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Feeling guilty that Brad was home alone without her, Jenny asked Karen to look after him. Karen knew that Brad did not like her, but Karen would do whatever Jenny wanted. Brad and Karen clashed at first, but eventually Brad became -fascinated by his sexy sister-in-law. The fascination grew into obsession. One night, Brad tried to seduce his sister-in-law, but the seduction turned to rape. Karen knew she coudn't reveal a word about the rape because if Jenny were to find out, it would all but destroy her. Larry began his own detective work and realized that Brad raped Karen. In a rage, Larry beat Brad to a pulp! Jenny threw Brad out of their apartment. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, and was sentenced to three months in prison.

Jenny gave premature birth to her tiny baby about the same time Katrina gave birth. When Karen and Marco were visiting, Jenny's baby went into cardiac arrest and died before their eyes! In a panic, Karen and Marco switched Jenny's baby with Katrina's baby. Katrina fell into a deep depression when she was told that her baby died. Jenny took baby Mary home, never suspecting that the precious little girl belonged to another woman.

Dorian's sister Melinda sank deeper into psychosis, and checked herself into the Compton Clinic. Jenny's sister-in-law, Samantha, came to realize that Tony had only agreed to marry her out of guilt, and called off the ceremony.

When Pat discovered that her new husband Adam had put all moral considerations aside in order to get his financial empire back in order, she quickly had their new marriage annulled. For comfort, Pat turned to her TV producer, Dick Grant. In Pat's presence, Dick was a cheerful, charming, very outgoing gentleman. However, unbeknownst to Pat, Dick had developed a psychotic crush on her. When Samantha Vernon discovered that Dick had turned his apartment into a photo-covered shrine to Pat, he kidnapped her, and then Pat, before the police apprehended him.

Viki received some joyous news when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child! Meanwhile, Tina had taken up with a rather undesirable young crowd. Joe began suffering all the classic signs of a recurrence of his brain tumor. When Joe learned that he had only a few weeks left, he treated Viki to a wonderful wedding anniversary. With time running out, Joe hand-picked his successor as editor of The Banner. He sent for the editor of a small but prestigious newspaper in Arizona. The man's name was Clint Buchanan. Joe broke the news of his prognosis to Viki, shortly before succumbing to his illness. He beseeched Viki to move on with her life after he was gone. Viki poured her energies into working with Clint at The Banner, and fending off a takeover attempt by her arch-rival, Dorian Lord.

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