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Tico is angered that the election is so close but Kevin and Brooks are ultimately declared the winners. Asa is released from the hospital in time to attend the rally. Kelly attends the rally in order to spend time with Ace. Bo gives John permission to launch an investigation into Paul's disappearance. John finds blood in Paul's motel room and is surprised when Natalie arrives. Natalie stops herself from opening up to John and rushes out. John finds Natalie's wristwatch in Paul's room. Dorian, Lindsay and RJ, amongst others, attend the funeral of Judge Hernandez. Paul's corpse is revealed to be at the bottom of the hole that was dug for Judge Hernandez's coffin but no one notices it as the coffin is lowered for burial. Rex insists to Jen he would do anything to help her. Jessica accepts Todd's offer to work at The Sun.