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Asa worked hard to win back Bo's love, but Bo still wanted nothing to do with him. Asa had stumbled upon an incredible secret: Bo really was his son after all! The shocking revelation came in the form of a letter from Delila's Aunt Twyla had written to Bo. The letter provided indisputable proof that Yancey Ralston was sterile, therefore, there was no way he could have sired Bo. The news thrilled Asa, but he realized that Bo and Delila believed they were kin and had been fighting their mutual attraction. To keep Delila under his thumb and in his bed, Asa kept his mouth shut, and eloped with Delila.

Asa and Brad were taking his new sailing vessel for a trial run in Florida. As they ventured out on the high seas, disaster struck! A gasoline leak caused the craft to explode, and Asa and Brad were thrown into the raging waters. Brad was certain that Asa was lost forever. In his will, Asa divided the bulk of his fortune between Bo and his new wife Delila. In the will, Bo was perplexed by Asa's reference to "my dear son." Brad provided the stunning to answer to Bo's queston when he revealed the secret. Bo, shocked to learn he was a Buchanan after all, was deeply enraged that Asa kept the truth from him.

Of course, Asa wasn't dead at all! Certain there was a conspiracy to assassinate him and that Bo and Delila were having a love affair, Asa instructed Brad to sneak him back to Llanview. While Asa and Brad implemented their plan, Bo and Delila made love, promising themselves they would marry after a respectable period of time.