Hilary Scott Interview

DCX: How old are you?
HS: 22.

DCX: How tall are you?
HS: 5’4’’.

DCX: How much do you weigh?
HS: 102.

DCX: You look like you weigh about 92. You are one of the skinniest girls I have ever seen. What color eyes do you have?
HS: Hazel.

DCX: What’s your natural hair color?
HS: It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but it’s brown.

DCX: Are you shaved?
HS: I have a bush but the lips are shaved.

DCX: What’s your shoe size?
HS: Seven.

DCX: I see you’re wearing pink toenail polish. Do you like pink.
HS: I do.

DCX: So what do you do?
HS: Boys, girls, anal.

DCX: Do you like girls?
HS: Yes I do…he he he.

DCX: Do you have a girlfriend?
HS: No. Not at the moment. I have a boyfriend right now but my high school sweetheart was a girl. I dated her for four years.

DCX: We applaud your lesbianism.
HS: Thank you.

DCX: So as a lesbian at heart does it bother you that America doesn’t want you to get married to another woman?
HS: Not really. I think the traditional ceremony is sacred between a man and a woman, but as far as paperwork and as far as your life partner not being able to get an insurance claim if you die, stuff like that…

DCX: So why is it sacred between a man and a woman?
HS: Just the ceremony, not the paperwork, not like having someone to leave the money to if you die. That’s what I’m talking about. That should be legal.

DCX: I’m not sure I understand that all that well to be totally honest.
HS: I do because I used to work at a bank and I used to work with mortgages and trusts and stuff.

DCX: How old were you when you were working at the bank?
HS: That was a little over a year ago. I worked there for two and a half years. I’ve only been doing porn for a year.

DCX: Where are you from?
HS: Chicago.

DCX: So what made you leave banking for a career in commercial pornography?
HS: I got bored of it. I had to take out all o my piercings and I had to wear skirts down to my knees.

DCX: Do you have any tattoos?
HS: None. I’m not even pierced anymore.

DCX: What was the craziest place you had pierced?
HS: I had my tongue, my labret, my nose, my eyebrow, my belly button, and all up my ears.

DCX: Nothing below the belt?
HS: Yeah, no. I don’t think it looks as cool as I used to. I’m kinda over that.

DCX: Did you graduate high school?
HS: Yeah, then I went to work at the bank but I got bored so they fired me. Right around that time I met a guy that umm, he was in Chicago too but he would like find girls and send them off to agencies in L.A. and New York. He gave me a number for an agent in L.A. and he started telling me about the business.

DCX: What agent?
HS: Scooby with Fresh Talent. He’s my agent and he always will be. He’s a good guy.

DCX: Have you always been a pretty sexual person is it something that you kinda bloomed into?
HS: I consider myself a paradox in a lot of ways because I am very sexual and I have this amazingly high sex drive but at the same time I have social anxiety disorder. It’s easier for me to blow you as a total stranger than to have a conversation with you.

DCX: Amazing.
HS: I was always so horny and so ready to fuck from an early age. I started watching porn at eleven.

DCX: How does an eleven-year-old get access to porn?
HS: Because my mother, for whatever reason, let me have cable in my room so I would watch Cinemx late at night. I was so frustrated because I would watch softcore and all I could think was, ‘why can’t I see the penis? I want to see the penis go into the pussy!’

DCX: So you knew all about penis when you were eleven?
HS: But of course. I did. [laughter]-

DCX: And you wanted it?
HS: Very much so.

DCX: How old were you when you had sex for the first time?
HS: I was sixteen. I hadn’t had my period at eleven so I had a few more steps to go. Plus I was with my girlfriend in high school so I actually cheated on her to get my first penis.

DCX: It was with someone of the opposite sex. Would she have been upset if she would have found out?
HS: You know how girls are. They get jealous easily.

DCX: Who was your first scene for?
HS: I worked for New Sensations, with Mark Ashley, doing an anal scene. My very first scene.

DCX: Had you done anal in your personal life prior to that scene?
HS: Sure, but not with anything that big. I was actually really worried that it wouldn’t fit. I kept telling my agent that I could do anal and then here was this huge cock they wanted me to get fucked in the ass with. I was sure it wouldn’t fit, but it did, and it felt so good.

DCX: I take it that anal is a big deal to you?
HS: Yes. That is my thing. I am an ass whore.

DCX: Do you do double anal?
HS: I just started doing it on camera. I’ve done five so far.

DCX: Do you think it’s gay for men to do double anal, even if it is in a girl’s ass?
HS: A lot of guys refuse to do it, but if they seem more excited in that moment, then maybe they are. To be honest I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, especially when it’s happening, because I am too busy trying to have an assgasm.

DCX: So you cum harder during double anal?
HS: I have assgasms. They are completely separate from a regular orgasm. You can have one too.

DCX: You’re serious?
HS: There is a button in your asshole that I could press that would make you ejaculate without you ever having to touch your penis.

DCX: Perhaps but then I’d have to start living a whole different lifestyle and I’m just too old for that now.
HS: No you wouldn’t. You don’t have to be gay. If I am playing with your asshole that doesn’t make you gay, because you are with a girl. If I fist you you’re not gay, because it’s a girl doing it to you.

DCX: Who are your favorite people to fuck?
HS: I like all the Red Light guys, Eric Everhard, Manuel Ferrera, Lee Stone, all the big cocks. Mandigo is good and Brandon Iron.

DCX: So you’re a big dick rider? A size queen?
HS: I love big dicks.

DCX: And you prefer them in your ass?
HS: I like them in every hole that I’ve got.

DCX: Do you do a lot of double penetration action or air tights or gangbang work?
HS: I haven’t done a full gangbang yet. I’ve done five guys at a time. My favorite scenes are the five guy scenes because I don’t even have to move at all. I’m just constantly being thrown around and taking the action. It’s so great. All of my holes are full. I’ve got a cock in each hand and a cock in my mouth and a cock in my ass and a cock in my cunt…it’s just cock cock cock cock cock everywhere. It’s heaven.

DCX: You are pretty freaky!
HS: I don’t know. I guess. I do whatever feels good to me and that feels good.

DCX: What are your goals in porn?
HS: I want to move over onto the production side. I’d still want to perform. I want to direct.

DCX: It seems like the natural progression these days.
HS: I had a taste of directing when I made HILARY SCOTT’S ANAL PRINCESS DIARY’S for Elegant Angel which just got released today. I got to cast it and create all the stories and everything.

DCX: Tell us more about whose in it?
HS: Well, for starters, two of my favorite people in the world, Lea Luv and Sammi Rhodes.

DCX: I thought Sammi wasn’t doing guys anymore?
HS: That’s correct. She does only girl girl, so we did a really hot scene where I fucked her ass with a strap-on. She loved it. She never did boy girl anal.

DCX: But she now does girl girl anal?
HS: Yeah. And she does HARD girl girl scenes. She is off the wall. She is one of my favorite girls to work with for sure. Jenna Haze was in it too.

DCX: Was it an all girl movie?
HS: No. The scene with me and Jenna Haze, I was getting fucked by a guy while I played with her. The set up was that she wouldn’t let her boyfriend fuck her in the ass so she bought him a hooker, played by me, and we got hot while he fucked my ass. She didn’t actually play with the cock. The scene went really well and it didn’t look like she was out of place at all. Sammi and I were the only girl girl scene. Lea Luv and I get fucked by Brandon Iron in the ass. Takin’ on the Iron Man.

DCX: I love your enthusiasm. Do you have a website?
HS: I really should, and I’m ashamed of having been in the business for over a year and not having built one yet, so eventually, yes. I will have one.

DCX: Who are your favorite directors to work for?
HS: Jim Powers, even though you know you’re going to be on set all day…and you always are. Jim is my all time favorite. Also Martin Del Toro. I don’t want to forget anyone. Basically, I love most of the people that I’ve worked for but I especially love the ones that make me laugh.

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