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On the day of Herb and Dorian's wedding, newly-elected Lt. Governor Ed Hall, convinced of Herb and Dorian's guilt, faced his conscience and resigned from office. With the evidence mounting against him, Herb had no choice but to step down. Herb's career collapsed, and he was forced to take a lowly position as public defender.

Melinda Cramer was on her way back to the Compton Clinic after having threatened Jenny Vernon with a letter opener. Her insane act meant further postponement of Jenny and Peter's wedding. Peter realized that he could never get a divorce from Melinda until she was mentally fit. Melinda overheard a secret conversation between Peter, Marco and Karen about their notorious baby switch and this sent her further into madness.

Pat hired Ed Hall, now a private detective, to help her find her missing friend Nicole. Asa finally convinced Samantha to marry him. Asa's nephew, Rafe, developed a genuine fascination for Sam. On Asa's wedding day, Nicole escaped, bought a gun, and hid in the church as the guests arrived. With gun in hand, Olympia prepared to stop the wedding. However, at the last second, Rafe appeared and silently subdued the raving woman, taking her back to her "prison." All hell broke loose at the reception when Becky Lee's drunk and hostile ex-husband, Luther Jackson, crashed the festivities. In the ensuing melee, Peter was shot. Fearing he would die, Peter confessed his part as conspirator in the baby switch to a priest. Suspicious of Peter's actions, Brad had secretly placed a tape recorder in Peter's hospital room and learned the startling truth. Armed with the news, Brad threatened to tell Jenny, but found that he could not hurt the woman he still loved with this dreadful secret. Even on Jenny and Peter's wedding day, Brad could not bring himself to stop the ceremony. Kat later confided to Brad her suspicion that he was the father of her dead baby.