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Cathy's daughter, Megan, was killed in a car accident, which also left Viki in a deep coma. Upon her recovery, Viki pledged to get pregnant without telling Joe the inherent risk it posed to their child. Cathy, convinced that Megan's death was not an accident, vowed revenge on Viki.

Eileen Siegel's son, Tim, came home to reveal that he had dropped out of law school. Tim became instantly smitten with a beautiful young nurse, Jenny Wolek, a distant cousin to Vince, Anna, and Larry -- but to Tim's surprise, Jenny Wolek was about to take her final vows as a nun! Torn between her feelings for Tim and her commitment to God, Jenny decided to marry the man she loved. Before Jenny married Tim, she agreed to honor her commitment to aid earthquake victims in San Carlos, where several nuns were later killed in an explosion. Would Tim ever see his beloved Jenny again?