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Becky Lee and Richard's marriage fell apart when Becky Lee realized that she loved her country-western singing partner, Johnny Drummond. Richard left town and Johnny left his new flame Tina in the dust, to hurry into a romance with Becky Lee.

The Ted/Viki/Clint triangle lost a side when Clint decided not to pursue a relationship with Viki. Clint sensed, correctly, that Ted Clayton was duping Viki. Despite his words of warning, Viki was happy with Ted, and blissfully unaware that he was actually the head of a counterfeit ring centered in Llanview. Detective Vince Wolek stumbled onto the counterfeit ring, but was poisoned to death before he could blow the whistle.

More than almost anyone, Karen felt the pain of Vince's death. Karen befriended Steve Piermont, a member of the counterfeiting ring who she knew could lead her to his boss, and pretended to return to hooking! Away on a business trip together, Clint and Viki shared candlelit dinners and long walks together, and realized they were in love. When Viki returned to Llanview, she resolved to break off her relationship with Ted. Ted drugged Viki with mind-altering chemicals and under his drug-induced spell, Viki was brainwashed into fearing Clint, and marrying Ted!

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