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Nicole donned her mask and an exact copy of Samantha's dress, then proceeded to lock her in a walk-in freezer. Slipping into the party, Nicole confronted Bo, telling him the incredible truth that she was the mother he never knew -- and she'd been kept imprisoned in a sanitarium for years by Asa. Nicole stunned the assembled guests by pulling off her mask and revealing that she was Olympia Buchanan -- very much alive! When she got Asa alone, Olympia pulled out a pistol and shot her husband! Samantha rushed to Asa's side and grabbed for Olympia's gun. In the struggle, Olympia tripped on the balcony. As Sam reached out to save her, Olympia lost her footing and plummeted to the ground below. She uttered three final words to her son, Bo, --- "Pat...your father..." Confused, Bo confronted Pat, who was compelled to tell him the shocking news that Asa Buchanan was not his real -father. Bo was stunned to learn that his real father was the late Yancey Ralston. He bitterly vowed to make Asa pay.