Dr. Marlena Evans played by Deidre Hall
As a young psychiatrist Marlena Evans came to Salem to help treat Mickey Horton. Soon after arriving, she married Don Craig; however, they tragically lost a child to SIDS and divorced. When The Salem Stalker targeted Marlena as his next victim, she met Detective Roman Brady. Marlena & Roman fell in love, married and welcomed twins Sami & Eric.

Roman was later presumed dead at the hands of Stefano DiMera. After several years, a stranger arrived in Salem whom Marlena believed to be Roman, but he turned out to be John Black. Marlena & John married and later had a daughter, Belle, but then the real Roman returned.

In addition to a lively love life, Marlena has often been the target of kidnappers, murders and psychopaths. Crazy woman Stella Lombard once held Marlena captive in the boiler pit of an abandoned warehouse. In one of his many obsessive plots, Stefano drugged Marlena in order to whisk her into his fantasy world of romance. Ultimately, the mental, emotional and spiritual abuse led to demonic possession. In another kidnapping, Stefano held Marlena captive in a gilded cage below the streets of Paris.

Marlena soon learned she gave birth to the "Gemini Twins", Rex and Cassie, and that Tony DiMera was responsible. Obviously, this created tension since the DiMeras had been the source of so much pain to her and her family for so long. The other shock was the true parents of the twins were in fact Roman & Kate!

The most recent turmoil began when Marlena confessed to being the Salem Stalker! While in prison, Marlena was tricked into an escape plan and shot down by police; however, she wasn't really dead --- and neither were any of her victims. Once again, the DiMeras were behind the evil plot to rid Salem of its citizens. Even after everyone else was brought back to Salem, Marlena, Roman and a few others remained captive in Tony DiMera's castle.

Upon everyone's safe return to Salem, life was anything but normal. Marlena learned she was pregnant, but one day while John and Roman fought over who was the father, Marlena fell down the stairs and suffered a miscarriage. Since then, she's suffered from hysterical amnesia. This was further complicated by the arrival of the world's top amnesia specialist, who happened to be Marlena's long lost (and presumed dead) first husband, Alex North.


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