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Months passed without word about Viki and Joe's missing son, Kevin. To numb his pain, Joe began drinking heavily. Finally, when he came home drunk one night, Joe and Viki got into a major battle and old wounds were reopened. Dorian did everything in her power to break up the Rileys. The last straw came when Joe went on a drinking binge and spent the night at Dorian's home. Viki asked Joe to move out and Viki and Joe's marriage shattered.

Cathy's memory finally returned and she provided the authorities with enough information to locate the woman with whom she left baby Kevin. After a happy reunion with her son, Viki vowed never to give him up again. That same night, Joe had been in a bar room brawl, hit his head and was hospitalized with a concussion. Upon learning that Kevin had been returned, Joe was overcome with guilt. In an emotional scene, he begged for Viki's forgiveness and another chance for their marriage. Though the wounds were still deep, Viki accepted Joe's request and they reunited.

Dorian stumbled upon Joe passed out at his desk, but he wasn't drunk this time. Dorian discovered that, for weeks, Joe had been having headaches and periods of blurred vision. Behind Viki's back, Dorian took Joe to New York for tests which showed a possible brain tumor! Dorian convinced Joe that it would be too much of a strain on Viki if he were to reveal his diagnosis. Dorian tried unsuccessfully to use Joe's secret as the fuel to destroy his marriage to Viki. Joe decided he couldn't keep the secret from Viki any longer, but had another seizure at Llanfair and passed out. While Joe was unconscious, Dorian made a wreck of the room and tore her own dress. When Joe came to, she convinced him that he was the one who did all the damage in the room. Joe was terrified! Fearing for the safety of his loved ones, Joe persuaded Viki to take Kevin away to their cabin in the mountains.

Joe finally told Viki the truth. Viki grew closer to her beloved Joe than she had ever been. Together, they went to New York where a second C.A.T. scan revealed the grim news that Joe had a brain tumor. The tumor was surgically removed and turned out to be benign.

Cathy recovered from her mental illness and the kidnapping charges against her were dropped. Tony platonically resumed his marriage with Cathy until she was strong enough to face life on her own. Pat had told Tony that Brian was their son. However, both decided that it would be too traumatic to tell the boy the truth. Healthy at last, Cathy gave Tony his freedom and Tony and Pat were to finally be together! Tony and Pat gently told Brian about their wedding plans. Brian lashed out -- announcing that he hated Tony! On the eve of their wedding, Tony was critically injured in an automobile accident. Pat was barely over the shock of Tony's accident when she discovered that her husband, Paul Kendall was not dead after all! Paul's return proved to be the beginning of an emotional and stormy dilemma for Pat. Upon Tony's recovery, Pat broke the news to Tony that she had decided, for Brian's sake, that Paul would be moving back home. Soon, Tony and Pat began an affair behind Paul's back.