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As Max's gambling addiction grew, so did Blair's longing to sleep with him. Blair secretly tried to sabotage Cord and Luna's plans to help Max get over his gambling habit. One night, after catching Max in a serious lie, Luna packed his bags and asked him to leave. Max took Blair to Atlantic City for a weekend of wild gambling and wild sex.

In a tragic chain of events, Al ran out into the road, with Luna chasing him. Blair hit the brakes, but it was too late! She ran down Luna and paralyzed her! Realizing he loved Luna and was addicted to gambling, Max told Blair that whatever they had was over.

Cord tenderly helped Blair through the troubled times. Soon enough, they were making love!

Todd Manning, injured from his botched attack on Nora Gannon at the beach house, found his way to the Tabernacle of Joy. Once there, he managed to con sweet Rebecca Lewis into helping him. Todd regained his strength, then set out to make Marty pay! Todd leapt from the shadows and attacked Marty, but her boyfriend, Suede Pruitt, heard her urgent screams. He raced to her rescue and a ferocious fight ensued. In the struggle, Todd pushed Suede, who stumbled back and hit his head on a metal wrench on the floor. Suede was dead!