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Dorian quickly found work as the private physician -- to Viki's father, Victor Lord! Viki resented Dorian's presence, but Victor shocked everyone by revealing the incredible news: he had made Dorian his wife! With his health failing, Victor wanted to find his long-lost son. While in South America, Mark Toland discovered information about Victor's son and attempted to blackmail the greedy Dorian, who did not want Victor's heir to muck up her plans to inherit the Lord fortune.

Dorian persuaded Mark to change his blackmail plans by getting him to blackmail Viki about the secret of Joe's genetic responsibility in his child's heart problem. Before Viki could pay off Mark, nurse Susan Barry shot him dead in a case of mistaken identity and Viki's secret remained intact.

A mysterious man named Tony Harris showed up in Llanview with his exotic Asian lover, Michiko. Tony had come to Llanview bearing photos of the Lord family, and although it wasn't revealed at first, the handsome young man was Victor's long-lost son! Eventually, Tony and Victor shared an emotional reunion, which only made Dorian resentful. She successfully schemed to turn the two men into bitter enemies. Thanks to Dorian's evil machinations, Victor and Tony were at each other's throats!