UTS Solutions

UTS Global is proud of its long history of innovation and support of the UTS® system, UTS Global's version of System V, Release 4 (SVR4) UNIX®. Engineered from the ground up for the needs of commercial customers, the UTS system with its true native UNIX kernel defines Large-Scale UNIX. This enterprise-class UNIX operating environment has unmatched scaleable, mission-critical features on zSeries or S390® compatible hardware. For over 15 years of continuous production use by commercial customers (including many of the United States’ regional bell operating companies) and four major product generations, the UTS system continues to be the standard for Large-Scale UNIX.

  • UTS 4.5 - UTS4.5 is the latest release of UTS. It has new and enhanced features/functions to UTS4.4.

  • UTS 2.1.7/2.1.5 - UTS 2.1 is available via special order only. This is a fully supported product.

  • UTS Global C/C++ - UTS Global C/C++ are ANSI-compliant language products that extend the capabilities of the UTS® system.

  • TADS 4.1 Database - Telcordia CSAM is a proprietary sequential database management system used by the Telcordia COSMOS, FOMS/FUSA and MARCH® telecom applications. UTS Global TADS Release 4.1 is a new release available under the UTS Global TADS Service Contract with Telcordia. This release is available exclusively from UTS Global and supports UTS Release 4.4. Previous enhancements to Telcordia CSAM including Year 2000 readiness and silo support are included as well as all regular maintenance that has been provided to existing customers since 1994. Customer UTS2.1 Telcordia applications must be recompiled and linked with UTS TADS 4.1 in order to operate on UTS4. UTS TADS 4.1 also supports the Storage Tek (STK) Automatic Cartridge Silo Loader Subsystem (ACSLS).

UTS2.1.5, UTS2.1.7 and UTS4 are optimized for running as standalone operating systems on processors executing in S/390-ESA mode. UTS4 is designed to support up to 16 processors on a single system but the architectural limitations in specific processor family may limit the actual number of processors which can be installed on a specific system. Each of these versions of UTS may be licensed for use on the following supported processors and their successors:

· IBM G5, G6 and z800, z900 series IBM processors
· IBM G4 servers (the 9672 R series of CMOS processors)
· IBM ES/9000/9021 series of ECL processors
· Amdahl 5990, 5995A, 5995M series of ECL processors
· Amdahl Millennium Global Server series of CMOS processors

UTS Global provides the following migration services to help users migrate to the current UTS System Version 4:

· Binary compatibility with UTS 2.1 binary executables
· UTS commands to locate source code that needs to be modified to support Expanded Fundamental Types (EFT)
· Migration aid to help users update source files to UTS System Version 4
· Comprehensive migration guide