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Last Updated: April 23, 2008 5:15 AM

ELUVEITIE: New Album Details Revealed - Dec. 23, 2007
Swiss folk metal band ELUVEITIE will release its new album, "Slania", in Germany on February 15, 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records. According to a press release, the CD is "the perfection of the first album, but still there is enough room to give some new influences a chance. Expect nothing less than a masterpiece of hellish heavy folk metal with an 'x' factor!"

"Slania" track listing:

01. Samon
02. Primordial Breath
03. Inis Mona
04. Gray Sublime Archon
05. Anagantios
06. Bloodstained Ground
07. The Somber Lay
08. Slanias Song
09. Giamonios
10. Tarvos
11. Calling The Rain
12. Elembivos

Check out the cover artwork at

Watch ELUVEITIE's video for the song "Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom" (taken from 2006's "Spirit"):

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posted by : alexi
12/23/2007 12:48:55 PM

best band ever!

posted by : Pitevinter
12/23/2007 1:22:42 PM

This is great music!!

posted by : Master_Debater
12/23/2007 4:07:13 PM

These guys are ridiculously good. PAGANFEST '08!!!

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