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The man (Laser) who grabbed Starr convinces her that he is a friend of Travis and later goads her into stealing food from a vendor in Central Park. After questioning Travis, Todd and Blair go to Central Park and narrowly miss seeing Starr. In front of John, Natalie accepts Paul's marriage proposal. Without Natalie's knowledge, John whisks Paul to the police station to prevent him from taking off with Natalie. Feeling abandoned, Natalie drinks too much and picks a fight with Jen. Marcie and Jen dress up like each other, complete with red and blonde wigs. Dorian gives Michael some files and they find a connection between Paul's medivac flights and patient deaths. Marcie insists on snooping outside of Dr. Long's office. Paul arrives and sees a blonde candy striper, who is actually Marcie wearing her "Jen" wig, outside of Dr. Long's door. Antonio accepts an overnight assignment from Evangeline but doesn't inform Carlotta or Jessica that he is moonlighting. Carlotta is suspicious when she sees Evangeline and Antonio together.