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Suffering from malaria, nurse Jenny Wolek returned from South America and was confined to ICU at Llanview Hospital. Accompanying her was Jenny's friend, Dr. Peter Janssen. Upon her recovery, Jenny and Tim made plans to marry. Tim's mother, Eileen, managed to convince the young lovers to postpone the wedding until June, but Jenny moved up the wedding date when she experienced a frightening feeling that something terrible was going to happen. The revised plans did not sit well with Vince. Vince and Tim lost their tempers, and when Tim took a swing at Vince, he lost his balance, fell down the stairs, and suffered serious injuries. Jenny decided that they should marry immediately in the ICU. As they were pronounced man and wife, Tim's condition took a turn for the worse, and Tim died in Jenny's arms. Joe Riley was shaken by his nephew's death, coming so closely on the heels of his own daughter, Megan's, untimely passing. Seeing Joe's grief tore Viki apart. More than ever she felt responsible for the death of Joe's only child. Soon his feelings would be buoyed by some incredible news -- Viki was pregnant!

Dorian had secretly planned a party in her own honor at Llanfair, wanting to show everyone that she was now the lady of the manor at Llanfair, a role always held by Viki. She removed Viki's mother's portrait over the fireplace and replaced it with a huge painting bearing her own likeness. Joining the party, Viki was visibly shaken upon seeing Dorian's portrait, but refused to give Dorian the satisfaction of seeing her anger. Instead, she quietly excused herself. When Viki was ready to return to the party, she stood at the top of the stairs with her cane, about to descend. Looking to embarrass Viki, Dorian brought everyone into the foyer to watch Viki slowly descend the stairs. Defiantly, Viki handed Joe her cane. Looking Dorian straight in the eye, she slowly and elegantly came down the stairs -- as the guests burst into applause! Dorian's faint smile belied the humiliation she felt in every pore of her body.