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Angry with Asa, Bo renounced the Buchanan name, declaring that his new name was Bo "Ralston." Pat became jealous when Bo began dating Georgina Whitman, a bright and beautiful scientist, who had come to town with Pat's old flame, Tony Lord. Tony and Georgina were on a top-secret project involving solarmite, a rare metal-mineral which they hoped could be mined, processed and then used as a cheap alternative to oil fuel. Discovering huge stores of solarmite under the Llanfair and Moor Cliffe mansions, Bo teamed up with Georgina and Tony, and engaged in a bitter battle with Asa and his new partner, Dorian Lord, who had recently separated from her husband, Herb Callison.

Despite saving each other's lives in a pair of near tragedies from the Solarmite project, Bo and Asa failed to reconcile. The two stubborn men remained estranged. Bo's romance with Georgina fizzled, too, and she left Llanview.

Pat came to accept Tony's adventurous lifestyle and married the man she loved in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Bo's quest to discover his "Ralston" roots took him to Louisiana where he met his Aunt Euphemia and her nephew Drew, who returned to Llanview with Bo to bring down the Buchanan empire and restore the Ralston fortune. Once in Llanview, Drew developed a fascination for Asa's ex-wife, Samantha. Delila Ralston soon joined Drew in Llanview. Delila had been estranged from her family for years. Before long, Delila found herself a Buchanan of her own -- Asa!

Ted Clayton's escape from jail came as no surprise to Tina. By now, she knew that this man who claimed to be her father was as slippery as they come! However, Tina was in for the surprise of her life when she encountered a smartly dressed woman in an art gallery. Suddenly, the woman whipped off her wig. It was Ted in disguise! Before he could harm Tina, Captain Ed Hall shot and killed him. Tina, traumatized by the stirring events, left town to start a new life. Marco and Karen finally cleared their names in the counterfeiting scheme. Viki accepted Clint's decision to take a new job as executive editor at The Banner's chief competitor, The Chronicle. The battle lines were drawn! Llanview's press war took on new fury when Clint lured prize-winning reporter Edwina Lewis away from The Banner. Working side by side, Clint and Edwina began a torrid affair.

Divorced from Karen, Larry eagerly anticipated marrying Mimi King. Just before the wedding, Larry met up with the renowned Dr. Hugo Wilde, who was actually his mortal enemy, Dr. Ivan Kipling! Kipling coldly informed Larry that he was about to atone for his sins. Placed on an operating table, Larry screamed in horror as he realized that Ivan was about to perform surgery on him. Larry awoke with no memory of what had taken place and was unaware that Ivan now controlled his every move through a device implanted in his brain. Returning to Llanview, Larry never showed up for his own wedding. Instead of marrying Mimi, Larry had gone straight to Karen, telling her that he still loved her dearly. Kipling's ulltimate aim was to capture Karen. When Captain Ed Hall grew suspicious of Kipling's strange activitities, Kipling implanted a device in his brain too. Kipling finally blackmailed Karen into coming to South America with him, to spare the lives of Larry and Ed, who were saved in the nick of time by emergency surgery.