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With Joe's miraculous return from the dead, Viki now had two husbands! She admitted that she cared equally for both Joe and Steve, but since she was Steve's wife now, her duty was to him. Still, the more she came into contact with Joe at The Banner, the stronger her attraction to him became. Fate finally intervened: working together again, their old chemistry was back! While away on assignment, Joe and Viki made love. The next morning, Viki was torn, and informed Joe that she still couldn't leave Steve. A bitter argument ensued, Viki fled in tears, only to have an accident which left Viki comatose for months.

Upon her recovery, Viki stuck to her plans and returned to Steve. Joe, crushed by her rejection, poured his energies into assisting Cathy Craig, now a successful writer. Although still in love with Viki, Joe allowed himself to be seduced by Cathy.

A personal tragedy helped make Viki realize that she should end her marriage to Steve. Thieves broke into Llanfair in search of Victor Lord's art collection. In the melee that ensued, Meredith slipped and hit her head. As she lay on her deathbed, she asked Viki to let Larry know how happy he mader her. Meredith's death made Viki realize how precious true love can be, and she asked Steve for a separation. Steve agreed, and at long last, Joe and Viki could be together!