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Nova Goes Open Source for 'Car of the Future'

blog.wired.com — When Tuesday's Nova special, "Car of the Future," rolls its end credits, don't expect the story to end there. In a television first, PBS and Nova have decided to post 240 clips of interviews from the show online for anyone to use within their own projects. The clips, which include content that aired as well as some that didn't, will be released...More… (Autos)


EMI Says You Can't Store Your Music Files Online

consumerist.com — EMI believes that consumers aren't allowed to store their music files online, and that MP3tunes is violating copyright law by providing a backup service.More… (Music)


John Smoltz becomes 16th pitcher to reach 3,000 Strikeouts

sportsillustrated.cnn.com — John Smoltz (40) became the 16th pitcher in MLB history to reach 3,000 strikeouts when the Atlanta Braves' right-hander struck out Washington's Felipe Lopez in the third inning.More… (Baseball)


Recreating the early universe

networkworld.com — The Large Hadron Collider, the largest scientific instrument ever built, examines the universe‚Äôs tiniest pieces of matter to discover the origins and makeup of our Universe. This illustrated slideshow describes how the collider works and details each of the six major experiments created to leverage the collider's enormous and unique power. More… (General Sciences)


Sun looks to open-source Java, have it ship with Linux

thestandard.com — A lot of Linux developers aren't using Java, and Sun hopes to change that by opening up the remaining Java components and have it ship with Linux.More… (Linux/Unix)


F*ck the Earth Day watch!

VIDEObreak.com (Comedy) made popular 1 hr 21 min ago

U.N.: 100,000 more dead in Darfur than reported

cnn.com — NEW YORK (CNN) -- The number of deaths in Sudan's Darfur region since 2006 may have been underestimated by as much as 50 percent, the U.N. undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs said Tuesday.More… (World News)


Johnny 5 [img] view!

IMAGEflickr.com (Movies) made popular 2 hr 1 min ago

Getting Steamed: digital distribution isn't there yet

cnet.com.au — Steam users outside of North America have been on the receiving end of some pretty questionable treatment from the big publishers for a while now. Either games suffer a greatly marked up price outside ol' Uncle Sam, or are simply not available.More… (Gaming Industry News)


Top RB Draft Prospects view!

IMAGEsportsillustrated.cnn.com (American & Canadian Football) made popular 2 hr 21 min ago

Virtual Volcano: Built your own & watch it Erupt (Explore)

dsc.discovery.com — how they work, what happens after eruption, where can be found on earth, more. (indepth info)More… (Environment)


Prom?? Sorry Diggers, she says no. view!

IMAGEmynetimages.com (People) made popular 2 hr 41 min ago
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