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Dorian told Viki a piece of incredible news: David Vickers was not her brother as he had claimed. Viki hurried to confront David with the horrible truth. Assailed by Viki, David was forced to confess his evildoing but he swore that Dorian was behind the entire scam. Then, it dawned on Viki. If David lied about Irene Manning killing her father, Dorian must be the murderer after all! Viki rushed to confront Dorian. In a bitter exchange, Dorian warned Viki that if she reopened the Victor Lord murder case, then Dorian would be forced to reveal "Viki's secret." What could she mean? When Viki threatened to call the police, Dorian launched into a vicious diatribe about her late husband. Viki held her ears as Dorian told her the shocking news that Victor had seduced his own daughter!

Unable to bear another word, Viki snapped. Viki took Dorian prisoner and Dorian quickly discovered the strain of the traumatic events had caused Victoria Carpenter to take on several new personalities. Among them was the cool and calculating Jean Randolph, who locked Dorian in the secret room then told the world that she had confessed to Victor Lord's murder before skipping the country. All the while, Dorian languished in her dank and dark makeshift prison, wondering if she would ever see the light of day again.

Blair set out to marry Todd so that she would have the money to pay for Addie's care. Blair's gambit had paid off -- she was Mrs. Todd Manning -- and soon she'd be rich!