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When baby Mary became ill with a minor blood disease and needed a transfusion, Peter realized that Jenny could not be her mother. One look at the footprints and Peter saw that Mary Vernon was Katrina's baby, not Jenny's. Karen had switched babies! Tormented by his discovery, Peter promised Karen that he would not reveal the truth to Jenny.

When the stress of leading dual lives proved too much, Marco developed selective amnesia. To her horror, Karen Wolek witnessed cool and calm Mario turn into wild-eyed Marco -- and didn't turn back! Karen hid her Jeckyll/Hide pal in a sleazy motel, then had him committed to a sanitarium.

As the gap in his relationship with Karen widened once again, Larry turned to Ivan Kipling's estranged wife, Faith, for companionship. Karen, who still loved Larry with all her heart, grew jealous of his friendship with Faith. Faith's husband, Ivan, was a brilliant brain surgeon with a host of secrets. Among them was the fact that he was the natural father of Edwina Lewis, who despised him. Kipling shuddered when he saw Karen Wolek for the first time because she had been one of his hookers and could expose his perverted obsession for them.

Ivan set a trap for Karen, intending to kill her! In the ensuing struggle, Karen took a terrible tumble down a flight of stairs. Just as Ivan was about to finish her off, two vagrants entered the building, forcing him to flee. Karen was rushed to the hospital in a coma. Ivan, as chief neurosurgeon,was put in charge of her case! He called for immediate surgery, where he planned to kill her -- this time for sure! The moment arrived when Ivan decided to make "the fatal mistake" which would end Karen's life, but Kipling's pride and devotion to his profession prevented him from kill-ing her on the operating table.

In the aftermath, Ivan injected Karen with drugs to keep her silent for as long as possible. Reconciling with his wife Faith, Kipling coerced her into becoming his accomplice. When another attempt to kill Karen failed, the Kiplings escaped to South America.

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