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Clint and Viki's relationship was headed for divorce, when Viki collapsed after witnessing a fight between Clint and Tom. Viki awoke with selective amnesia, which prompted the judge to block their divorce for six months. Tests revealed that Viki had a brain aneurism which required immediate surgery. During successful brain surgery, Viki had an out of body experience in which she took a fantastic journey towards Heaven. Guided by her guardian angel, a quirky little man named Virgil, Viki joyously reunited her with many of her deceased friends and relatives, including Joe, who urged her to return to earth and the man she truly loved -- Clint.

Dorian was horrified and deeply hurt when she discovered that her daughter Cassie was having an affair with her boyfriend, Jonathan Russell. Dorian left Llanview to become the United States Ambassador to Mendorra.

Cassie and Jon moved in together, but immediately problems surfaced when Cassie came to suspect that Jon was interested in an ex-girlfriend. Rob Coronal returned to town, and he and Cassie grew closer when they worked together to determine who killed Rob's father, Alex. Soon, Cassie and Rob reunited.

Melinda Cramer Janssen, who years earlier had been committed to a mental institution, was finally released in 1987. After years of therapy, Melinda now seemed to be a healthy, assertive, if slightly aggressive, person. With Dorian living in Mendorra, she moved in with Cassie at Dorian's penthouse.

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