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Meredith found solace with a young man who suffered from amnesia. She gave him the name "Tom Edwards" -- Edwards being the name of her cat! Merrie immediately acknowledged that she and Tom shared a common bond: He didn't seem to have a past, and she may not have a future. Before long they were engaged to marry. Victor took an immediate liking to the young man, treating him like a son. In fact, Victor Lord had a son -- one that he had never met. Years earlier, Victor had a wartime affair with a woman named Dorothy Randolph. For years, Victor searched in vain for the child she gave birth to, who was now a grown man.

Karen Martin Wolek miscarried and she and Larry separated, but Meredith was still determined to go through with her marriage to Tom Edwards. Tom could see the undeniable love between Larry and Merrie, and released her from her promise. Larry and Merrie were free to marry!

Llanview Hospital's newly-arrived Chief of Staff, Dr. Jim Craig, was baffled by the case of actress Carla Benari. Miss Benari seemed to suffer from the early stages of cirrhosis. Dr. Craig, a widower, took more than a professional interest in Carla's case. Jim Craig quickly fell in love with his pretty young patient. Carla responded with a yes when Jim tenderly asked her to marry him. But deep in her heart, Carla knew that she didn't love Jim Craig, and this troubled her. Was she willing to settle for a man she didn't love?

Dr. Craig assigned Carla's case to Dr. Price Trainor, an idealistic black intern, who immediately butted heads with his new patient. Carla realized that there was an exciting chemistry in the air every time she was near Dr. Trainor. Price knew exactly what it was -- love. This proud black man felt guilty and ashamed to have fallen in love with a white woman. One day, Carla paid a surprise visit to Anna Wolek, a friend she had met at Llanview Hospital. As she knocked at the door, Sadie Gray opened the door of her apartment across the hall, and Carla stopped cold when she saw Sadie. There was a long, awkward moment of awareness, then recognition, followed by mutual shock. Carla Benari was really Clara Gray, the daughter who had broken Sadie's heart when she walked out of her life as a teenager. As a light-skinned black woman trying to make it as an actress, Carla discovered that acting roles were nearly impossible to obtain. So, she made the difficult choice to pass herself off as white woman.

Sadie forced her daughter to deal with the fact that she was engaged to a white doctor whom she was too guilty to love, while falling for a black doctor. Carla ended her engagement to Jim, and broke the news of her true heritage to an angry Price. Proud of his heritage, Price bitterly rejected Carla because she had rejected her race. Eventually, Price and Carla reconciled, but their relationship came to an end when he took a fellowship in Scotland. Carla accepted comfort from Bert Skelly, Llanview's prominent black D.A.

Dr. Jim Craig fell in love with Anna Wolek. After Anna joyously married Jim, she suddenly found herself dealing with her rebellious teenage daughter growing up in a volatile time -- the 1960's. Cathy Craig resented Anna's sudden intrusion in her life and she turned to drugs. Cathy finally persuaded her father to take her to New York City's Odyssey House for rehab.