillary is a liar when she said she has had a hard time in this election because she is a woman.
She has had a bad time because she is a fake.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:13 PM on 04/21/2008

Gee, I thought this was funny! Why does everything have to pretend to be deep?

And why is it that men can constantly joke about the way things are with women and it's funny, but when a woman tries to joke about the fact that men run the world, she gets flack.

Men rule. White men especially. That's not an opinion, folks. That's a fact.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:07 PM on 04/21/2008

No, this is about change, not gender, not race. This is about who do think we are, who do we want to be.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:01 PM on 04/21/2008

OK, let's consider your idea that this election is about change. Obama has promised change, but has failed to share anything specific or substantive. Maybe by the time he loses the election we'll figure out he has no idea what he wants to change, how much it will cost, how long it will take, what will need to be done to make it practical.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:19 PM on 04/21/2008

Maybe you should read his website.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:48 PM on 04/21/2008

Sheesh! Another boring motivational speaker.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:16 PM on 04/21/2008

I am sooo tired of your crap Ephron.
Look, I support Obama based on one simple fact.
Hillary and he got to vote on a bill banning cluster bombs.
He voted yes.
She voted no.
With no real explanation.
How can she have voted "no" on something so obviously humanitarian?
This is the woman who talks about how precious children are.
Who are the greatest number of non-combatants killed by these horrible weapons?
Yeah, you guessed it.
Sorry Mrs. Clinton, but you just don't wash as a plausible president based on that action alone.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:49 PM on 04/21/2008

I can't believe some of you Democrats. Unbelievably spiteful. You've taken your eyes off the PRIZE. It's not about electing Hillary or Obama, it's about taking back the White House. That's all it should be about. People, the GOP is flushing your country down the toilet! You should be happy to vote for either one of them because it isn't really about either one of them; it's about beating John McCain. If you fail to vote for the Democrat's candidate because your choice didn't win the nomination, then you are betraying your country; you are traitors. You are flat-out traitors! You should be ashamed of yourselves. And if Al Gore doesn't go to Denver to bail you dummies out and rescue your party, then he's a traitor too. It's probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen you Democrats do.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:42 PM on 04/21/2008

well said, phoneyvet

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:48 PM on 04/21/2008

Then Hillary needs to stop trashing Obama and help her party get him elected in November.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:07 PM on 04/21/2008

Wow Nora, your editorials are about as deep as your lousy films. Thanks for stereo-typing white men. I for one am for Obama and support the Palestinians in their war against occupying and ethnic cleansing Israel. Gusee that means all female Jews are for Hillary and the continued war crimes of Israel.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:13 PM on 04/21/2008

She is "Clueless in Cyberspace".

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:15 PM on 04/21/2008

It's quite possible that white males are more concerned with experience of a person who wishes to be President than Nora. I was a regular listener of Air American and agreed with almost everything they had to say about the Bush Administration. but I am unwilling to allow a coalition of college students and upper income liberal voters shove a nominee down my throat because he is cool. What we have here is a combination of hip-hop cool and traditional liberal guilt coming together, funneling lots of disposable income, promoting the candidacy of a politician, who under other circumstances, would not be considered qualified to lead Rockford, Illinois, let alone the United States government.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:05 PM on 04/21/2008

Hmm. Obama is about as hip-hop as my mother. I like him because he is able to navigate a complex world, aware of the distinctions between different things. Take his race speech. It was basically all about how people are a complex mixture of good and bad. You don't reject them because they are not completely in lock-step with your personal beliefs. You see what you can agree on with them and appeal to their better angels. We all want America to be a functional, prosperous place of opportunity, doing good in the world. I trust Obama to be able to build the coalitions that will promote that.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:24 PM on 04/21/2008

I like how you are criticizing her generalization. Yet here you are doing the same thing.

Thanks for insulting the intelligence of us "bitter" voters who dont want to be scared to the ballot box under the false precept of "strength and experience".

Laura Bush 2012!

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:46 PM on 04/21/2008

Excellent point. Some people are actually basing their vote on qualifications, not race or gender. That would be the smart thing to do.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:24 PM on 04/21/2008

Wow. interesting article.
I think there are other states in play that people aren't realizing if Obama is the nominee. I really think Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and perhaps Mississppi are in play. I also think Virginia, Nevada, and Missouri will be in play. So, I don't think that Obama necessarily needs PA, and OH to win the election.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:42 PM on 04/21/2008

You are right Obama will not need PA and Ohio, and he won't get the South in the general election
these votes will go to McSame, there fore without PA, Ohio, NY, Calif. and most of the south Obama will lose the General election,. White men are still insecure when it comes to black
men winning all the basketball, baseball, football, golf, and their white women, so they do not
intend to vote for Obama, no matter what they say.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:03 PM on 04/21/2008

LAShores & Nora;

What I don't understand is why with women out numbering men in this country we don't just elect who we want. We are the majority. Any democrat will do!!!!!!!

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:50 PM on 04/21/2008

What I don't understand is why women support sociopathic rapist like Bill Clinton (Read about Juanita Broderick if your unsure), that uses women and throws them away like garbage.

Also women support Hillary who used her marriage to a man as a path to power

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:01 PM on 04/21/2008

This is typical of anti-Clinton mishegoss posted on HuffPo. There is nothing to the story about Broderick, which has been proven time and time again. Yet folks who are intellectually weak and/or dishonest continue to try to use this as if it were true.
If Obama manages to win the nomination and loses in the Fall it will be because his supporters have alienated so many people with their spin and distortion.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:10 PM on 04/21/2008

You are completely wrong about Broderick. The dates are confirmed they were both in Little Rock at the same time. Hillary thanked her later for staying quite. Bill refused to comment other that to say he is a different person now. but that is past.

As usual on this site, when someone disagrees with what I write, the rebuttal ignores the point I was making, Why women support the people they, and defend the indefenseable. Instead you resort to personal attacks and name calling.


replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:43 PM on 04/21/2008

Nora is dead on in many ways. At some points she may have gone too far, but the effect was hilarious. To the people who just want to label her a radical feminist, I guess you did not notice her sympathy for Obama who has to deal with this gotcha whack-a-mole HRC who over time has played the race card more and more to the sympathies of racist people who do not actually know that they are really racist. I am just saddened that she could not comment on who was the most honest, the best communicator, the one with the best temperament, the one who is most considerate, most wise, the one with a more pragmatic approach about getting the best laws and programs past, the one who can calm war torn regions by the intelligence of the dialogue and careful choice of words, the one who can best inspire the American people to be happy and to work hard, to have beliefs that mean something, who can model good behavior, who takes the high road, who has the best sense of humor, who has the best plans not only for the short term, but for the long term, whose only scandal are those of other people and not his, the one who knows how the average American is because he lived it and is as yet the least unspoiled by the political machine.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:37 PM on 04/21/2008

That's the best endorsement of John McCain I have read yet

I applaud your courage and far sightedness.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:47 PM on 04/21/2008

You obviously don't know McCain. Many of those qualifiers certainly he could fill or Hillary could fill, but temperament and the gift of gab he aint got. I don't know why I am even responding to you because he is a non-candidate. If you think he is going to win, you are delusional. I haven't had such a belly-roll in weeks.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:54 PM on 04/21/2008

All things being equal, you would be right. BUT, there is perfect storm brewing. At the same time Obama is getting closer to the nomination, he is in the process of imploding. Once the all the smoke and mirrors are blown away Obama is going to be childeren stoy of "The King has no Clothes.

He has a better chance of being McGovern, Dukakas, or Kerry, than being the next president

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:14 PM on 04/21/2008

Your world is small, Ms. Ephron.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:32 PM on 04/21/2008

The political spectrum is not a straight line, left to right. It is a curve, and the further you go to either extreme, the more alike they are.

These are just hateful hypocritical people. The type of people that only feel better by stepping on somebody else. This is also called projection. They project their hated of themselves onto other people, because it the only way they can deal with it.

Of course she is for Obama. She has the same attitude as Rev Wright, that European white males are the center of evil in the universe.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:29 PM on 04/21/2008

"White men cannot be relied on, as all of us know who have spent a lifetime dating them."

I will avoid a sexist reply save one:


- White Male

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:24 PM on 04/21/2008

Is this a sexist reply?

If any man ever ran for President who had a cheating whore of a wife that made a cuckold out of him, and they stood by their wives, they would be a laughing stock. It would be the ultimate sign of weakness. If it's like Geraldine Ferraro said and Obama is only where he is because he's a black man, then it surely is true that 'standing by her man' while he was whoring is the only reason she is where she is because unlike men, being made a fool of as a woman actually works to their advantage. It seems she mentions every chance she gets as proof of the tought times she's made it through. See how sympathetic one would be to a man who mentions the tough times he went through were when his wife was slutting around. Some experience.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:21 PM on 04/21/2008

And she assumes there are no racist white women or sexist black males. Only white men would vote for sexist or racist reasons. Well, I guess that is the old political correctness dogma. Hillary might just privately be questioning whether the overwhelming black vote for Obama is reverse racism. Oh, what the heck, nobody is making a sane choice, are they, Nora, according to your reasoning since only one group is voting their -isms.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:42 PM on 04/21/2008

Thanks for the sexist bashing of all men -- inlcuding those who wouldn't date you, and the millions you've not met.

Perhaps someday, Nora, women will stop the intellectual dishonesty of blaming all men for all the evils in the world -- including, apparently, women's intellectual dishonesty in pretending that only men are sexist.

Perhaps someday, Nora, women will stop the name-calling. And the abuse of those who don't fit your bigot's sterotype.

Oh, right: it's only sexism if men say exactly the same things about women. How's your "feminist" argument against the "hormone" slur against women going in your even-handed rejection of the equally-ignorant "testosterone poisoning" sexism?

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:38 PM on 04/21/2008

By principle, you know you are right, but it pays no attention to the blatant fact of history that, yes, everything that is wrong in the world has been touched or ruled by white men. It does not make them all evil, but somebody told me after a tennis match I lost to him, "You can't argue with results." History is what it is and white males have pretty much been at the helm 99.9999 % of the time (I forgot some nines) for the last five to six hundred years. Change is coming.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:47 PM on 04/21/2008

Yeah, but civilization has been around 5 - 7 thousand, and guess what; every kind and colour and race has touched and affected what is wrong with the world. And I don't think you give enough credit to lthe white females who have held their share of power over "the last five to six hundred years"

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:17 PM on 04/21/2008

Check in on the ethnic violence in Africa and Asia and Latin America and pre-European invasion North America. Where are the "white men" in the genocide of Chinese by Japanese in WWII? Or in the tribal violence of Rwanda? Or in Cambodia? Or in Laos? Or between Native American tribes going back thousands of years?

Oh let me guess... "the white man made them do it" Considering that, as is frequently pointed out by people like you, "white men were living in caves when Africa had empires", and considering that war, hatred, prejudice and genocide were born with the first empires, sounds like Africa needs to take the blame for that one. I guess the "white man" learned it from the Africans he copied right around the same time he was learning how to live outside of the cave. Can't have it both ways. Unless you're truly deranged enough to think there was EVER a time when earth was a peaceful utopia. Actually, maybe you are...

I'll buy that 99.9% of violence and unrest was caused by *men*, but *white* men exclusively? This is a load of apologist left-wing horseshit and is every bit as virulent and dangerous as the right-wing horseshit being spewed by the neco-cons.

Congratulations on being as narrow-minded and backwards in your thinking as the likes of those you despise.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:07 PM on 04/21/2008

Name 1 peaceful female leader or head of state.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:25 PM on 04/21/2008

Assuming that our votes actually count , (which is not what happened twice previously, 2000/2004 - remember?) Nora touches on a very basic fact (not concept). White men have ruled this planet for a very very long time. Allowing diversity on the Presidential (hopefuls) platform may indeed just be smoke and mirrors. It's hard not to become more of a conspiracy theorist as time goes on, but far too many underhanded events have taken place especially in the last eight years to be pure coincidence. Perhaps in the end, it really doesn't matter who gets into office. Hippocrisy reigns supreme and besides, neither candidate has spoken the magic words; "I will get us out of Iraq NOW".

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:20 PM on 04/21/2008

I disagree. I think most people do what the msm tell them. And the media always attack our best leaders, for obvious reasons. In 2000 they called Al Gore a liar nonstop for using a figure of speech to discribe his work on internet law. They showed Kerry as a flip flopper, although why I don't know. But the public doesn't care about evidence, and the charge stuck. Then they went after after the Clintons again. And even though the smear job was dumber than ever, the Obama crowd ate it with a shovel. In three minutes they were copying the form and content of the bile monsters. Now they've replaced policy debate and adult conversation with name calling and childish insults. But it's not surprising that the young and inexperienced was so easily played by corporate media.
But there's a larger issue. And it's FLA and MI. I think we should demand the states be counted, either as is or by a do over. And the national party should pay for it. They're flush with corporate cash this year. And they messed things up by excluding the States in the first place. Obama is only where he is now by his young worshippers flooding undemocratic caucuses. And counting the two States would bring a semblance of democracy to the process.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:20 PM on 04/21/2008

Though I recognize that Nora Ephron is trying to be funny, tongue-in-cheek, I am completely uncomfortable linking all white men to racism and sexism. Likewise, I am tired feminists getting all the blame.

This is an election that defies history. There are so many "firsts" that it's impossible to know what is at play. The one fact that seems to be unmistakable, however, is that many if not most Americans will be unhappy with the results.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:18 PM on 04/21/2008

WoW! All I can say as a Black male is WoW! I don't know who t his lady is, but I think I love her.(LOL) Finally, a white person who tells it, and sees it the way it truly is here in America. For any White man to vote for Hillary because she is white and then turn around and vote for McCain in the election, shows just how sick and engrained racisim is here in America.

Let's snap out of it America, if you vote for Hillary now, vote for Hillary if she becomes the nominee. The same for goes Obama. I myself am Pro Obama, but there is no way that America needs another Republican president for the next 4-8 years. let's get our country back up and running.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:17 PM on 04/21/2008

Well of course you would love her! You're a racist. Just the way KKK members love when they hear David Duke talking.

I guess "your country" excludes "white men" right? Yeah... Thats the way to "fix things". Take an entire segment of the human race, completely demonize them, and then try to stoke the fires towards a worldwide race/gender war.

You sound like a fucking nazi, as does Nora Ephron (no surprise on her part)

Just because you're a woman or person of color doesnt mean you cant be a hateful psychopath.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:12 PM on 04/21/2008

Nora Ephron isn't white.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:30 PM on 04/21/2008

Nora Ephron is indeed white. Do you know something of her ancestry that we who have followed her work and writings through the years, with admiration, do not?

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:28 PM on 04/21/2008

Yeah, and Nora Ephron isn't white.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:50 PM on 04/21/2008

Nora Ephron is whitety-white-white-white:

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:38 PM on 04/21/2008

(sigh) I thought all the disciples of that relic Gloria Steinham had gone away but I see was wrong...

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:15 PM on 04/21/2008

Not funny!!!!!

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:14 PM on 04/21/2008

Wow. I am a progressive left wing bleeding heart liberal and I am absolutely and completely blown away and offended by this. Apparently, its not enough that we work together toward common goals. Maybe at the end of the day, the progressives will break apart in the same way that the Democratic party is. We may not all be after the same thing afterall. Nora apparently has a different and disgusting agenda.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:04 PM on 04/21/2008

My thoughts exactly. I've been an Obama supporter since pretty early on, but shit that was hateful....

So I guess Nora advocates genocide against "white males"? Attempted anyway (if they have "all the power" it probably wont work out so well). I thought, on the progressive side, we're supposed to be the ones advocating *against* pointless violence and divisiveness?

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:15 PM on 04/21/2008

Actually what is happening is the hate and hypocrisy of the Gloria Steinem era feminist is finally oozing out from behind the wall paper of decency and civilized discourse.

I am a white middle aged man. I don't hate anyone, but I do hate hypocrisy. I read, think, gave away my TV, and make up my own mind. I save cats and love dogs. I work multiple jobs in our nations staggering economy.

I happen to have friends and family (ok on the side of my ex wife, but family none the less) in and from Pittsburgh, PA. These people are HONEST. HARDWORKING. FAMILY DEDICATED. EDUCATED.
I'm sure some would-be klan members live in PA, just like they live in NYC and in Indianola, probably. But hate isn't going to decide the PA democratic party primary.

Ms. Ephron is, in contrast, apparently full of hate and disappointment. Disappointment that her candidate is a losing hypocrite who is getting votes mainly because she happens to be a woman? Hate of white men because some fairytale fantasy she red about as a child didn't come true, perhaps?
One wonders why she would even date them, let alone marry one, since we are so reprehensible.

Those Goria Steinem era women who vote for Clinton BECAUSE she is a woman are just as biogoted and hateful of men, as those men who won't vote for Obama because he is black, are racist.

OK bring the hate...

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:01 PM on 04/21/2008

not sure about this--but I think Nora Ephron is for Obama...

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:12 PM on 04/21/2008

I agree with everything you said.

This campaign has really opened my eyes as to how I (a black woman) am viewed by this party and feminist; such an illogical bunch of individuals I've ever encountered.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:06 PM on 04/21/2008

Hmm... I don't know if Nora Ephron is right or not. All I know is, regardless whoever is the nominee, I will switch parties and become indepdant: I bet many African Americans will do the same. It's pretty damn clear, if we don't go with the establishment, we're belittled. If anything, it just proves what Republicans have been saying for years, that our vote was being taken for granted. In a roundabout way, I don't want Obama to win, and those who support Hillary: white males, latinos, white women and old people will see that your little coalition is not wide enough to carry you through to the election.

I'm so over the Democratic Party and all of it's white racist liberals.

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 06:58 PM on 04/21/2008

What happened to unity, bringing us all together? Somebody sing Kumbaya off-key and piss you off?

replyReply favoriteFavorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:27 PM on 04/21/2008
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