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After months of personal agony, Pat Kendall finally decided to tell her son Brian that Tony Lord was his natural father. Brian took the news badly. He hated Tony! Blinded by tears, he raced out the door and into the street. At that very moment, Karen Wolek was a passenger in a car driven by her favorite "patron," Talbot Huddleston. In the midst of an argument with Karen, Talbot did not see the boy crossing his path. The car struck and killed Brian instantly. To avoid scandal, Huddleston sped away from the accident scene. The relationship between Tony and Pat deteriorated quickly in the weeks after their son's death.

After a hostage crisis at Llanview hospital, Brad realized for the first time how much he truly loved Jenny. In a moving moment with his father Will, Brad vowed that if Jenny survived the ordeal, he would confess all his transgressions -- including the fact that he was present in Lana's apartment on the night she died. When Jenny was safely returned, Brad stayed true to his word and made a full confession of his sins to a stunned Jenny, who realized that her whole marriage to Brad was based on a lie! Jenny decided their marriage was over. After serving his three-month prison sentence, Brad Vernon came home to learn that Jenny was sticking to her decision to obtain a papal annulment from the church. Brad, now more embittered than ever, was determined to get even with her in any way he could.

Brad's younger sister, Samantha, developed a teenage crush on an older man, Tony Lord. Deeply hurt by Tony's rejection, Samantha ran from Tony's place in tears. Dr. Pamela Shepherd, Will Vernon's new fianc´┐Ż, followed Samantha into her car where she tried to calm her down. Sam drove off with Pam in the car --and had a terrible accident. Pam died in the crash, and Sam suffered severe facial burns that left her with the possibility of disfigurement. Guilt-ridden, Tony presented Sam with an engagement ring and prepared to marry her, regardless of how her facial surgery turned out. Jenny's heart went out to Brad in the days after Samantha's tragic accident. Once again, Jenny returned to this man who had brought her so much pain.