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Maggie Ashley transformed herself into the spitting image of her sister Pat. After imprisoning Pat in a locked cellar, Maggie began posing as her own sister. Clint finally put the pieces together, and raced to Pat's house, where Maggie was just about to shoot her sister. He found Maggie dead and Pat standing over her with a revolver in her hand. Deeply traumatized, Pat broke up with Clint and found herself drawn to his younger brother Bo, who was in the midst of an affair with his father's mistress, Mimi. Dorian Lord was delighted by this turn of events. She set out to make Clint Buchanan fall in love with her, only to fail when he saw through her manipulative ways.

Richard Abbott returned to Llanview with his new wife Becky Lee, who had signed with Buchanan Enterprises recording label. Becky Lee was pregnant, but a miscarriage landed her marriage to Richard on the rocks.

Asa Buchanan finally blew into Llanview. He hired young Samantha Vernon to work for him. Sam, who was living with skater Mick Gordon, became instantly enchanted with her new lavish lifestyle. Asa was equally impressed by Samantha's youth and her body. So captivated by Asa, Sam did not see that her best friend, Tina Clayton, was seducing Mick! Sexpot Tina was also waging a campaign to attract Bo's protégé, country-western singer Johnny Drummond. When Samantha found out about Mick's affair with Tina, she threw him out.

In Paris to visit Pat, Bo was spotted by Pat's new friend, Nicole Bonard. Bo was her son! Nicole Bonard was actually Asa's wife, Olympia Buchanan. Many years earlier, when Bo and Clint were children, Olympia had an affair with ranch hand Yancy Ralston and became pregnant. During an argument, Olympia killed Yancy. When Asa found out, he had Olympia banished to Europe, telling his children that their mother had died. Asa saw a photo of Nicole and Pat in Paris and went into a state of shock! He feared Olympia could ruin his empire and destroy his relationship with his sons and Samantha. Nicole told Pat that "Bo is not a true Buchanan." But before Pat could find out what her cryptic comment meant, Nicole was gone! Asa had her flown to Llanview, where he imprisoned her. Asa hired his nephew, Rafe Garretson, to watch over her, telling the naive young man that Nicole was insane.