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Paul arranges a mysterious meeting. Jen mistakenly believes that Riley no longer wants to be with her. Daniel urges Riley to reach out to Jen. Rex promises Jen that he'll handle Paul for her. Marcie fears how far Jen might go to get revenge against Paul. Riley tries to talk to Jen but she races out on a mission. Kelly tells David that she wants Paul to reveal the name of Ace's mother to her. Fearing a potential scandal, Kevin is unsettled when he sees Paul talking to Todd. Paul arrives at the graveyard for his meeting. John is concerned about Natalie after learning she fought with Paul and didn't show up for work. John arrests the racist who attacked Evangeline. David is worried when he can't locate Dorian. Antonio offers to give Todd the CD with Tico's information about the country's most powerful people in exchange for Todd giving him concrete proof that Tico is heading the Santi organization. Todd hits obstacles in his quest to restore his identity. Nora takes Matthew to see Bo as they begin trick or treating.