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A Grand Jury indicted Viki for the murder of Marco Dane. Karen Wolek searched for her hooker friend, Katrina, because she believed Katrina knew who killed Marco. Karen confided this to Talbot Huddleston, who was concerned that Katrina may have seen him kill Marco!

D.A. Herb Callison dropped the biggest bombshell of all by calling a surprise witness -- Marco Dane's twin brother, Dr. Mario Corelli. Mario introduced damaging letters Marco had written to him about how Viki had threatened him.

Viki's trial reached a thrilling climax when Karen Wolek took the stand for the defense. Karen had finally found her old friend from "the life," Katrina Karr. In exchange for money she needed for drugs, Katrina gave Karen the combina-tion to a Post Office box, which Katrina claimed contained information revealing the identity of Marco Dane's killer. When Karen went to the Post Office to get the information, she discovered to her horror that Talbot Huddleston had beaten her to it. Also, Katrina had been run down by a car and was now lying comatose in Llanview hospital. Karen correctly guessed that Talbot was the killer and prepared to break the news in court. As Karen took the stand, she was savagely cross-examined by D.A. Callison, who forced her to reveal her secret life as a hooker! Larry listened in stunned silence as his wife revealed that she had been turning tricks when he thought she was tending to their home. Katrina later came out of her coma and named Talbot as the killer. This was enough to exonerate Viki, but Karen's marriage to Larry appeared to be doomed.

Dorian led a vicious campaign to have Larry ousted as Chief of Staff of Llanview Hospital. Dorian ordained her old friend and mentor, Dr. Ivan Kipling, as Larry's replacement A move that the ambitious and cutthroat Dr. Kipling strongly favored.

Larry offered to make another go of their marriage, but Karen realized she'd always be Larry's albatross, and decided to divorce him.

Dr. Mario Corelli settled in Llanview. In time, Karen discovered an amazing truth --- Mario was really Marco Dane! He wasn't dead after all! Karen forced Marco to tell what really happened the night he was supposedly murdered. Marco was horrified to discover the dead body of his brother Mario, and made the instant decision to exchange identities with the corpse! Marco implored Karen to keep his secret, telling her that he'd been "born again." Karen agreed on one condition: he had to stop practicing medicine. Marco agreed.

Jenny was delighted to be pregnant with Brad's baby. Brad had developed a compulsion for gambling. With his losses mounting, Brad stole Jenny's key to the hospital's pharmacy. Brad gave the key to a mobster named Brick in exchange for forgiving Brad's gambling debts. When Brick and an accomplice tried to rob the pharmacy, they were caught by Dr. Jack Scott, who was shot and paralyzed in the violent exchange.