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Derek Malcolm

quoteAn excellent little film that's beautifully acted, very well shot and written with real flair quote

Derek Malcolm In Bruges Restaurants

David Sexton

quoteFig delivers an awful lot of fuss on the plate for a relatively modest bill quote

David Sexton Fig Theatre

Sarah Frater

quoteThere's no stylistic or thematic consistency. There is no humour or innocence and not much originalityquote

Sarah Frater Cirque du Soleil: Delirium

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Rg, London

quoteImagine the worst possible Olympics opening ceremony crossed with Eurovisionquote

Cirque du Soleil: Delirium Music

Menomeno, London

quotePulsating, enigmatic, engaging, wondrous and spell bounding.quote

Bjork Pubs & Bars

Steve, London

quoteThis pub hasn't changed much and has become the sole reason for my visit to this areaquote

The Red Lion

London, four years after 28 days later

Last updated at 14:07pm on 24.04.07

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It is a post-apocalyptic vision of London in the wake of a virus that devastates the population and leaves the city an empty shell.

These are the first images from the new film 28 Weeks Later, the much anticipated follow-up to the cult hit 28 Days Later, which proved an international success four years ago.

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28 weeks later

Survivor: 12-year-old actor Mackintosh Muggleton surveys the devastation in Crouch Hill in 28 Weeks Later. Scenes for the film were also shot in Hyde Park and on the Underground

In the original, Britain was laid waste after animal rights activists inadvertently released a virus that turned most of the population into flesh-eating zombies.

The sequel - which stars Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne and Catherine McCormack - explores what happened to those who survived.

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28 weeks later

Escape: Robert Carlyle takes to the water to flee a horde of zombies

Jonah Coombes, the supervising location manager, said: "Following 28 Days Later, there is massive anticipation of how London is going to be portrayed.

"The city was a big part of the 28 Days saga and we're continuing that with 28 Weeks. It is a disaster movie in which we see London as we have never really seen it before."

The production team filled the Underground with rotten corpses, turned Crouch Hill into a scene of devastation and imported tons of greenery to turn Hyde Park into an overgrown wilderness.

"We wanted to use landmarks in London that are immediately recognisable and give them a twist," said Mr Coombes.

This is what London would look like with no life."

Some compromises had to be made when filming. One scene is set in the new Wembley Stadium, but construction work was not finished in time for the shoot so it was moved to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

However, Mr Coombes said he was delighted with the support his team received from Film London, the agency established in 2004 to encourage movie-making in the capital.

Film London's chief executive Adrian Wootton said 28 Weeks Later was important in showing how the capital was helping film-makers work here.

He said: "They had some extraordinary scenes they wanted to achieve. Getting the appearance of a deserted metropolis in one of the world's busiest cities requires lots of preparation. I think the results are thrilling."

• The film opens across the country on 11 May.

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Any zombie film that has a lead "hero" zombie is bound to be on very shaky ground. I don't expect this to live up to original as Boyle is only operating on the periphery of the process.

- Trevor Roll, London

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