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Tina discovered that Asa had been living another life for years! Posing as a sea captain named Jeb, he had married a woman named Pamela on the faraway island of Malakeva. Armed with this news, Tina decided to set Asa up. Tina convinced Pamela to pretend to be on her deathbed to get Asa to marry her for real! Giving in to Pamela's "dying wish," Asa married her. Seconds after the ceremony, Pamela leapt out of her bed, and confronted Asa. In time, Asa decided he wanted Pamela back in his life. However, it was too late! Pamela planned to sue Asa for divorce and demand half of everything he had!

Cord was devastated when his father, Al Roberts, died suddenly of a heart attack. On his deathbed, Al wrote a letter to Cord, revealing that Clint was his actual father. Before Cord could see the letter, Asa stole it. Unbeknownst to anyone, just days before his fatal heart attack, Al had confessed the twenty-year-old secret that Cord was Clint's son too, of all people, Mitch Laurence.

Released from prison, Mitch Laurence returned to Llanview. Mitch adopted a wholesome new image, posing as a modern day evangelist. In truth, he was a ruthless drug dealer and cult leader, who recruited and drugged young women like wholesome Joy O'Neill, sensitive Allison Perkins and teenager Mari Lynn Dennison to do his dirty work. Mitch told Tina that Cord was Clint Buchanan's son! Tina, who was set to elope with Richard Abbott, kept him at bay as she contemplated her next move. Quickly, she made a decision. Tina dumped Richard -- and eloped with Cord!

Using the information to her own advantage, Tina confronted Asa and blackmailed him into changing his will so that Cord would immediately receive one million dollars under the guise that the funds were left to him in Al Robert's will. Tina had what she wanted all along -- she was rich!

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