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Victor Lord objected to Meredith's fascination with Larry Wolek, a working-class doctor from "the wrong side of the tracks." Victor pushed Meredith into an engagement with Dr. Ted Hale, a man he believed was more fitting of her social standing. In July, Meredith broke her engagement. The following day, Ted took a deadly fall down the fourth floor fire escape landing and the Llanview Police immediately charged Larry Wolek with his murder. Though Larry insisted to the police that Ted simply lost his footing and fell, nurse Karen Martin told the police that Larry and Ted had been arguing about Meredith. She claimed to have heard Larry threaten Ted! Larry vehemently denied this accusation, but he was lying. He had threatened Ted! But only after Meredith's spurned fiance threatened to tell Meredith a terrible secret. Ted knew something that Larry desperately wanted to keep from Meredith: she was dying of a blood disease. Ted never had the chance to reveal his secret because as Ted turned away from Larry, he tripped and fell down the steps to his death.

Larry stood trial and was nearly convicted of murder. However, in a closed-door session, the truth eventually came out and Larry was freed. The court records were sealed, sparing Meredith the news that she only had a precious few months to live. Larry Wolek hoped to spend every last minute with the woman he loved. Unbeknownst to Larry, Meredith had overheard the truth about her deadly blood disease. Not wanting to burden Larry, she ran away to San Francisco, then sent him the "Dear John" letter. She didn't love him, Meredith claimed. Nurse Karen Martin was more than willing to offer Larry a shoulder to cry on. When Meredith returned, she spurned Larry's overtures to get back together. Bewildered, Larry wept in Karen's open arms.

Early in the winter of 1969, Larry had been napping in a hospital storeroom when a fire suddenly broke out. Karen bravely risked her life to rescue the unconscious Dr. Wolek. For weeks, Larry's face, burned in the fire, remained wrapped in bandages. Upon his recovery, Larry gave in to Karen's seductive overtures and made love to her. Miraculously, Meredith's condition improved dramatically in 1969, prompting Larry's heart to hope that they could be together again. Eventually, she gave in, and admitted her love. Larry rejoiced at the news! He and Meredith were back together at last. But not for long because just days later, Karen broke the news to Larry that she was pregnant with his child. Not wanting Karen to have an illegal abortion, a devastated Larry sacrificed his own happiness and entered into a loveless marriage with Karen Martin.